Review of Leather Ponyplay Hoof Miits


Leather fist mitts are not that common in ponyplay (Fury Fantasy is currently the only retailer of leather hoof mitts), which is unfortunate if you are allergic to rubber. Moreover, many of us enjoy the look, fell, and smell of leather. Well, as it turns out, leather fist mitts are actually quite common in puppyplay and other forms of petplay. A little modification, and you have a fist mitt for pony play complete with horseshoe!

I purchased a pair of puppy fist mitts from The Stockroom for a little under $200 USD. While I did modify the fist mitts to become hoof mitts, these were relatively minor changes.

Before making any modifications to the fist mitts, I had to try them out, and I have to say these are really cool looking. They are very comfortable, and the heavy leather shell that creates the paw shape is very effective in preventing use of the hands. The mitts also have a lockable wrist strap to keep them on the wearer's hands.

While I really do love these straight out of the box, I am, at heart, a pony, so I endeavored to transform them from paw to hoof. Fortunately, this turned out to easy since the overall shape of the mitt did not need any changes.

The first step was to carefully remove the the "pawprints" from the bottom of the fist mitts.