Dore Alley 2014 Photos


Here are some photos and videos I took of the human animals at the 2014 Dore Alley (Up Your Alley Fair) here in San Francisco.

Dore Alley 2014 Short Clips:. A few short clips from my walk around Dore this year. Nothing pony (though some puppy play at the 58 second mark) sadly, but Dore has always been light on pony play.. If the video isn't displaying properly, you can try the direct link. The video of Dore Alley 2014 is also available in 720p. Video by cpony.

I was initially worried that I wasn't going to make it back up to San Francisco on time (I had flown down to San Diego the previous week to attend their pride parade), but everything worked out, and I soon found myself at Dore Alley on a perfect San Francisco summer day, dance music in the background, and a lot of leather and bondage making up my foreground.

This was my second foray to the Dore Alley/Up Your Alley fair. Although sometimes touted as a raunchier, more intimate, version of Folsom, I personally found it to be no more or less raunchy. I consider it to be a mini-Folsom, with the only real difference being that most attendees of Dore are locals (from the San Francisco bay area) whereas Folsom does attract many from outside the 7 area codes by the bay.

Dore is always light on ponies, so it's really a treat when you bump into one in the crowd, especially one with such awesome tack:

One of the few ponies at Dore Alley 2014. His tack is awesome.

One of the few ponies at Dore. Photo by cpony.

I'm not sure if he is a pony or just likes a nice comfortable bit gag, but either way I love the bit dangling right there:

A ponyboy with a drink wearing his bit around his neck.

Possible ponyboy (note the bit aroud his neck). Photo by cpony.

I ran into a few human pups throughout the day, but this owner and pup pair really caught my eye (and the wall presented a near perfect background):

A human puppy and his owner at the Up Your Alley fair 2014

Pup and owner at Dore 2014. Photo by cpony.

Although neither a pony nor a puppy, I'm including this lucky guy if only because I'm a little jealous of the lovely bondage he's in:

A guy in pretty serious bondage at 2014 Dore Alley. He is wearing a bondage harness, collar, cuffs, leather fist mitts, and tight muzzle gag, yet you can see the smile in his eye.

You can tell from his expression that he's definitely enjoying the bondage (not that I can blame him, I would be loving it as well if I were in his position). Photo by cpony.

Another cool puppy who was nice enough to give a little pose for the photo. I do love the blue tongue:

A puppy with a blue leather tongue posing for the photo.

Pupppy posing. Photo by cpony.

I couldn't resist snapping a photo of NaughtyColt's tail when his back was turned. I'm totally in love with his gear (most of which he makes awesome is that!), and his waist belt and tail are no exceptions:

NaughtyColts tail.

Nice tail. Photo by cpony.

Speaking of taking photos of human animals when their backs are turned, here is an puppy with cool leather mask and chest harness:

A puppy with leather mask as seen from behind at the 2014 Dore Alley Festival.

Puppy! Photo by cpony.

No fetish street fair photo collection would be complete until I whipped out my full spectrum converted camera (with infrared pass filter on of course) and snapped a couple photos. I love the dreamy look it gives to skin, and believe me there was a lot of skin showing on Dore's dance area:

A black and white infrared photo of the dance area at the 2014 Up Your Alley Festival

Dore crowd in infrared. Photo by cpony.

One more black and white infrared photo, but this time of the spanking/flogging both at Dore. Again, I really love the dreamy look it imparts to skin:

A black and white infrared photo of the spoanking and floggin area at Dore 2014

Flogging and spanking in infrared. Photo by cpony.

Another puppy making the rounds at Dore. Beautiful dog mask. I wonder if he did the coloring himself, either way it looks great:

A cool puppy with painted rubber mask at Dore 2014

A cool puppy! Photo by cpony.

I resolved to attend more pony and leather events for this year, and so far I think I'm doing okay. Admittedly, I could be doing better (I cancelled my trip to Folsom New York because of work), but generally, I feel I've done pretty well. I really enjoy the energy of pride parades and street fairs, and hope to make it out to more of them in the future.