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From: Phoenix, Arizona
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Phoenix Arizona FTM Gelding Seeking Female Trainer

First and foremost I should say I'm asexual. I'm not particularly touchy-feely or physically affectionate though I can tolerate it to some extent, but sexual acts are entirely out of the question. Since people have questioned what this means in the past, this means under no circumstances will I ever make contact with your genitals. I'm very sorry but if you want a sexual pony look elsewhere. Because I know this can make it very hard for me to have a relationship, I may be okay with an open-ish relationship for my trainer to seek out other sources for sex but I'd prefer we discuss this! Relationships for me are more spiritual than physical. Think of me as your companion animal, as close to you as a seeing eye dog for their owner.


That stuff said, hello! I made this account before I decided on my pony title for now ( as it's technically not a name but a declaration of my breed ) but I am Fell Pony! I currently leave in Phoenix Arizona, though as I'm not a fan of the desert I do eventually plan to move to somewhere a bit cooler. Pondering Oklahoma. When I move I'll be looking for a place with a bit of land as well so training can start then. smile

I'm 26 years old at the time of posting this, 5'6'' feet tall, approx 200 pounds though I've been working on that and it may have dropped since my last weight. Yay! I have brown hair and green eyes and am caucasian.

I don't really have preferences for a trainer but will admit that I have trust issues with other men. I may be okay with a male trainer but we'd have to take it slow. I don't really have preferences as far as appearances go, but I'd request that the trainer at least be able to keep up with me -- exceptionally large people I may have trouble coming to like ( I mean like high 200s or higher in weight ). Otherwise, tall people, short people, any skin tone, whatever! You MUST be local though. I will not do online only relationships. Of course, we can talk online, but I won't consider myself taken unless we have the capability to see one another fairly regularly. I have a car and can drive.

I am FTM transgender, though I am not currently on hormones and I have not yet received surgery. I want to start hormones a few months before I move so that I can start my new life in a new place to avoid judgement. I do plan on going the whole way, top and bottom surgery, eventually, though I will not be getting testicular implants. Currently I don't care what pronouns you refer to me as, but male pronouns make me a very happy colt!

I discovered pony play when I was really young, like 14-15, and started seeing myself as a pony by around 17-18 though I didn't actively pursue the lifestyle until about a year ago.

As far as pony play is concerned, I've never 'officially' done a training session. I have had a trainer before but we never really trained, ironically. I DO have pony tack however -- I have a catsuit, two halters with two bits ( one from birchplaceshop which is more of a gag than anything, and one from ethicalkink which serves better as a horse bridle, this one has reins! ), a tail harness ( also ethicalkink ), hoof boots ( made by ponygirlcharisma on fetlife ), and also a pony fursuit ( made by Shagpoke Studios ) that has its own third halter ( ordered from twohorse tack ), and will have bits once they arrive in the mail in the next few days. I strongly prefer fursuiting to catsuiting but may be more comfortable as a 'human pony' rather than 'furry pony' once I get a human pony styled mask, which I'm considering making myself to cut down on the costs.

As for style of pony I'd like to be, I'm very much an 'alternative pony', which means I want my training and treatment to be as true to bio equines as possible. I'm quite studied on equine behavior so if you aren't I may confuse you! smile I have never worked with bio horses myself, but have watched many many wild horse documentaries, and of course I've watched some horses in person as well.

Training practices I'm into are dressage, show pony, cart horse, maybe plow horse, though I have a particular fancy for rodeo as well. Unless my trainer is exceptionally small I'm generally too small myself to be a riding horse but I always loved the idea of being a cutting horse / herding horse. Not sure how practical that is in pony play terms though.

You can see pictures of ( at least pony fursuit ) me on Fetlife:: https://fetlife.com/users/5365039
I can be contacted on Steam, Facebook, Skype, Phone / Text or Email. Message me here and I'll send you the information for any of those.

Please note that my phone is NOT a smartphone / android / whatever, so if I'm not at home I can't use skype, facebook, or any of those apps.

Thank you for reading!

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