Hogtied By Bit Gag With Tongue Plate


Hogtied by bit gag: With a severe tongue bit strapped tightly in my mouth, my ankles are tied to the rings of the bit, hogtying me to my bit gag. This would be bad enough with a normal bit gag, but with a bit with a tongue plate, this is especially severe because the length of the tongue plate causes it to tough the back of my throat a the slightest flex of my legs resulting in stimulation of the gag relfex. If the video isn't displaying properly, you can try the direct link.

As a pony, it's not unusal for me to find myself hogtied on occasion. This keeps me out of trouble (though sometimes it prevents me from running away from trouble, but that's a story for a different day), and while the position can be straining over time, a snug hogtie is not usually a punishment in and of itself but more a way of immobilize me.

However, today instead of my ankles bound to my wrists, I found myself in a much less comfortable predicament with my ankles bound to the rings of my bit gag, so instead of pulling my wrists and shoulders back, the tension of my legs would pull back on the bit just like a pair of reins.

Now, this in itself wouldn't be that bad. Sure, I'd end up with a sore mouth and the sides of my mouth would be chafed, but it wouldn't be terribly uncomfortable if I were wearing just a nice, soft rubber bit gag.

Today, though, I wasn't quite so lucky. Instead of a mild rubber bit, I found myself wearing a much more harsh metal snaffle with a long tongue plate. This can be difficult enough to wear at the best of times. Strapped in snugly, the tongue plate tickles the back of my mouth, and it takes some effort to control my gag reflex.