From Colt to Stallion: Turns 5


Five years ago today I started as an outlet to share my enthusiasm for pony play. I started cpony for two reasons: the biggest by far was - and still is - fun:

I enjoy writing about pony play. I love taking photos of gear and other ponies. I can't get enough of having photos and videos taken of me in gear and in various predicaments. The whole process of writing an article is fun for me.

The second reason is I want people to know that pony play isn't some way out there kink. Rather, it's actually pretty common and easily accessible for any person, regardless of how much money they have or how much experience they have with bio-horses, or how much space they have available for play. Pony play is about having fun the way you want to.

I wanted to share the way I do things in my play but also to strongly stress that there is no "true" or "best" way to play.

I hope I've accomplished the latter! But at least I can say without a doubt that I've had so much fun in the last 5 years putting together this site and sharing pony play with the world :)

I've drawn inspiration from many people and places, and I have made wonderful friends both online and offline these last five years. I am incredibly grateful to every single person who has visited cpony and for every pony friend I have made.

Thanks to each and every one of you! I hope cpony will be here for another five years!

Thanks for reading, cpony