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#1 2015-07-15 06:40:36

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Topics and Layout

I'm generally of the mindset that "if you need to explain how to use a website/forum, then you didn't design it well enough."

Thus, I'm willing to admit, the layout of the forums here are far from perfect, but I'm constantly making improvements wherever I can.

One major sticking point so far is the layout of the forums/topics. I created a few "topics" (i.e. "Forum Info", "Pony Play", and "General") nested in which are forums. Each forum contains posts and new posts can be added by me or you guys.

However, without knowing exactly what sorts of things will be discussed, I guessed at topics and forums that might be useful. I want to shape the forums to what you want to discuss not the other way around, so if a topic I didn't include is popular, I'll make a forum for it - or you can let me know you want a forum for a specific topic. Similarly, if one of the original forums I created is not being used, I may merge its posts into a different forum.

Not sure if this makes sense, but I'm wide open to suggestions for helping these forums evolve to fit your needs.


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