SF Pride 2013 Photos


I went to my first pride parade today. I know, I should have gone sooner, what with living in San Francisco and all. However, the timing for attending my first pride was actually quite fortuitous given the recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings that struck down a discriminatory federal law and re-instated same sex marriage here in California.

Anyway, the crowd at SF Pride was friendly and enthusiastic, and I had a wonderful time. I did get to snap a few photos (feel free to repost, I don't mind as long as you credit me) of the ponies and critters before and during the parade.

A pair of ponies in matching purple halters and polos:

Two ponies in matching purple halters and polos

These two ponies were a magnificent sight especially when the sun would glint purple in their eyes.

A trio of ponies from the rear:

Three ponies walking down Market Street

I love this shot. It makes me think these ponies are gunslingers walking down the main street of some old western town.

Another purple pony, this time pulling a cart, but here's a shot of her bridle:

A ponygirl with purple tack getting ready to pull a leather marshal at SF Pride 2013

This ponygirl has a beautiful harness and bridle She is well decked out for Pride.

A ponyboy pulling a cart with a leather marshal at SF Pride 2013:

A ponyboy pulling his mistress and a leather marshal in a cart

I've seen this ponyboy pulling a cart before at Folsom. He can do it in Punitive hoof boots (though he is not in the photo above - there are gratings and rails along Market St, which is possibly why he chose not to wear them).

This ponygirl was absolutely awesome; she was so enthusiastic trotting back and forth within the contingent. The crowd loved her:

An enthusiastic ponygirl trotting in the 2013 SF Pride Parade

Such an awesome ponygirl!

subMissAnn pulling a leather marshall in a cart during the 2013 SF Pride Parade:

A ponygirl (subMissAnn) pulling a cart during SF Pride 2013

A ponygirl (subMissAnn) pulling a cart for a leather marshall during SF Pride 2013. She was quite the energetic pony as well, taking the marshall between each side of the street so he could interact with the crowd. She did that several times during the course of the parade.

A beautiful unicorn preparing for the SF Pride Parade:

A unicorn preparing to pull a cart for SF Pride Parade

An absolutely stunning unicorn getting ready for the SF Pride Parade. The mask is amazing!

A ponyboy with an awesome mane during the parade. I love the way the wind is flipping it up a little:

A ponyboy (part of Ms. Liliane Hunts procession) with a gorgeous mane

A pony with a beautiful mane.

This awesome tiger was a hit with the crowd:

A tiger preparing for the Pride parade

A wonderful tiger.

A guard dog in the leather contingent preparing for the parade:

A guard dog preparing for the parade

A guard dog.

A ponygirl with purple tack pulling a leather marshal:

A ponygirl in purple tack

I love the purple blinders.

A two pony cart with the Stampede logo:

The back of the Stampede cart being pulled by a pair of ponies

A cart being pulled by a pair of very fine ponies.

A pair of ponies pulling a cart along Market St during the parade (5 sec video):

Ponies in the 2013 SF Pride Parade: it's only a 5 second clip (the parade was moving along a pretty good pace at that point) of two ponygirls pulling a cart along Market Street during the 2013 San Francisco Pride Parade. There is also a higher resolution version.

I'm not sure if they do this every year or if it is unique this year given the recent Supreme Court rulings, but aside from immediately starting to re-issue same sex marriage licenses, SF City Hall got into the spirit and was lit up in pride colors:

SF City Hall lit up during Pride week 2013

Thanks for the beauty and support City Hall!