Pulling off My Hooves


Removing Hoof Gloves in the Pool: I was able to remove my hoof gloves with the help of a little water (and a bit of effort). This surprised both me and my trainer. If the video isn't displaying properly, you can try the direct link.

A few summers ago, my trainer and I had a pretty intense training session. This was not long after I purchased my latex catsuit, which I insisted on wearing for every session. As you can imagine, a physically demaning training session in a black latex catsuit (plus full tack) in the summer equals a very hot and sweaty pony.

As She was untacking me, she asked how I felt, and I said the first thing that came to mind: hot! So, she gave me some water and continued untacking me. When she had me down to just the suit and my fore hooves, she surprised me by putting a bit back in (not the one that just came out, but a simple rubber one).

It happened too quickly for me to object, and very quickly she grabbed one bit ring and was leading me across the grass. I was a little uneasy because I was pretty worn out and very hot already, but before I could voice (or at least attempt to voice around the bit) my objections, we had reached the pool, and she was gently pushing me down the stairs.

Once my foot touched the cool water, I decided, this was not such a bad idea, and I walked all the way in. She told me to have fun while she cleaned up. As it turned out, It was lots of fun swimming around in my catsuit; it felt wonderfully refreshing, and you really don't need the use of your fingers (or a need for a closed mouth) to swim:

A refreshing swim in the pool with hooves and bit and catsuit of course

Actually a great way to cool off after a training session.

But...after 30 minutes, I was getting bored and annoyed with the bit, but of course, I could not remove it with my hands locked into fists in the rubber hooves (I tried for several minutes). Neither could I use my mouth, which was wrapped around the rubber bit, to help me pull off my hooves (again, I tried for several minutes).

Finally, I decided, I would just try and pull the hooves off. This doesn't work normally. See, when they are sized properly, these rubber hoof gloves are nearly impossible for a pony to take off himself even without cuffs holding them in place. However, this was the first time I had worn them in the pool, and, to my surprise, I was actually able to get them off (though not without a shortage of effort, stretching, and getting smacked with the rubber a few times. I guess the water of the pool did a good job lubricating :)

Anyway, at the top is a video with the last few seconds of me getting the gloves off. You can just barely see my triumphant smile before I take off the second one, and finally get to remove my bit. My trainer was quite surprised to see me out of the pool sans hooves and bit lying a pool chair when she came back out of the house!