SF K9 Unit at Folsom 2013


Pups of the SF K9 Unit playing at Folsom 2013: The SF K9 Unit's play area is lively with playful pups at every street fair. It's a great place to let your animal side out with likeminded puppies. If the video isn't displaying properly, you can try the direct link. The video is also available in 720p.

I love the energy of the Folsom Street Fair. I love the costumes (or lack thereof), the vendors, and the music. But most of all, I love seeing all the ponies, puppies, and critters. Whether they are harnessed to a cart, being led around by the reins or on a leash, or just strays wandering around, I enjoy seeing aninmal role play thriving, and at the fair from leather to furry, human animals decked out in their finest are out in force.

The banner of the SF K9 unit hanging above the play area near Folsom St

The SF K9 Unit banner.

One of my first stops (well perhaps second to the drink tent) at Folsom is often to the booth of one the fair's regular fixtures: The San Francisco K9 Unit. As the name implies, they're a local group of people who enjoy puppy play, and aside from having a wonderful presence at Folsom and Dore, I recently learned that they put on quite a few other cool events for puppy players (including Woof Camp).

Anyway, the SF K9 Unit's booth includes a puppy mosh pit that's host to quite a few friendly pups whose gear and playfulness make them exceptionally photogenic, so I nearly always snap a few photos if I have a camera handy, and sometimes I'll take a litle bit of video as well. I did the latter at today's fair, and thought I would share it here even though it's exclusively puppy play because, let's face it, puppys are cute, and besides what pony doesn't want a puppy for a friend?