A Pony Play Negotiation Form


About the form

Recently, humanpony asked me: "Would you create a pony play negotiation form?" My response is: Sure! That's a great idea!

In fact, I decided to take it one step further: in addition to the version below, I have also created a fillable PDF pony play negotiation form (opens in a new window), which you can download. Check the relevant boxes and type in your answers to the questions. Then print it out and take it to your next play party (or to a meeting with a potential trainer). I hope you like it.

Both the PDF pony play negotiation form and the HTML version below were adapted from the puppy play negotiation form.

The purpose of the negotiation form is to aid a pony in communicating his interests, experience, and limits (not just BDSM limits, but also physical or mental limits). A negotiation form should not be used in lieu of a conversation or face-to-face meeting, but rather, it should be used to augment such a meeting.

The form is all about communicating a pony's interests - this is not because the pony is trying to "top from the bottom". Rather, it is to see if a pony's interests match a potential trainer's interests. During play, the trainer will be in charge of the scene (notwithstanding any limits).

Not to further digress, but a good analogy of a BDSM scene I once read (cannot remember where) is of a road trip where both the top and bottom know where they want to end up. The bottom is the navigator and will suggest several acceptable routes to get there, but the top is the driver and ultimately will decide the exact route taken.

Anyway, below is the pony play negotiation form (if you're going to copy and paste into a word processor instead of using the PDF form, start from the end of this paragraph and continue until you see "end of the negotiation form"):


Pony Play Negotiation Form

About The Pony

  1. What is the pony's registered ("official") name?
  2. Is the pony registered with any organizations? If so, what is his registration number?
  3. What is the pony's stable name (nickname)?
  4. Is the pony a 2 or 4 legged pony? If both, does the pony have a preference?
  5. Does pony identify as a (you can choose more than one):
  6. What is the pony's coat color?
  7. What are the pony's markings (e.g. socks, stripes, etc.)?
  8. Does the pony identify as a horse or another equid?
  9. Does the pony identify with a breed? If so, which one(s)?
  10. Is the pony:
  11. If the pony is trained, how much training does he have?
  12. If the pony has some training, what is/are the discipline(s)?
  13. If the pony is looking for training (or additional training), what discipline(s) is/are desired?
  14. How would the pony describe himself (e.g. feisty, fractious, calm, "bomb proof", affectionate, loving)?

The Pony's Potential Play Partner

  1. What role does the pony want in a play partner (you can pick more than one):
  2. Does the pony want a play partner who is:
  3. How would the pony describe his ideal play partner (e.g. caring. affectionate, strict-yet-fair, strict)?
  4. How does the pony prefer his play partner to dress during a scene?
  5. Should the pony's play partner have bio-horse experience?
  6. Should the pony's play partner have human pony play experience?
  7. Can the play partner ask the pony to try new things while in a scene?

The Pony's Tack

  1. What tack does the pony own?
  2. Is there any tack the pony does not own, but would either need or want to have during a scene?
  3. What type of mouthpiece on a bit is okay for the pony to wear?
  4. What are pony's favorite pieces of tack?
  5. What are the pony's least favorite pieces of tack?
  6. Is there anything the pony will absolutely not wear?
  7. Is the pony okay using a piece of tack previously used by another pony? Any exceptions (e.g. insertables)?

The Pony Play Scene

  1. Is sexual contact okay during a scene? If yes, are there any exceptions or restrictions?
  2. Does the pony like to be "forced" to become a pony? If so, how, and is it always necessary for the pony to be forced, or just a bonus?
  3. Will the pony "become" a pony ("pony head space") or will the pony be a human acting (or being forced to act) like a horse?
  4. During a scene what does the pony like (you can pick more than one):
  5. During a scene does the pony like being a (you can pick more than one):
  6. Is the pony okay with photography? If yes, are there any restrictions (e.g. not to be published online, only when the pony's face is not visible)?
  7. Is the pony okay having his genitals exposed (and breasts for females) even if they will not be touched?
  8. How does the pony feel about playing in:
  9. How will the pony be dressed during a scene?
  10. Will the pony make equine sounds? If so, which one(s)?
  11. Will the pony use (or attempt to use) human speech? To what end (e.g. feigned protests around the bit for those into forced pony play)?
  12. Can the pony drink water around the bit? If so, is this the preferred method during a scene (i.e. as opposed to removing the bit and/or breaking the scene)?
  13. Can the pony eat around the bit? Maybe just small treats?
  14. Is the pony okay with bondage? Any exceptions or qualifications (e.g. hoof boots worn for no more than 1 hour)?
  15. Is the pony okay with having his hands restrained?
  16. Generally, how much punishment is the pony okay with?
  17. How much humiliation (if any) does the pony like during a scene?
  18. Does the pony wish to have his training mimic bio-horse training to the greatest degree possible? Any exceptions?
  19. Does the pony know common verbal cues used in bio-horse riding (e.g. clucking, "whoa", "walk/trot on")?
  20. Will the pony respond to normal human speech during a scene (e.g. commands not used in bio-horse riding like "turn right" or "lift up your left leg")?
  21. Does the pony have any suggestions or special requests for a scene?


  1. What is the pony's safeword for STOP NOW?
  2. What is the pony's safeword for SLOW DOWN?
  3. What is the pony's safe signal (when wearing a bit or gagged) for STOP NOW?
  4. What is the pony's safe signal (when wearing a bit or gagged) for SLOW DOWN?
  5. Does the pony have any medical conditions (including allergies)?
  6. What are pony's hard limits?
  7. Does the pony like to take a break during a scene? If so, how often?

End of the Negotiation Form


Send me some feedback about what you would like included (and what you think should be removed). I'm sure there will be another version in the future.

Aside from the above html format, the negotiation form is available as a PDF form. If you are having trouble filling it out, you can view an example completed negotiation form.