Electrified Urethral Rods


Just as it sounds, these are metal rods (or plastic rods with metal electrodes attached) that are inserted into the pony's urethra and fixed in place as part of a pony's harness. The rod is attached to a controller that can administer a low current electric shock via a remote controller (most common) or a controller attached to the pony. These are similar to an electrified butt plug but are significantly more effective in providing a pony "motivation" to behave. Moreover, many ponies that have an electrified urethral rod also have an electrified butt plug.

Aside: JG Leathers used to make some pretty cool ponyplay tack (I was fortunate enough to be able to buy some from him a decade ago), and he incorporated some fancy options, including an electrified urethral rod, into his modular harness designs. He's still around and has a website, but alas, I don't think he sells equipment any longer.

Non-electrified urethral rods also exist and are sometimes used in ponyplay. These provide a very intense sensation, much more so than a butt plug. However, non-electrified urethral rods are the same as closed off catheters, so are not really a separate class.

Electrified urethral rods are probably the most effective way of controlling a pony (male or female). They should always be used with caution and never be abused (too much).

You can buy electrified urethral rods from:

Note that, as with most eletrical toys, you will need to have a power supply (e.g. the Electro-Stimulation P.E.S. Power Box or the Eros Tek ET232) to deliver power to the urethral rod. Power supplies are relatively expensive (~ $200 - $500 USD), but they can be used with many different electrical toys (e.g. electrified butt plugs, electrified cock rings, an electrified speculum, etc.).