Bits & Bit Gags in Pony Play


A jointed metal snaffle with spoon mouthpiece with velcro attaching strap

A spoon bit with velcro strap to allow use on human ponies. Photo by cpony. You can buy this bit from many bio-horse tack shops for under $30 (like here).

I was looking at my collection of bits today and realized that I must have some kind of ponyplay sub-fetish for bits. I didn't count them, but I must have over 100 different bits, and I've worn all of them at least once. With only 4 exceptions, they are all bio-equine bits purchased from bio-equine tack stores. I happen to have a bridle that will accommodate any horse bit so the only limit here is what my mouth can take.

When I first started out in ponyplay, I loved the idea of the jointed bit. I still think the jointed bit looks really hot on a ponygirl (and on some ponyboys). However, I have since realized that jointed bits are not so great to wear. You might think the reason is they are hard on my mouth. In fact, I have found the opposite to be true. These bits rarely stay in place and are thus quite comfortable. I don't like them because they are easy to push out with the tongue and are not very restrictive. A metal bit that does not sit securely can easily chip teeth - I don't mind discomfort, but I don't want my teeth getting chipped. Moreover, I like a bit whose action I can't avoid.

I especially love bits with bit ports, or a bit with a rubber pit port clipped on. Although these make me drool like crazy, which I hate, the restriction of tongue movement is a wonderful feeling. If the bit port is not short, I have to work to control my gag reflex even without any rein pressure. At first this seriously turns me on, but after a short while it can become distracting which is not conducive to any serious training. However, I will say a little tug on the reins and I will stop in my tracks. There's nothing like intense stimulating of the gag reflex to stop a pony in his tracks.

Note: Be very careful with any bit that stimulates the gag reflex. You definitely do not want to throw up with a gag in your mouth. I never use any bit that causes intense stimulation of the gag reflex for any real training sessions. I only use such bits under careful supervision of my trainer during "non-training" ponyplay sessions.

Wearing a metal jointed snaffle bit is not uncomfortable and relatively easily dislodged if attached by a single leather strap - just be careful not to chip a tooth

Me wearing a bit I picked up at a fetish shop (I way overpaid, but it was an impulse buy). The bit is a metal jointed metal snaffle sized for bio-ponies. Photo by

One thing I find unfortunate is the difficulty in finding ponyplay bridles which allow interchanging bits. This results in people having to buy separate "bit gags" for every different type of bit they want to use. Moreover, many retailers will charge a premium for any bit gag not made with a rubber straight mouth snaffle. For example, I saw a happy mouth bit made into a bit gag being priced at 7 times the cost of the actual happy mouth bit. I understand that it does takes time and materials to add the fastening strap(s), but frankly I think this is excessive. Anyway, I don't want to rant too much.

My advice to you, if you really have a bit fetish like me and you've decided you will be sticking with ponyplay, is to look hard for a bridle that allows you to change bits and will accommodate any bio-horse bit. What you are looking for is a bridle that can hold a bit in place not only by a strap around the neck, but also a strap going around the crown of the head. This will also allow you to take advantage of the leverage action of curb bits, which is a very powerful feature in controlling a ponyboy.

A few places that sell bridles for ponyplay that will allow you to use bio-horse bits:

You can always make your own bridle. This is probably your best bet if you are just starting out. Consider using rope to fashion a bridle to which you can attach a bio-horse bit, then take a look at a bio-horse tack catalog and pick out the bits that are intriguing to you - chances are the bits themselves are not all that expensive.

A simple velcro strap can be used to secure nearly any bio-horse bit into a human pony's mouth

A jointed metal snaffle with velcro strap, which allows easy attachment around a human pony's head (this setup cost only $10 for bit and strap). Photo by cpony.

Don't have a bridle and want to try out a bio-horse bit? Easy, just grab a simple velcro strap (see photo at right - a jointed snaffle I picked up at a tack store can be easily worn with the velcro strap as shown in the photo. You can do this with pretty much any bio-horse bit and saving you the the outrageous cost of paying for "jointed bit gag" sold at fetish stores). You could of course use a leather strap if you have one that would fit (or a short length of rope for that matter).

I'm always scouring the internet for ponyplay tack, so I hope to find other retailers of such bridles at some point. When I do I will post it in this blog and on my links page.