Trying Out the Pony Point Trainers


Trying Out the Pony Point Trainers: The first test of my new pony point trainers by Sinvention. Standing and walking around a little, I test the limits of this ingenous piece of foot bondage. If the video isn't displaying properly, you can try the direct link.

The concept of the pony point trainers is actually rather ingenious. As far as I can tell, they were designed from the ground up by Sinvention, which is pretty impressive. Essentially, the pony point trainers are designed to force the wearer to walk on his toes/balls of his feet, that is, to make him walk as though he were wearing pony boots. Because of this, I've come to describe them as "pony boots, only without the boot".

They accomplish this task by using thick piece of leather around the top of the foot. The wearer’s foot is held in place with a network of straps and a heel cup. With everything tightened, the wearer can't physically pull his foot back up because the thick piece of leather won't bend. Moreover, if the wearer even tries to lower his heels the edge of the thick outer leather cuts painfully into his foot and lower leg.

Even after reading the product description and seeing photos of the pony point trainers, I was completely unprepared for how effective they were. After putting them on inside while sitting on the couch, I loved the sensation of feet be encased in leather, but I nearly fell over as soon I first stood up. Although they don't put my feet at such an extreme angle as my Punitive boots, they actually feel just as severe, perhaps because there is no ankle or leg support to fall back (so to speak) like in a shoe or boot.

Regardless of the reason, the pony point trainers truly are foot bondage, and I love them. Honestly, after walking a few real steps in them, I had to take them off to walk the rest of the way from my house to the garden (where I shot the above video and the review photos). Once out in the garden, I put them back on to test them out a bit more. I stood around in them, testing their ability to keep me off my heels (very effective), and walked around a little.

I cut the video down to about a minute and a half (because there's not that much to see), but hopefully it communicates how the Sinvention trainers work. I actually tried a couple times to put my full weight on one foot or another to see if I could force my heel down, and all I was rewarded with was a huge amount of pain as the thick leather dug into the thin flesh on the top of my foot.

With enough weight/force, I might be able to lower my heels a little, but I even that's questionable, and even then I wouldn't be able to maintain it for more than second because of the amount of pain involved in trying to flex my foot. I was constantly correcting my foot position the entire time I was wearing them: as I relaxed one foot a little, the leather dug into my foot, and I immediately overcompensated and got onto my toes. This causing me to put a little more weight on my other foot, which caused that heel to lower a little, which caused the leather to dig into that foot, and so on...

Without any ankle support to "rest" part of the weight on, I was essentially in a predicament bondage situation, deciding which foot was to be subjected to pain.

These are perfect for foot bondage or preparing a pony for hoof boots: after wearing these trainers for awhile, your pony will be superbly prepared for walking around in hoof boots.

The next step for us is doing a bit of lunging in the trainers, perhaps even a little bit of treadmill training. One of my greatest fears, now that we have a pair of these, is that I'll end up tied to tree with these trainers locked onto my feet, unable to sit down or take any weight off my feet...