Wearing Hooves Overnight


The idea of overnight bondage is really hot, but in my experience the reality is often not so much. I love ponyplay (clearly), but I'm not a 24/7 pony and my trainer knows this. So it came as a bit of surprise to me yesterday evening when, after a (not too intense) training session, that I was told that I would be wearing my hooves overnight. I was not overly pleased with this arrangement.

Wearers view down the Derby hoof boots by Punitive Shoes

View down the Derby hoof boots to give you a little perspective. Photo by cpony.com

I was wearing my Derby hoof boots (knee length pony boot from Punitive Shoes) and a pair of latex rubber hoof mitts. The hoof mitts are relatively comfortable, but you don't really realize how much your use your iPhone until you find out it wasn't made with horses in mind. So, while inconvenient, the hoof mitts were not too bad. The hoof boots, however, were not quite as comfortable.

The pony hoof boots were fine for the training session, but Punitive boots really make you stand on your toes, and the thought of wearing them all night was actually a little scary. Of course I could use my safe word, but I could not bear the thought of admitting I was just too much of a pussy to wear a pair boots for a few more hours. I mean, it wasn't an emergency, and I wasn't dying right? Well, I guess that depends on your definition of dying.

For the first 90 minutes or so, it was seriously hot, and then the big "O" happens, and all of sudden it's not so fun...funny how that works. I really should have paced myself here because now not only was I not getting any sleep, I was going to be uncomfortable for the rest of the night.

Ok, uncomfortable is an understatement. As it turns out, the hoof mitts are not comfortable when you have to wear them for over 12 hours! When I woke up, if you can even call it that since at best I had a series of naps, every knuckle was sore, and I had little red spots on all my fingers from where the rubber chafed me. I tried to open my hands more than a few times in the mitts, but I found the rubber was not as forgiving as I remembered.

The rubber hoof mitts were nothing though compared to the hoof boots. I mean seriously, you would think if you're lying down they wouldn't be that bad. You'd be wrong! I had to sleep in a bit gag once before, and I have to say I'd welcome the bit. After I came, the boots really started to irritate me. Every position was worse than the last. My feet kept cramping, but I couldn't any relief: the laces of the boots wouldn't yield at all. And, the boots, with their wooden soles and metal horseshoes, were so heavy. Halfway through the night, I found it was an incredible effort just to uncross my legs.

Finally, a few hours from dawn, I decided to get up and pee. That was quite a challenge. Aside from the having to pretty much high step my way to the bathroom, there was the clip clop of the metal horseshoes on the hardwood that beat away any traces of sleep I might have had. When I finally get back to bed (and pulling the sheets back up with hooves on is not a trivial task), I swear I see a big smile on my trainer's face. Right, like she really could have slept through that ordeal. I would have called her out on it, but I know I would've found myself bridled as well as shod, and I don't even want to think about trying to sleep like that.

When she wakes up the next morning (well rested of course), the bridle comes out, and I find myself being ridden to another orgasm like a good pony.

Some nice petting and cuddling rounded out the morning's fun. Finally she takes off my tack and I can stretch my hands and feet. I feel absolutely wonderful, and I think maybe it wasn't so bad. Regardless, this pony will be sleeping soundly tonight!