Image Index


This is an index of all the photos, images, and diagrams I use on this site.

I'm currently in the process of the creating the photo index, but in the interim, here are some animataed GIFs from cpony:

Me getting bitted with a rubber snaffle and tongue port.

Me getting bitted with a rubber bit gag with attached tongue port.

Me fighting the bit and tongue port, and trying to find a comfortable position for the bit to sit in my mouth.

Me trying to get the bit into a comfortable position in my mouth.

Green elastrator band being opened by the application pliers.

A green elastrator band being opened.

T snapping my reins while I'm wearing a spiked bit. That definitely got my attention.

Getting my reins snapped while wearing a spiked bit.

Plastic bag breath play while tied and gagged. Near then end, the plastic started creeping into my mouth around the ball gag.

Me getting my air cutoff until I accept the bridle.