Spiked Bits in Pony Play


The spiked bit I bought after seeing one just like it online.

The spiked bit I purchased. It is similar to the one I first found online. You can purchase similar bits on ebay. Photo by cpony.

You may know by know that I have a bit fetish...well, I suppose it is probably a gag fetish, or maybe an oral fixation, but since most of my gags are bits, I'll call it a bit fetish. I've had more than 100 different bits in my mouth, and while my "everyday" bit is a simple rubber bit gag (straight mouth rubber snaffle), most of the other bits are metal. Some bits attach to my tongue piercing, but most don't :( - However, one thing I haven't had in my mouth is a spiked metal bit (or a bit wrapped in barbed wire).

Well, I was reading about old horse bits a couple weeks ago, and I stumbled across a picture of an old Chinese horse bit. The bit has a bunch of metal spikes on it.

At first I thought OUCH because I'm always careful about my teeth. But I started rationalizing because I DO trust my trainer. So I searched google and found some more examples of spiked bits including some relatively modern versions.

Finally, I decided, I had to try a bit like this. So, I had to really scour the internet to find one (which is good because this hopefully means such bits aren't being used on bio-horses anymore). After quite a bit of hard looking I did finally find one, and because it was relatively old I had to pay a premium, but I finally received it the other day. After thoroughly cleaning it, I was ready to give it a try. Its spikes weren't as sharp as on this bit, or this one but both of those are exceptions, with nearly razor sharp spikes. Something even I'm not ready for as yet!

Now these spiked bits are not the "spiked rubber bit gags" you can buy at some BDSM stores. These bits will really mess up your mouth, teeth, and gums. Don't play around with these unless you are well aware of the risks and are ok with possibly doing permanent damage!

That being said, this spiked bit gave me one of the best ponyplay experiences ever! As my trainer was buckling this bit into my mouth I knew this was serious control. The spikes were sharp unyielding metal. The joint in the bit snaffle meant the spikes also dug painfully into the corners of my mouth without any pressure on the reins. I was seriously thinking about giving my safe signal, but I was more than a little turned on.

Me wearing a old spiked horse bit. The spikes are blunted but still quite noticable

Me wearing my new spiked horse bit. Although I have seen a couple bits with very sharp spikes, I think this bit is enough for a little while. Photo by cpony.com

Fully harnessesed, hoof boots on my legs and hoof mitts on my hands I knew this was going to be an intense ponyplay session. My Csara harness has an attached posture collar making it impossible to look up or down, and even worse, forces my jaw closed around this cruel spiked bit. She locks my rubber hoof mitt clad hands to a D ring on the back of my hanress then runs a second set of reins from my nipple rings to the bit rings then down my back to my wrists. Now if I so much as try to move my arms, the spikes on the bit rip into my lips, tongue and gums.

She leads me onto the treadmill and locks me in place by a leash on my balls. Clearly she's in a sadistic mood becuase just before turning it on she gives me a quick BJ ensuring that all the pleasure is gone right before I have to start running or have my balls ripped off.

Running in hoof boots with your arms tied high behind your back with reins yanking on your nipple rings and a spiked metal bit in your mouth is not that fun when you just came. Add to that the tight leash on your balls, a high posture collar, and harness so tight you have to take quick, short breaths, and you can imaging than 15 minutes might as well have been a lifetime. With the blinders on my bridle I couldn't see her (and didn't dare try and turn with the reins tightened as they were and already pulling the sharp metal spikes into the sides of my mouth).

I thought I was done after the treadmill, but no. My arms were unfastened from behind my back, but only to be put into leather splints which prevent me from bending my elbows. Coupled with the rubber fist hooves on my hands, I was just as helpless.

With the leather splints on my arms she makes me get onto all fours and puts my saddle on over top of my harness. And she put it on tight! She walks behind me and takes a tight grip on the reins. With a crop in her hand she rides me around the room taking every opportunity to yank on the reins and send the meatl spikes digging into every part of my mouth.

Me wearing my new spiked horse bit. This closeup of the mouthpiece shows the spikes and joint. The two rings on each side make this a Wilson snaffle bit.

Closeup of the mouthpiece of my new spiked bit. Photo by cpony.

Finally, she ties my collar to the floor, and then, using my reins rides me to two more painful, but so pleasureable orgasms.

Immediately after the second time she takes the bit out my mouth, and to my surprise it is only covered in saliva (not blood as I would have thought from the pain). She kept telling me what a brave and good pony I was. Anyway, I wanted to share this experience since it was so intense and so fun.

I am now motivated to make a new special show bit which combines the metal spikes of this bit with both the tongue piercing attachment and the "spoon" of my current show bit. While, I would only such a bit on rare occasions, my first experience with these sharp metal spikes tells me those few occasions will be well worth it. So now the only thing left for me to try is a bit wrapped in barbed wire.

Note: I should point out that my "show bit" (aka my favorite bit) is a Pelham bit with a spade/spoon type mouthpiece. The spoon portion of the mouthpiece covers my tongue and attaches to my tongue piercing. This keeps my tongue down when the curb reins are not applied. Not only that, but there are rubber spikes on both sides of the "spoon" so that when the curb reins are applied, the spikes (and spoon) press painfully into the top of my mouth. Anyway, I digress...the point is the spikes I use are rubber.