Podcasts on Pony Play


A couple days ago, my phone warned me I was out of space (it seems like iPhones have been stuck at 64GB for many years now). Anyway, as I set about cleaning out my podcasts (which accounted for nearly half of the 64GB), I came across a podcast on pony play. I must have downloaded it quite awhile previously because it didn't look familiar, and I didn't remember downloading it. However, it got me to wondering how many podcasts featured episodes on pony play, and here are the results:

The People of Kink - A rather interesting podcast. They have an interview format with a new guest each week. They explore each guest's favorite kinks and how they became interested in BDSM. I've enjoyed listening to other people share their experiences and their take on different fetishes. It's been educational and interesting. Anyway, so far they have interviewed four people who have discussed pony play to an appreciable degree:

Island of Pain Podcast - An expansive site on BDSM. I only discovered it recently, but aside from a regular podcast, there's actually quite a few general BDSM resources (articles, video blogs, and a forum).

Erotic Awakening - A regular kink podcast, which I stumbled across relatively recently. They have compiled well over 300 episodes on various kink topics including a couple on pony and animal roleplay:

Talkin Taboo - A monthly kink podcast by SweetheartSadist:

Masocast - A podcast spanning various aspects of kink. They had an episode on pony play with submissann as a guest:

bococu BDSM (CALAbococu radio) - A Spanish language podcast. I don't speak Spanish, so I haven't listened to it and can't really comment on the episode, but it might be worth checking out.