Gender Distribution of People Ponies


One question I get asked a lot is: Where are the ponyboys? Is there even such a thing a ponyboy? Ponyboys are so hot, why can't I find one to train?

Okay, I lied: I've never been asked these questions, but I'm a ponyboy, and I want to feel wanted. What I do hear a lot though are conflicting opinions on whether ponyboys outnumber ponygirls or vice versa. From the number of photos on the web, especially porn and porn-ish photos, you would think that the ponyplay scene is completely dominated by ponygirls. Conversely, if you check out some of the fetish "dating" (for lack of a better word) sites, you would think ponygirls only exist in magazines.

The reason for the higher percentage of ponygirls in fetish photos is likely the same reason females outnumber males in conventional, non-fetish pornography - women in ponyplay tack, in bondage, or just naked sell the photos and videos. The reason for the (apparent) higher number of ponyboys on these fetish dating/hook-up sites is, perhaps a little more complicated, but I think the reason here is that men may be more aggressive about persuing and finding someone so they are more visible even though they may not actually outnumber the number of women within the fetish.

As far as I can tell, in the "actual" ponyplay community (meaning those of us who actually do ponyplay, not just model tack for magazines or manufacturer websites) the numbers of males and females are probably close to equal. This is location dependent to a degree, but if you look at the whole, I think you'll find that ponyboys and ponygirls are present in roughly equal numbers. Take a look at photos from some of the ponyplay events - the "real" events that those involved in the fetish attend.

One disparity that I have noticed, and which I think is real, is a lack of male trainers interested in training a ponyboy. I've only been trained by female trainers, and though I have been a top to males on a couple occasions, I've never been a bottom to one. Anyway, recently my trainer suggested finding a male trainer to train me for one session. She said this way too cooly for it to have been anything other a well planned remark. And while being a bottom to a male holds no interest to me outside of ponyplay, in ponyplay, as a ponyboy, the idea did hold some appeal. She sold it to me as a possible breeding scene with a ponygirl in which a male trainer would handle both of us and generally direct the breeding process.

Obviously such a scene is quite open ended. Nevertheless, it really piqued my interest, and I realized that I would be open to such a scene, and possibly a preparatory training scene with a male trainer to evaluate me (e.g. how easy am I to handle, etc). Anyway, back to my comment about male trainers and ponyboys...there don't seem to be many male trainers even for the occasional ponyboy training session. This got me curious, so I narrowed my search to male trainers who were looking exclusively for ponyboys, then I did another quick search for ponyboys looking for male trainers - both of these yielded very few results. Finally, I did a search for male pups (puppy play) or males looking to own pups - both of these yielded a fair number of results.

So I wonder if there is a reason why the male-male dynamic is so strong in puppy play but fairly weak in pony play? I don't know the answer to this one...if you do, please drop me a line becuase I'd really like to know. Ponyboys are such curious creatures.

As for me, I'm quite content being a ponyboy to my lovely trainer, but I'll keep an eye out for the right guest male trainer.