Review of Pet and Ponygirls - A Review
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One of best parts of maintaining a site like cpony is getting to justify the cost of paying for ponygirl porn as a necessary expense. I understand that it can be hard to justify spending any amount of money for porn (fetish or otherwise) given the availability of free pictures and videos (some of which can even be of decent quality). However, in my opinion is one of the few sites that are worth the monthly fee.

As their name implies, they are devoted to photos and videos of petgirls and ponygirls in training and in bondage. On visiting their site, I am impressed by the relatively clean design.

The site design is easy-to-navigate with an intuitive design; there are no autoplaying videos (sample or otherwise), no pop-ups, no million "join now" buttons. I may be one of the few people who care about the overall look and feel of a fetish site, but the professionalism shown in their website is a big plus in my book.

The professionalism shown in site design is carried over to the photography itself. Both the photography and videography are very well done. The still shots available for each shoot vary in number from 40 to over 100. Looking back at their archives, it seems that over time they have tended towards making more stills available: many of the current shoots are composed of 80 - 100 images.

About half the photos are of ponygirls: pulling a cart, prancing around, in the barn, etc. Another equid is occasionally thrown into the mix (I'm specifically thinking of the zebra set, which was really hot). The other half are of petgirls. Of the petgirls, I would say a little more than half are bunnies, with most of the rest being split between puppies and kitties with the occasional pig, exotic cat, and fox thrown in.

The ponygirl sets are split into outdoor sets (in the pet and ponygirls garden) or indoor sets, which are shot in their stable. The stable has a nice atmosphere with straw on the ground in what looks to be converted bio-horse stalls. The equipment hanging on the walls of the stable (bridles, harnesses) add to the atmosphere of a human pony stable.

The petgirl sets do sometimes occur in the stable, but seem to be either indoors in a more domestic setting (which is fitting for the puppy, bunny, and kitty scenes), or outdoors in the garden.

The full resolution photos of each set (jpeg format) are available for download as zipped folders, or they can viewed directly in your browser. The size of each full resolution photo varies (presumably due to cropping and downsizing). However, the dimensions typically have the largest dimension set at 1600 pixels (e.g. they typically range in dimensions from 1000 × 1600 to 1280 × 1600). When viewed at 100% resolution, this size is enough to fill (or nearly fill) the most common screen resolutions.

My only real negative comment about the still photos is their resolution. I don't subscribe to many pay sites, so I cannot really say if this resolution is typical or not, but this translates into an effective resolution of around 2 megapixels. While I expect there is some cropping going on for better composition, there is definitely a good deal of downsizing going on as well.

I particularly enjoy being able to see the fine details of the bondage, whether it be red stitching on leather cuffs, or a fine line of drool around a bit. Thus, I was a little disappointed that the photos are not at least twice the resolution provided. Perhaps I'm a little spoiled by having a relatively high speed internet connection, but I would be happy to have higher resolution jpegs available as an option.

The photo galleries are updated around twice a week, which is pretty impressive given the number and quality of the photos.

The videos range in length from a couple minutes to over 12 minutes, with the average probably being somewhere around 7 minutes. For me this is a little on the short side. I prefer videos closer to the 10 minute mark. However, their videos are well done, and I would prefer to have a concise, well composed video than a rambling 15 minute clip.

The sound quality in the videos is above par even for the outdoor shoots. Hearing the clop of hoof boots on pavement is beautiful sound and their videos communicate it clearly. Also nice is the occasional gag-talk of the bound petgirls, or the frustrated grunts and other noises of ponygirls (one of my favorite clips was of ponygirl Lex trying to unclip her reins to avoid a cold bath - after 5 minutes of struggling she was able to unclip them and run away).

The videos are available in several formats (Windows Media (avi), RealPlayer (rm), and MP4). I really like this because I like to have a high quality copy for viewing on the computer in addition to an mp4 for my iPhone (another reason I don't lend others my phone). Most sites seem to only give you one format, so this is another big plus in my book.

Videos are not added as often as stills - closer to a video every two weeks. Accompanying the videos are still photos taken during the same set, which is nice if you like a particular scene in the video and want to get a high resolution version to "refer" to later.

Another thing I like about pet and ponygirls is their occasional inclusion of model interviews. It's pretty cool to hear their perspective on playing a ponygirl. Moreover, these also give the viewer an appreciation for how much work goes into every shoot.

After viewing other more "hard core" bondage sites that incorporate ponyplay into some of their shoots, pet and ponygirls is a nice change. They offer a more realistic rendering of the bio-equine based play that is prevalent in some real-life encounters. The bondage employed in most of the shoots at pet and ponygirls is tasteful (also often color coordinated) and well matched to the scene.

For example, when a ponygirl is pulling a cart in a pet and ponygirls video, she is usually not wearing an armbinder or otherwise in unrealistic bondage. The bondage is often just a little more than what is strictly necessary (which is exactly how I like it), but always well done, often with intricate ropework.

While I definitely do enjoy pain on occasion, I am more turned on by the "B & D" than the "S & M" in BDSM, so pet and ponygirls sits especially well with my tastes. There is not a lot of punishment, and the whole feel is more of a light, fun, role play experience. The ponygirls seem generally happy to be ponies (though this does not mean they are always obedient - after all they are horses), which creates an incredibly erotic yet fun feel to the shoots - a rare combination.

Price is $29.95 $39.99 (as of 2015-01-21) for a 30 day non-recurring subscription. For a recurring subscription it is $27.95 $34.99 for the first month and $19.95 $34.99 for subsequent months (as of 2015-01-21). As I mentioned previously, paying for porn is a luxury that not all can afford; however, in the case of pet and ponygirls, the frequency of updates and the quality of the material, make it worth the price in my opinion.

My overall rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars for pet and ponygirls. My only real negative comment was that the resolution of the photos could be increased, which is why I dropped it half a star.

You can also check out the pet and ponygirls tumblr blog on which they post some free content (thanks to humanpony for reminding me that they have one).