Dore Alley 2013 Photos


Dore Alley and Folsom Street intersection. The heart of the Up Your Alley Fair

The Up Your Alley Fair is held on Folsom Street between 9th and 10th streets. Dore Alley (and where it intersects with Folsom) is right at the heart of the festival.

I feel like I'm doing a few of these "fair photos", as of late, but it gives me a nice excuse to go to some of these events, which I otherwise might not attend. Anyway, the Up Your Alley Fair was pretty cool. It's often described as Folsom's (raunchier) little brother. Folsom takes up a full 7 city blocks along Folsom St, while Dore Alley is just one (both fairs go onto the side streets as well).

At first you might think that's pretty small, and at 11:00AM (right when it officially starts), it is small, but by 12:00 there's some pretty cool stuff going on (demos, dancing, etc.); by 1:00, I was wondering what the hell I was thinking calling it small, and by 3:00, well, it was like Folsom at 3PM.

Anyway, I was motivated to go because I heard Dore Alley has "...more animal masks, ropes and chains than in a production" and is "...full of vendors to satisfy your needs–so long as it’s bondage, animal roleplay...", and there was indeed quite a presence of human pups from leather to rubber to furry. It was really fun to watch them play together (short video below). Alas, there were nno ponies that I could find except this pink pony:

The only pony I saw at Dore was this pink pony

The only pony I could find at Dore.

A pup and his friend sharing a moment:

A puppy and his friend meeting up after a hiatus

Puppes were quite prevalent at Dore.

A furry puppy dancing:

A furry pup dancing

One of a trio of furry pups.

There was a lot of puppy play (and playing puppies):

The human puppies were very playful

The puppies played well together

The second of the trio of furry pups giving out hugs:

A second furry pup dancing and giving away hugs

The furry puppies are always so friendly :)

I'm not sure what animal he is, but I'm guessing werewolf:

A scary looking werewolf

Some of the animals were kinda scary.

A puppy wearing sunglasses and looking cool:

A puppy wearing sunglasses and a nice mask

I love the mask and glasses.

This is the animal that got the dancing started:

A dancing furry animal

He was dancing for pretty much the entire time I was at Dore.

A beautiful puppy mask on a playful puppy:

A beautiful mask

I think I've seen this pup before, but I can't place him.

Human puppies playing at the K9 unit of Dore Alley:

Puppies in the K9 unit of the 2013 Up Your Alley Fair. There were quite a few puppies playing together in the pen. If the video isn't displaying properly, you can try the direct link.

I saw these guys spinning a pair of leather pride flags and I had to take a little video (no human animals, but some really nice work - I wonder if they also do poi):

Spinning the leather pride flag at the Up Your Alley Fair. These two guys received an incredible round of applause after dancing and spinning the leather pride flag. If the video isn't displaying properly, you can try the direct link.