SF Pride 2015 Photos


This year's San Francisco Pride Parade, like my first pride parade experience in 2013, was preceded by a landmark US Supreme Court decision, this one even more significant.

Human ponies at SF Pride 2015.. The leather marshals being pulled by human ponies during the 2015 SF Pride Parade. If the video isn't displaying properly, try the direct link. The video of the human ponies of the SF Pride leather contingent is also available in 720p.

For the second time, I was given the wonderful opportunity to walk with the ponies and critters (who walk with the leather contingent) during the San Francsico pride parade. Although I did not go as a pony, I had a great time.Here are some of the photos I took before the during the parade.

One of the ponies of the leather contingent:

NaughtyColt walking the 2015 San Francisco Pride Parade


From left to right, the epic ponies are Strider, Thoroughblade, Nightmare Brony, and NaughtyColt:

Several ponies posing before the start of the pride parade

Ponies posing before the parade.

Sparkypony (not wearing his usual Punitve hoofboots):

Sparkypony pulling his mistress


The pony Verglas:

Verglas at the staging area before the start of the pride parade


Submissann pulling Luna:

submissann in pride colors pulling Luna during the parade

Submissann and Luna.

Strider and NaughtyColt pulling a cart during the parade:

Strider and NaightyColt pulling a cart during the parade

Strider and NaughtyColt.

Thoroughblade in a Fury Fantasy horse mask:

A pony wearing a horse sized Fury Fantasy mask

Thoroughblade at SF Pride 2015.

NaughtyColt during the parade

NaughtyColt with his mane acting as a blinder


Sparkypony pulling Goddess Athena:

SParky pulling his mistress during the 2015 San Francisco Pride aprade

Sparky pulling Athena

Bladehorse with handler pulling a sled:

Bladehorse pulling a sled and being led by his handler


Ponies conferring during the parade:

Cart ponies consulting during a lull in the parade

Ponies conferring.

More awesome ponies. From left to right, Thoroughblade, NaughtyColt, Dancer, Stirder, and Nightmare Brony:

Ponies posing before at the staging area before the start of the parade

A few of the ponies posing before the parade.

Dancer and Splinter of Team Lightning:

A hoofbumo between Dancer and Splinter of Team Lightning just before the start of the parade


Windypony pulling one of the leather marshals:

The beautiful red Windy pony


Dashpuppy (with Verglas' hoofboots in the forground):

The playful Dashpuppy


The leather contingent, whose marshals the ponies will pull during the parade:

Color guard of the leather contingent at the 2015 San Francisco Pride Parade

The leather contingent banner and color guard.