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Welcome to the forums! I look forward to chatting with all the awesome members of the pony play community and making lots of new friends.

My goal for these forums is to have them be a safe place for discussing anything pony play related. I only ask that you please abide by a few rules:

1. Be nice! Disagreement is perfectly fine, and sharing your opinion, even if contrary to others' opinions, is highly encouraged. However, please keep discussions civil.

2. No hate comments, bullying, or trolling.

3. No spam. On topic (i.e. pony play) links and product promotion (within reason) are highly encourage and are NOT considered spam.

4. Nothing illegal. No mention of minors. Likewise, no beastiality. This site is about human pony play between consenting adults.

That's it for now. I want to keep these as short and as simple as possible. If the need arises to add more, I will, but for now let's go with these.


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