DIY Pony Hand Hooves


Like my post on DIY pony point trainers that look like hooves, this post was inspired by a story I am writing where someone is transformed into a human pony at a barn using only supplies on hand.

Hand hooves are easier than hooves for legs because they don't require the forced flexion of the limb. Nevertheless, I figured I would post a few photos on how to transform hands into hooves with only basic equipment that can be found at your local tack store.

Here are the supplies you'll need for one hand - only a hoof sokaing boot (the Davis boot is the most common one and the one I used here), duct tape, and polos. I used pink polos here because that was part of my story, but you can use any color (or none at all, but polos really add to the security):

Supplies needed for diy hand hooves

Supplies you'll need for one hand/arm.

Force your pony's hands into a fist:

Have your pony make his hand into a fist

Force your pony to make his hand into a fist.

Tape your pony's hand into place in fists with duct tape:

Tape your pony-to-be's hand into a fist

Use duct tape to secure your pony's hand into a fist.

Insert the duct taped fists into the hoof soaking boot (I used one of my horses' boots here, so it's way too big - a size 2, when I should have used a 00 or 000, but I didn't have one that small at hand):

Force your ponys taped up hand into the hoof soaking boot

Put the hoof boot over your pony's taped up hand.

Secure the strap of the hoof soaking boot and use the velcro to lock it in place. Then wrap the polos, starting at the top of the hoof boot, going up the arm to a bit below the elbow, then back down to the top of the hoof boot and secure it in place:

Wrap the polos over the hoof to secure them in place.

Use the polo wraps to further secure the hoof soaking boot onto your pony's hand.

Your pony now has a hoof for a hand. Repeat this on his other hand, and he'll have two fore-hooves and no use of his fingers or way to free his hands!