Ebi Tied in Pony Hooves and Harness


Ebi Bondage in Pony Tack: Ebi bondage in full pony gear. A short clip of me in ebi bondage in full pony tack.direct link. The ebi bondage video is also available in 720p.

While at my play partner's house this past weekend with another friend of mine, we were brinstorming about bondage ideas and came up with a modified ebi tie as something cool to try for a recalcitrant pony such as myself.

I like to struggle and can be quite the escape artist, so we decided that I should be bound with legs crossed and tied ebi/shrimp style to prevent me from wandering off. I, of course, was down :)

This was my first time in ebi-like bondage in full pony gear. I've been tied like that before naked, but it's completely different wearing a harness, much more restrictive - indeed, even though it's not traditional ebi bondage (with the ankles connected to the neck), it was quite restrictive and prevented me from moving except from a little side to side motion :)

Although it may look like I'm only half-heartedly struggling, I was actually putting a lot of effort into trying to move. The nature of the bondage really prevents you from moving muc because you get very little leverage from any point on your body. It made me feel incredibly helpless. I can't wait for next time when I'm going to have my elbows bound touching behind me while also tied like this!