Catching a Ponyboy


Yesterday when I went to get my mare from her pasture, she decided she didn't really want to be caught (to be clear I'm talking about one my bio-horses here). It's not a small pasture, so I ended up getting a little bit of a workout, but it also gave me an idea.

Now I have been a horseperson long enough (and had that "catch me if you can" game played on me by a few horses in my time), that I should have realized this much sooner, but how fun would it be to incorporate something like this into ponyplay?

I'm sure many of you already do this, but this was a really cool eureka moment for me. I enjoy a bit of forced ponyplay, so when the idea struck it was especially delicious.

My idea for something like this is simple: get into my latex catsuit, don some hoof mitts (with my trainer's help) then be released into the pasture and await recapture. The unfortunate thing here is that I'm kinda going to have to let myself get caught - I can outrun my trainer, and she can't really do the lasso thing (though I'm going to have her practice).

Originally, I imagined myself in hoof mitts and hoof boots (and this is still how I imagine it in my fantasies), but as adept as I am maneuvering and jogging in hoof boots, I can totally see myself breaking my ankle in the heat of the moment. However, the idea was that with hoof boots on, my trainer could catch me even if I was going all out, thus we would have a nice, realistic capture scene...

Though I suppose letting myself get caught is more realistic when emulating domesticated bio-equines - I mean when horses do this to me, I think they eventually take pity on my pathetic efforts and come over and say "okay you can catch me". Still, I think getting caught in hoof boots is hotter (admittedly though, I think anything is hotter in hoof boots) because I can really try to get away but still get outrun.

Anyway, I now have a wonderful new idea to incorporate in my scenes, and I wanted to share my excitement with you. Not realizing it sooner made me feel incredibly stupid, but it also means that I have something new and exciting to try - and I'll be sure to let you know how it turns out (I'm hoping to give this a try tomorrow - full details will follow).