Pony Play Quotes


What exactly do people think about pony play? I have no idea, but I was little bored this morning and thought it would be fun to pull together some pony play quotes from around the web.

"Getting whipped, wearing a bridle, saddles with built in dildos. Very interesting, indeed."
- Member of the Aphrodite Women's Health Discussion Forum


"...take furries, multiply it by a dose of 'what the hell' and you’ve got pony play."
- Weird Worm on the differences between Furries and ponyplayers


"...one of the most interesting fetishes in BDSM is animal role-playing. It is normally called Pony Play..."
- A Kinksters Guide


"And I mean weird, not...pony-play weird. I mean REALLY weird."
- CC2K editor on fetishes in popular culture


"...a boundary-stretching variation on conventional fetishes...substituting bridles and riding crops for the usual manacles and whips"
- Broward Palm Beach New Times


"I prefer AlpacaPlay, ponies are notoriously temperamental..."
- Sarcastic response to The Stranger's article on drama in the pony play scene


"Hipsters have totally co-opted fetish gear. Tragic."
- Referring to the fashion industry embracing hoof style boots (among other items)


"...I kinda struggle with the whole women on leads thing...if they were leading men around maybe I would cope..."
- Comment on the Unmata Pony Play Belly Dance video clip.


"It's not all that disturbing and way more popular than you might think"
- Response to Cracked calling pony play "disturbing"


"A little sexy, a little bit silly...but always in good fun."
- Grain Belt News Fetish of the Week


"I can't even go into how hot she looks with a bit and bridle in her mouth, and a saddle on her back!"
- Member of Leather Pet Post commenting on Madonna in pony gear.


"Mobile bondage with a jolly good dose of the D/s dynamics..."
- An Informed Consent member explaining the appeal of of pony play.


"In comparison to the cartoony world of Furries, consider Pony Play the grittier, Frank Miller reboot."
- Also from the Weird Worm


Personally, I only have one word to describe pony play: hot!