Pegasus V2 Equine Sheath Review


Pegasus 2: A Wearable Horse Cock
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The head of the Pegasus equine sheath (left) compared to the head of the V2 (right). Both bear a good resemblence to the head of a horse penisA couple years ago, I stumbled across the Pegasus equine sheath, a wearable cock sheath shaped like a horse cock (here is my review of the original Pegasus). The aesthetics were amazing, and it was quite a pleasure to wear, so when I heard that there was a Pegasus V2 sheath, I knew this was something I would have to try.

If you're not familiar with cock sheaths, they are essentially hollow tubes that are worn over your own penis. You can have sex while wearing them (this is the most common use of them), and they are used to change the appearence of the wearer's penis or to add length or girth. The Pegasus equine sheath is a penis sheath that is shaped like a horse's penis.

In addition to being worn over a male's own penis, the Pegasus can also be worn over a strap on, used as a dildo (if something is placed inside it so it stays rigid - typically a pair of the adapters are used), or used as a masturbation sleeve.

From reading the product description, I knew that the major difference in design was in the ball strap, which is supposed to be more secure in the V2. Also new with the V2 are additional color options.

Additionally, the interior length of the V2 is increased over the V1 from 6.1" to 6.5", making it accommodating to a wider range of penis lengths. Most other measurements, including exterior length (7.5") and circumference (5.25" on the shaft to 6.25" at the medial ring) remained unchanged. Also unchanged is the price, which is a very good thing.

After reading the product page of the V2, mentally comparing it to my V1, and drooling a bit over the photos, I decided to go ahead and place an order, and wait, as patiently as possible, for the email telling me it has shipped.

Ordering and Shipping
This was my third order from Fetishzone, and I have only positive things to say about the ordering process. After choosing the options and adding the Pegasus 2 (in natural coloration) to my cart, the checkout process is smooth and the integration with Paypal for payment is fairly seamless.

ThePegasus v2 was well packaged. Double sealed in plastic with a couple mints and a small package of complimentary lube.The Pegasus V2 equine sheath is $79.69, which is the same price as the original Pegasus. The original Pegasus was available in black, red, and "flesh." New with the Pegasus 2 is the option for a "natural" coloration. The natural coloration is mostly black with splotches of pink, which is a common coloration of a stallion's penis. The natural coloration is an additional $10, likely due to necessitating two different colors (black, red, and flesh colors are no additional cost).

Edit: Fetish Zone has added additional color combinations for the Pegasus 2 beyond the black, red, flesh, and natural that were available when I purchased it. The Pegasus 2 is now also available in fluorescent blue, orange, magenta/orange, yellow/green, blue base/orange markings, and orange base/blue markings (the last two color combinations are available for an additional $10). They have discontinued these color combinations as well as the solid red option. The V2 is now available in black, flesh and natural.

Opting to go with the natural coloration, I purchased the Pegasus V2 equine sheath for $79.69 + $10 for the color option. Shipping via priority mail was $14.11, bringing my total to $103.80. So, if you're looking buy one, plan on paying $90 - $100 depending on where you live and whether or not you want the natural coloration.

At the time of ordering, the product page said that I should plan on 5-7 days for production and shipping. I placed the order on Tuesday 9/16; on the following Monday (9/22), I received an email confirming that my order had shipped via priority mail and was scheduled to arrive two days later. So, the production and shipping time estimate is quite accurate.

Having ordered from Fetish Zone a few times now, I was familiar with their nice packaging (they seal each item in a plastic bag, then all the bags are placed in a larger bag with the invoice and a couple mints, which is also sealed), but it was still nice to open up the box and find the Pegasus 2 sealed in plastic with a complimentary tube of lube.

First Impressions Out of the Box
Right away, I notice a few obvious differences between the Pegasus and the Pegasus V2. First, the black coloration of the V2 is a truer (or blacker) black, providing a nice contrast to the pinkish swirls. Second, the V2 is lighter than the V1 - likely due to thinner silicone on the shaft of the newer model. Finally, the biggest difference is the ball strap.

Side view of the Pegasus 2 and the original. Note the V2 is a much truer black. You can also see the differene in the ball strap designs.

The first incarnation of the Pegasus had a simple loop at the end, through which you would pull your balls to secure the sheath. The Pegasus 2 has a slightly more complicated mechanism (see photo below) designed to keep the sheath more securely in place. Personally, I didn't have a lot of issues with the original Pegasus, but if the new version can keep it attached more securely during vigorous use, then all the better :)

The head of the Pegasus 2.A slightly more subtle difference between the Pegasus and the Pegasus 2 is the shape of the head (photo at right). The V2 brings with it a smoother, slightly less prominent head. The style of the head (semi-flared) and its circumference both remain the same, but the shape seems less angular. Also, the urethral opening is now flush with the head (versus protruding slightly in the V1).

Wearing the Pegasus 2
The first thing I notice is how snug the ball strap is. Its predecessor stayed nicely in place through all of my testing, but the V2 is tight. The new design holds the base securely against my body, making it feel like it's a part of me. Even not fully erect, I have no issues with the Pegasus staying firmly in place. I could walk around all day wearing it. The feeling is amazing.

The improved ball strap makes wearing the V2 feel natural. This is the best way I can describe it. The strap on the original Pegasus equine sheath did not feel loose (to me), but I still felt the sheath as something I was wearing. Moreover, the original Pegasus was somewhat difficult to wear when not erect, which didn't seem like much of an issue - I mean you're typically wearing a sheath when you're going to use it on someone. However, I can wear the V2 regardless of whether I have a hard on or not, and surprisingly, I find I really like this. It's pretty cool to walk around the house with a horse cock dangling between your legs.

Wearing it limp is cool, but wearing it hard is hot. Seeing the Pegasus 2 attached to me, rigid and arched, and feeling it molded to my skin is absolutely incredible. It feels like the V2 is my cock, and I shouldn't be shy about using it accordingly.

The Pegasus 2 equine sheath worn by me. The redesigned ball strap holds it in place more seurely.

I was initially afraid that the natural coloration might be a bit too realistic for my taste. However, after wearing it, and seeing it seamlessly fused to my body, moving fluidly with every bounce of my cock or shift of the hips, I absolutely love it. I might feel differently facing the business end of this toy, but I feel strangely powerful seeing it between my legs.

Playing with My New Horse Cock
Being more than satisfied with the aesthetics and how it fits, I was excited to find out how it feels when doing more than just lounging around.

The Pegasus 2 is made of a thinner silicone than its predecessor, but both versions share a ribbed interior to help communicate friction. Using it without the ball strap in place (i.e. as a masturbation sleeve), I found the V2 did its job well and was quite pleasurable to use solo. In this respect it is similar to the V1, and in fact, I didn't notice any difference between the two versions of the toy when used in this way. Both were great.

Slipping the ball strap back in place (it is indeed a deliciously tight fit) and once more feeling at one with my toy, I started with some mild stroking and was rather surprised at the intensity of the feeling. Although I could feel slight movement of the silicone on my cock, the thinner walls of the Pegasus 2 did an excellent job of remaining unobtrusive and continued the illusion that there was nothing separating my hands from my cock.

I also noticed a pleasant tugging sensation on my balls with each stroke. This was new with the V2, likely due to the tighter ball strap, and it was a very welcome addition indeed.

With vigorous stroking, I found the shaft bunched up on occasion. That is, the thinner silicone on the shaft occasionally rolled onto itself. I never noticed this with the previous version of the Pegasus (though it had a thicker silicone shaft), but it didn't happen too often, and was not an issue stimulation-wise.

Me wearing the Pegasus 2 and fore hooves. Harder to play with the Pegasus while wearing hooves.Messing around with the Pegasus V2 was fun with my hands, but I got to wondering how it would be with hooves. It is after all, a horse cock, and I am a pony, so why not have a little fun right?

With a helping hand (well a couple helping hands to be precise) from my partner, I now have hooves instead of hands (photo at right). Normally with my hands bunched up into fists in these latex hooves, trying to get any sort of pleasure is infuriatingly futile: pressing the bottoms of the hooves against my cock gives a nice little jolt of pleasure but little more.

Enter the Pegasus. Sandwiching my new horse cock between the blunt instruments that used to be my hands and moving them back and forth actually works...what with the ribbed interior of the sheath and the pressure on my balls, it actually works a little too well, and before my partner has a chance to stop me, my little experiment in hoofing it rapidly becomes a test of my ability to cum through the Pegasus V2's tip.

Speaking of which, I found I was able to cum better through the tip of the Pegasus 2 than with the previous version. I suspect this is due to the more flush opening at the head of the toy. From an aesthetics standpoint I preferred the urethral opening on the original Pegasus, but from a functionality standpoint, the Pegasus 2 wins.

Using the Pegasus
The Pegasus 2 aced the aesthetics test and the comfort test. It fits well, is fun to stroke when it's being worn, and you can all too easily find yourself cumming though its tip. But, how does it stand up to a breeding scene, you know, ponyboy to ponygirl?

The Pegasus really comes into its own here. My partner doesn't usually play the role of helpless human filly, but when she does I make the most of it. So after a little magic with bondage tape, I have a nice helpless all fours ponygirl (wrists bound to shoulders and ankles bound to hips).

Inserting the pony tail plug completed the preparations, and I was ready to give the Pegasus 2 a spin - probably a short one from how turned on I am at this point, but I can always have a second, more methodical, go.

One thing I've always been curious about with the previous Pegasus was how oral would feel. Well, this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I stroll up to my somewhat helpless ponygirl's face. It wasn't until I bent my knees a little, and the Pegasus 2 was right in front of her, that she figured out what I wanted to try. Fortunately, she was game (I sort of wondered if this would mean that she might think fair is fair and try to give me payback later, but oh well, too late to turn back now) and started sucking on the tip.

Unfortunately, the tip is basically all silicone and I couldn't feel anything, which was a bit of a let down. However, as she warmed up and took a couple more inches, the thin shaft communicated the warmth and the friction of her mouth quite well. I had to hold back from pumping, but I'll admit to being quite tempted (mental note for later: Pegasus + dental gag).

With the Pegasus V2 nicely lubricated, I walked around to the tail end of my ponygirl. Gingerly lifting the nice Rosebuds tail, I slowly entered her. I could even feel it when the head entered her. The feedback of the V2 was incredible. I eventually sunk the V2 down to the medial ring before pumping in earnest (we have to test the security of the ball strap, right?).

In use, the Pegasus 2 is absolutely awesome. The extra bit of length always helps, but what I really liked was that I could barely feel the toy on me. The sheath communicated every pump and twist. I was suitably impressed. The sheath held firm even under vigorous use, and the visual of it going in and out while I held the tail from the plug up and out of the way was absolutely incredible.

It didn't take long before I came inside my partner-turned-ponygirl, but I waited a few beats with the Pegasus 2 sunk down to the hilt in her, well, just because. Watching the sheath as I pulled out of her wasn't as thrilling as it was in the heat of passion moments earlier, but it was still cool to watch.

Not surprisingly, as soon as the tail was out and the tape was off, my partner wanted a turn, and I stupidly agreed. At least, I didn't have to wear a tail and take the Pegasus at the same time :)

The Pegasus 2 equine sheath about to be used on me.

I will just say that at 7.5" long, the Pegasus may look like a scaled down horse cock, but it feels a lot bigger than it looks. The head and medial ring certainly add a unique experience.

After Care
As with the previous version, the Pegasus 2 should receive a good washing after use. It is easy to clean in warm water, especially if you use the water based lubes recommended. Due to the consistency of the silicone, the Pegasus 2 will pick up dust and hair like a vacuum, so try to store it a clean space. Even so, I would recommend a quick wash before use if only for the aesthetics.

Ball strap of the Pegasus V2 bearing the embossed name of the toy.The second generation Pegasus is stunning visually by itself, and fantastically hot when it's being worn. I was enamored by the natural coloration, and the way the toy hangs casually down my leg when at rest and arches perfectly up when I'm excited. The visual of the Pegasus V2 is incredible, and in my opinion, this alone makes it worth buying.

Similar to the original Pegasus, the V2 sports a nice medial ring and a realistic head. The more flush opening on the head of V2 made cumming through the toy easier than with the previous version, which is a definite plus.

I give the second generation Pegasus 5 out of 5 stars. I honestly can't find any reasonable criticism to level against the Pegasus 2. The sheath is perfect for what it is.

The only caveat I will make though is that, obviously, penis size varies among individuals, so how well the Pegasus fits will depend on your length, and to lesser degree, your girth (in my opinion). I found the toy stretches quite well radially, and I would expect it to accommodate a wide range of girths more easily than a wide range of lengths. While the Pegasus 2 does stretch lengthwise, I imagine if you were a lot longer than the 6.5" interior diameter, you might have a difficult time getting the sheath to sit comfortably on your penis.

If you're looking for a wearable horse cock, you can't do much better than the Pegasus 2. When wearing it over my own penis, the fit was so perfect that I could almost believe I wasn't wearing anything at all, and that I really did have a horse cock. I also give the Fetish Zone props for keeping the Pegasus at the same price point for more than two years and through a redesign.

The Pegasus 2 is a Fetishzone exclusive. They currently sell the Pegasus V2 sheath for $79.69 in black or flesh. Opting for natural coloration (which is the color combination of the toy reviewed here) is an additional $10.