Hogtied by Bit Gag - 2011-09-26


A standard rubber bit gag (with locking strap of course) is still the standard. It forces the jaws wider than most metal bits, but is still one of the most comfomfortable bits for long term wear in my opinion and there is little risk of damaging teeth even when it is strapped in cruelly tight

Even a standard rubber bit gag can become uncomfortable after several hours, especially if it is seated snugly in the mouth. Photo by cpony.com

Well, my trainer hogtied me by my bit gag today. Fortunately it was only for about an hour and the bit was just a standard rubber bit gag (straight mouth rubber snaffle). If she had used my show bit, I wouldn't have lasted a minute, let alone an hour. With my show bit, it's hard enough for me to control my gag reflex and find a position where the bit spikes aren't digging painfully into my tongue even without any rein tension, but that's an entry for different day.

I know something is up when she doesn't tighten my bit all the way (don't get me wrong here, it's definitely snug, but she left it one or two holes looser than normal), but my hoof mitt clad hands are already locked together behind my back so I'm wondering what she has in store for me.

After my bridle is in place, she hobbles my legs, so I'm thinking it's probably time for a visit to the vet to check my teeth. I like vet play in ponyplay, but dental exams are one of the few exceptions. While not my favorite activity, dental play is not that bad, and in any event I'm wearing hoof boots that are hobbles together with a single link of livestock grade chain so it's not like I can go anywhere. So, I stand at attention like a good pony.

She tells me to kneel, and I do. This is when the trouble starts.

"Whinny" she says.

I've always been (and still am) self-conscious about making horsey sounds, whinnying especially since it's sooo loud. I guess it's hard for me to let go and really become an animal, which I guess is why she likes to make me do it. I don't have my shock collar on (which will deliver an electric shock based on the frequency of the sound I make), so I make a sound somewhere between a grunt and a nicker.

"Bad pony!" she yells.

Before I can try again, she pushes me onto my stomach and hogties me using a snap clip to connect my wrists to my hobble chain. If it weren't for my hoof mitts, I could easily unsnap the clip. However, I am wearing the hoof mitts, and so she might as well have used a padlock for all the good my hands would do me. Although I couldn't free myself, I wasn't too worried; I've been hogtied before, and while not comfortable, it wasn't the end of the world, and it was not the tightest hogtie ever by any means.

As it turned out, this was a temporary measure while she grabbed a nylon Newmarket attachment. I know because she dangled it in front of me. Of course, I had no idea of what this meant, even when she attached it backwards to my bit. Well, I was about to find out.

I didn't know it, but she had a choke chain in her other hand. She threaded the choke chain through the chain link in my hobble then through the Newmarket attachment and pulled it tight before locking it off with a padlock. This I noticed! My bit was ripping into the sides of my mouth.

She stood back and smiled an evil smile. "There's a good pony." And she walks out of view (later I found out she was sitting down behind me).

This was ridiculous. I was straining with all my effort to keep my legs up, and still I felt like my lips were being pulled up to my ears. There was no way I could take this. Relaxing my legs to any degree was not possible.

After what felt like forever, but was probably at most 30 minutes, I figured out what she wanted.

"Neigh" I said.


Again, "neigh"

Still nothing.

I hope she didn't leave the room. I really wanted out of the hogtie. It couldn't have been more than another 5 minutes, but this was unbearable.

Finally, I completely lost it: "Neeeigh neeeigh neeeigh!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

After what seemed like an eternity, she comes back into view. Patting my head she says "good pony". Then..."whinny for me"

All self-consciousness now forgotten, I whinnied with abandon. "Neeeigh, neeeigh, neeeigh. Neeeeeeigh. Neeeeeeigh!"

Clearly pleased, she continues to rub my head then leans down and kisses me through the bit.

I felt close to tears. Maybe it was finally being able to let go, if only for a few short minutes.

She kept me like that for a little while longer, rubbing my head, telling me I was good pony. Somehow, the pain wasn't so bad, and the hogtie wasn't so tight as long as she was there.

Finally, she unclips the chain attaching my legs to my bit. The relief is immense.

Then she removes the bit and continues to untack me. I'm grateful for the relief but also for the lesson.

I should have known that she would be right there, that she wouldn't leave me.

All I had to do was call out and she would come to me.

In some ways, this was one of the best ponyplay sessions I've ever had. I still have a hard time letting go in pony role, but this session helped me come a long way in overcoming my own hang-ups and not just as a pony. For that I will always be grateful to her.