Folsom 2013 Pups Playing


Human pups playing at Folsom 2013: These four pups (two male and two female) played well together during a break in the action at the Folsom Street Fair. If the video isn't displaying properly, you can try the direct link. The video is also available in 720p.

A few days ago was the 30th Folsom Street Fair. I was a little afraid that because I now knew some of the humans behind the animals from munches and other events, some of the magic might be lost. However, I need not have worried. As soon as they slipped into their pony and puppy personas, I was once again enraptured by the magic that is animal role play.

While my interest is pony play (obviously), and thus my photos and videos tend to biased towards ponygirls and ponyboys, I really couldn't help but focus on this group of pups as they dropped to the ground and started sniffing each other during a break in the cavalcade (the procession of human ponies, puppies, kitties, and other assorted animals (we even had a pair of latex ants) that winds its way through the fair, allowing the animals to strut their stuff to an enthusiastic audience).

The enthusiasm of their play, and the toatlity with which they were immersed in puppy headspace made it nearly impossible to look away. Indeed, in addition to the crowd that gathered to watch, several of the ponies looked on as well (including one mischieveous pony who temporarily stopped trying to untie his lead line to watch the puppies).

The always playful Dash (puppy girl in the red harness and collar), eagerly trotted over the group of three sled dogs (two of whom pulled the same sled at least year's Folsom Street Fair with equal enthusiasm) who had just pulled their sled along a circuit of Folsom, and who were still, amazingly, full of energy.

I know as a pony, if I pulled a cart for that long, I would soaked in sweat and probably ready to just collapse, but to be fair, I suppose I wear a lot more tack - after all, what is pony play without bondage to keep the pony in his place - but as per usual, I digress...

Anyway, ffter Dash's approach, a lot of sniffing ensued, followed by some play bows (when the puppy stretches her fore paws forward at a steep angle), and then the four really got down to the serious of business of playing!

I hope you enjoy watching them play as much as I did!