My Very Own Horse Cock


My order from fetishzone was well packaged with the pegasus equine sheath, the water based lube, and the sheath adapter each in their own sealed plastic bagIt's not my intention to write a teaser here so I apologize if it comes off that way.

I arrived home not too long ago to find that my Pegasus equine sheath from Fetishzone had arrived. While I don't have time tonight to post a full review (I will post a complete review in the next couple days - I'll try to get it written and posted on Wednesday (2012-08-08), but I can't guarantee that), I'm quite excited and wanted to share with you some first impressions.

For those of you that do not know, the Pegasus equine sheath is a wearable toy shaped like a horse cock. It fits over a male pony's own penis and can be used for penetration even allowing the wearer to cum through a hole in the realistic head of the toy.

So...the shipping box was discrete (big plus in my book), and inside I found that all the items (I purchased the equine sheath, a bottle of the recommended water based lube, and the sheath adapter just in case) are packaged individually in sealed plastic bags then all the bags were placed in another sealed bag (hard to explain so please check out the photo on the top right).

The sheath itself is made of a soft silicone and is quite flexible with an almost jelly-like texture. From head to base (insertable length - i.e. excluding the ball strap) it measures just over 7 inches (as advertised). However, as I mentioned the material is elastic and should be able to accomodate a wide variety of wearers.

If it looks and feels great in my hand, I can only imagine how it will look and feel on my cock. The sheath is all black, so I cannot wait to try it with my black latex catsuit. I hope the combination will look as good as it does in my imagination!

The sheath is indeed a remarkably realistic (but scaled down) reproduction of a horse cock. It even includes a somewhat unobtrusive medial ring (though the medial ring is near the base of the toy). The head of the sheath is where it really shines: the head of the sheath is a very accurate reproduction of the head of a horse cock.

Although I'm sorely tempted to try it on tonight, I know that I would end up wanting to get tacked up as well, and it would turn out to be a long scene. So I will end it here for the moment with promise of complete recount of my experience and review of the toy in the next couple days.