A Few of My Favorite Pony Play Sites


Where do I spend my time on the Internet? Here are some of my personal favorite destinations when I'm in the mood for pony:

Human Pony Play - An awesome blog updated daily with photos, videos, stories, and links - all pony play related. If you haven't seen this blog yet, go check it out! Take your time and look through the archives. There's a lot of great content there regardless of whether you prefer ponygirls or ponyboys.

Aside from Fetlife, this is the only other kink site I check daily (I often visit first thing in the morning to help me wake up, give me a smile, and get a positive start to my day), and I've drawn inspiration from there on several occassions. In fact, it was via humanpony's blog that I first saw the Pegasus equine sheath, which has since become a well used and loved toy of ours.

Sir Jeff's Ponygirls - The quintessential ponygirl website. I remember Sir Jeff's site from a long time ago, and I'm glad to see that it's still going strong today. There are some great stories and pictures there. Although I was "into" ponyplay when I discovered his womderful site, I'll freely admit to getting some ideas from the myriad of stories in his collection.

Sir Jeff's site is updated regularly as well, but the updates come about once a month. Regardless, there is plenty of material to beep you occupied until the next update.

Fetlife - I always describe them as a Facebook for kinky people (I actually spend much more time on FL than I do on FB, so I'm not sure that it's a fair comparison). They are the only other kinky/fetish site I check on a daily basis. Fetlife is, first and foremost, a social networking site (e.g. keeping up with your kinky acquaintances), but there are open discussion forums (including several on pony, puppy, and other animal role play), and there are lots of photos (and videos if you help support FL with a small monthly donation).

Pet and Pony Girls - They are a paysite, but if you can spare the monthly fee, I believe you will be impressed by the quantity and quality of their content. Pet and Ponygirls is one out of a very, very small number of fetish sites where I have felt that I more than received my money's worth. They do have a free preview of their photos and video clips, and they also have a tumblr.

Fetish Pony - Her site was the first non-fiction, if you will, pony play site that I had ever seen, and it was what inspired me to start my own site. Also, it was through Fetish Pony, and her links page, that I learned of Kaysers/Reactor hoof boots and was able to get my own pair. It's very much a valuable resource.

JG Leathers - Aside from being a talented craftsman (one my bridles was made by him, and it is awesome!), he also has a wonderful site with stories, photos, sketches (for equipment ideas, etc.), and all kinds of awesome stuff. Not only does he have ingeneous ideas for equipment, and training devices, he actually makes them into reality. His page on the development of The Creature also has some nice illustration of the Horse Woman harness he created.

Fury Fantasy - I window shop at the Fury Fantasy site on a pretty regular basis. Obviously, they have amazing gear, but they also have many high resolution photos of their products from many different angles both with and without models (modeling FF products is probably one of the best jobs I can imagine), which makes the site a delight to peruse.

The Veterinarian - There's quite a lot to see, and read on deviant art that's pony play related, and I'll often find myself losing track of time when visiting DA, but The Veterinarian's page is especially appealing. I love his artwork.

Actually, from humanpony's tumblr I have discovered there are several ponies, trainers, and admirers that have tumblr blogs. Here are a few that I have come across:

And there you have it, a few of the site I frequent the most.