The Equestrian Team


It was officially the first day of spring, and there couldn't have been a better day for a ride thought Josh. He was doubly excited because this fine spring day also marked the end of his second quarter in college and the start of a well-deserved, in his opinion, week off from school.

To someone who had not previously ventured to this side of the campus, as was the case with Josh only a few months before, the smell of the place might detract from its beautiful decor and elegant equine residents. However, Josh, along with most other riders, had come to love the smell that greeted him when he was lucky enough to spend time there. As far as he could tell, the smell of the barn was a unique mixture of dust, horse sweat, and leather.

But at the moment, Josh's mind wasn't on the palm trees soaring overhead, or the history of this barn, or even its unique olfactory experience. Rather, his mind was singularly focused on the body moving underneath him. Duke's slow walking during the cool off lap around the facility was relaxing, even hypnotic. As they rounded the last of the turnout pens, and started back to the only slightly less glamorous side barn, he heard the raucous laughter of a group of girls.

The team's jumping lesson finished 30 minutes earlier than Josh's lesson, but as Josh walked into the barn and removed Duke's bridle and clipped his halter to the cross ties, Josh noticed there were still about a dozen team riders milling around at the other end of the barn, their horses already untacked and put away.

Josh couldn't help but glance their way and saw a dozen college girls in tight breeches and matching red and white jackets. Not a bad sight at all he thought to himself with a smile.

Josh wasted no time unbuckling Duke's girth (who let out a thankful sigh) and throwing it gently over the saddle before lifting the saddle off Duke's back and grabbing his bridle. As Josh passed by the group of girls on his way to the school horse tack room, they broke out in another fit of laugher (closer to giggles than laughter actually).

Josh blushed at the sound of their laughter without knowing exactly why and hating himself for it. Not for the first time, Josh wished he weren't so shy. A more cynical part of him thought if he weren't so shy, he could do very well indeed being one of the few males at the barn.

In spite of his shyness, or perhaps because of it, Josh was fairly popular among the female riders who had yet to convince him to ride in breeches (though not for lack of trying). In spite of his preference for English riding, Josh always rode in jeans and half chaps. Although he had heard rumors of jeans being uncomfortable to ride in because of their prominent inseam, he had not experienced any discomfort himself, and he didn't ride regularly enough to justify the purchase (plus he actually liked the efforts of the girls to convince him to switch to breeches, not least because one of their favorite arguments was that he had such a nice ass that he should show it off in tight breeches).

He was lost in thoughts of tight pants and tall boots as he put Duke away in his stall with an affectionate pat and an alfalfa cube, so he quite literally jumped in surprise when he turned around and came face to face with Emily. Their heads were only inches apart, but she didn't step backwards and gave no indication that she shared any of the discomfort he felt at sharing their personal space.

Emily was gorgeous and one of the few people he spoke with regularly at the barn. Their conversations were mildly flirty but mostly revolved around horses, which Josh liked. He was hoping to buy a horse next quarter so he could ride more during the summer, and he enjoyed soaking in horse knowledge to prepare for ownership.

Emily had entrancing green eyes and shoulder length blonde hair, which was today pulled back in a neat ponytail. Her eyes were always smiling and gave her an innocent look, which Josh found irresistible. Today, though, her eyes had a mischievous look as she asked him if he could help her move a muck bucket from a stall.

Josh nodded dumbly, still marveling in their physical closeness.

With a smile and a perky "thanks," she walked down the aisle with Josh following closely behind, trying not to stare at her ass. He was so focused on not focusing on her ass that he failed to notice that her friends were nowhere to be seen.

Emily stopped and opened a stall door. Josh briefly thought this was odd. He thought this stall was empty, but without thinking further he stepped inside and into the ambush.

As soon as he stepped through Emily's teammates were on him and forced into the far corner of the stall as Emily herself stepped inside and closed the stall door behind her.

It was ten against one, and he was cornered in the back of a stall. Nevertheless, he was pretty sure he could escape, but to do so he would have to be rough, and he wasn't about to go throwing punches. So, he feigned resistance for a minute, then let them "force" him to the floor.

He realized his mistake immediately. As soon as he was on his stomach on the floor of the stall, two of the girls sat down (far from gently) on his back. There was no way he could get back on his feet. He was pinned, and now he actually was at their mercy, Even if he wanted to put up fight, he no longer had any leverage to move his arms.

A little bit of panic surfaced as he felt the weight of several of them driving the air from his lungs, but he pushed the feeling down.

Josh felt his paddock boots being pulled off his legs followed closely by his socks. He heard a clunk as his boots were thrown into a corner of the stall. Then he felt soft hands grabbing at his pants and belt buckle. He immediately started twisting in an effort to get free. The closeness of the girls' bodies pressed against him, coupled with the fact that they had him completely at their mercy, had put Josh well on the way to a raging hard on, and he didn't want his pants pulled down to reveal it to this gaggle of college girls.

However, the odds weren't in his favor, and after some maneuvering, one of the girls, a tall, slender brunette named Ashley, who Josh liked but didn't know very well (mostly because she was as shy as he was), got his pants unbuckled. With his belt undone, Ashley quickly pulled his jeans all the way off. His shirt soon followed, and both found their way into the same corner his boots and socks were occupying.

Having handily removed the obstacle of his shirt, Ashley and another girl grabbed his right forearm and pulled it tightly up against his right bicep, where they held it firmly in place while Emily started wrapping it in vetwrap. She went through two rolls, covering his arm from elbow to shoulder in a vice like grip belied by the cheerful color of the wrap. She even covered his hands and fingers.

The process was repeated with his left arm, and then on both of his legs: each calf was tightly pinned (his heels were tightly pressed into his ass cheeks) to the corresponding thigh, and his toes were similarly encased. This left him completely unable to open his hands or extend his arms or legs.

With Josh helpless on his knees and elbows, the girls took a break to catch their breath from the exertion and excitement, and of course, to admire their handiwork.

Josh struggled a little, but that just brought on laughter from his captors, so he forced himself to quit and say, "Okay, you've had your fun. Can you release me now?"

"But the fun is only getting started," said Ashley, who had lost her shyness in all the excitement.

Josh was a little unnerved by her response, but it was about what he expected. Although he was pretty uncomfortable, it wasn't unbearable, and he thought he could last a little while longer while they finished their "fun".

Without breaking eye contact with him, Ashley reached over the top of the stall and when her hand came back into sight, she had a bridle in hand. She got the reaction she wanted: Josh's eyes widened as he started to grasp what they had in store for him.

Josh started struggling again. He knew it was hopeless before he started (not only were his limbs wrapped up tightly, but if there was any hint of him getting free, it was still ten against one), and he hated himself for giving them the satisfaction of seeing him rattled, but didn't know what else to do. He couldn't just sit there and accept what they had in store for him, could he?

Josh's initial thoughts were proved correct as Emily and Ashley worked to remove the bit from the bridle, ignoring their captive's fruitless struggles. When they got the bit free, Emily walked over to the bound Josh with the bit dangling from one hand and the still attached reins dragging behind her through the shavings on the floor of the stall.

When she reached Josh, she knelt down to be eye to eye with him and lifted the bit to his mouth.

"Open wide," she said, opening her own mouth to demonstrate.

Josh shook his head, but didn't open his mouth to say anything. He could see little pieces of hay and fragments of alfalfa cubes stuck to the mouthpiece of the bit. Clearly this bit was just used on one of their horses, and none of them had bothered to wash it for him. He wasn't a germaphobe, but he really didn't want that bit in his mouth.

"It's because we like you that we're doing this. Besides, it looks like you're enjoying this as much as we are," Emily said as she eyed his erection, clearly visible through his boxers, which elicited a laugh from the group.

Josh was not impressed by this speech and still didn't open his mouth.

With a sigh, Emily turned around and sat on his neck. Already precariously balanced on his elbows and knees, Josh collapsed onto his stomach, and as he involuntarily opened his mouth to exhale the air that was forced from his lungs by the impact, Emily deftly pulled the bit into his mouth and held it in place as she started securing it around the back of his head with a piece of rope.

"I'm an experienced equestrian. Did you really think that I haven't bridled a reluctant horse before?" taunted Emily.

"I've been doing this for years, with larger and stronger animals," she said as she gave the securing rope a last yank to bring the bit so deep into his mouth that Josh wondered if Emily's goal was to actually have bit rest behind his teeth just as it would in a horse. If so, he was genuinely worried she would rip his face off (or tear his cheeks open) in the process.

But, Emily seemed satisfied with the bit's position in Josh's mouth, and carefully tied off the rope behind his head.

With the bit securely in place in Josh's mouth, Emily stood up and watched in amusement as Josh struggled to push the bit from his mouth. When his tongue proved ineffective at pushing it out, he started dragging his head against the floor in the hope of dislodging it, but this too was ineffective. Finally, Josh temporarily gave up on trying to remove his bit and struggled to get back onto all fours, which was no easy feat with his arms and legs bound as they were.

Josh tried talking, pleading really, with the bit in his mouth. In between the occasional involuntary glottal sound, Josh was able to make semi-understandable words if he concentrated and annunciated, but the girls laughed hysterically at his efforts, and one even whipped out her phone to record his efforts. This really freaked Josh out and he started bucking and flexing his muscles. His efforts caused him to collapse, and his struggles to get back onto all fours again caused even more laughter.

When he did finally regain his (now four) feet, a line of saliva connected his lips to the stall floor. No matter how hard he shook his head, or in which direction, the thin little line stayed firmly anchored at both ends.

His face was burning red with exertion, and he was close to tears from frustration and humiliation.

Emily knelt next to him and started stroking his head, saying "Easy boy, good boy." She said it with an ironic smile, and the words were demeaning, but her hand was comforting, and Josh calmed down a little.

Emily nodded to one of the other girls, who grabbed all his clothes from the opposite corner of the stall, opened the stall door and disappeared down the barn aisle. She reappeared less than a minute later. She no longer had Josh's clothes in her hands. Instead, she was carrying one of the school horse saddles, the smallest one, under one arm, and a set of polos in her hand. In her opposite hand she held a bag of tail extensions and an ear net.

Josh got riled up again at the sight of these items, but Emily gave a sharp downward tug on the reins, which caught Josh by surprise and sent a jolt of pain through his jaw while nearly causing him to collapse. He made an inarticulate noise but stopped moving.

The girl who went to get the equipment handed off the polos to Ashley and the rest of the items to Emily, who in turn gave the girl Josh's reins. Ashley immediately started wrapping Josh's limbs with the polos, while Emily stepped back to Josh's side and put the saddle on his back. She secured it tightly with rope around Josh's chest and over his shoulders so it wouldn't slide down his back.

Then she pulled the bundle of horse hair from the bag of tail extensions and taped the hairs together at one end. She leaned over Josh and looked perplexed for a moment, setting down the horse hair. In a quick movement, she pulled his boxers off and threw them to Ashley, who left the stall temporarily to put them with the rest of his clothes (Josh had a sneaking suspicion that he would have to leave wearing a towel, assuming he could even find one, and he didn't know how he could possibly bike home in one).

With her work area now clear, Emily secured the horse hair to the base of Josh's spine by taping it around his waist several times. She gave his new tail a firm tug and seemed satisfied when it stayed in place.

Emily stepped back in front of his face, and he watched in silence as she carefully stuffed each ear hole of the ear net with a small sock. She took her time adjusting the ears to make sure there were no bulges before placing it carefully on Josh's head and tying it off under his chin.

Josh had given up resisting at this point. He resigned himself to getting this horsie makeover from the horse obsessed equestrian team members. The sooner they finished, the sooner he would be released, and he didn't need any of them dislocating his jaw with a bit meant to control a much larger and stronger animal.

When they had finished tacking him up, ears, tail and all, they took turns sitting in the saddle on his back and liberally smacking his ass with a riding crop while pulling none too gently on his reins. They were delivering conflicting signals to be sure, but none of the girls were terribly worried about confusing the human horse since they didn't really expect him to manage anything more than a slow walk with his limbs bound as they were.

As if being subjected to the humiliation of being unwillingly transformed into the team's newest mount wasn't enough, Emily was making sure each of Josh's rider's got to have their photo taken while on his back with his reins in hand. One or two of them made a point of "posing" Josh by pulling his reins until his head was so far back that he thought his neck might break.

Josh knew there would be lots of blackmail material in the videos of him bridled and saddled like a horse, being ridden and whipped by ten different girls, but he was too exhausted to care.

By the time they were done, his ass was red and unbearably painful, the corners of his mouth were raw and his jaw was aching horribly. To top it all off, his left "ear" had become slightly floppy, giving him a ridiculous, but adorable look.

Josh collapsed several times during the marathon session, but this always angered whoever was riding him at the time and resulted in him getting beaten with the crop all over his body. So, although he wasn't used to bearing his own weight on his elbows and knees, never mind the weight of two people, one of whom was bouncing up and down, he bore the pain in his joints as best he could knowing worse pain would result otherwise.

By the ninth rider, Josh's elbows were on fire and he felt like he had been kneecapped. He didn't know how much more he could take without collapsing for good no matter how much they chose to beat him.

Gradually, the group broke up, with a few last photos of the "horse" being taken here and there along with an occasional parting smack of the crop on his already sore ass. Finally, it was just Emily left in the stall with Josh.

Emily knelt beside him again and started absently stroking his head.

"Looks like you're part of the team now," she said, and as an afterthought added, "though probably not in the capacity you would have originally imagined."

Emily sat there stroking his hair for a while longer before re-straightening his floppy ear to give him a more attentive (but in her opinion, no less ridiculous or adorable) look. She walked around behind him and gently sat in the saddle on his back.

Once mounted, she grabbed his reins - yanked would be a better description - picked up the crop, and started smacking his ass with it: hard, harder than she ever would with a real horse. Then, with a final smack that was hard enough to elicit an involuntary grunt, she dropped the crop and used her hand to start stoking his cock.

To Josh's surprise, his cock was as hard as a rock. He was so caught up in dealing with his situation moment by moment, that he completely forgot about how much his body seemed to enjoy this treatment. Emily got into a rhythm of pulling his reins, thrusting herself on the saddle, and stroking his cock, and involuntarily Josh started moving in time to her movements.

After all the buildup, he came quickly on the stall floor amid lots of "good boy's."

Emily dismounted, leaned down and lightly kissed his lips through the bit, then said "I'll make sure the photos don't get out, if you make sure we do this again."

She stood up, walked to the stall door and said "That was amazing."

Then, more sweetly, in the innocent voice Josh was used to hearing, "Have a nice break. I'll see you in a week."

To Josh's astonishment, she closed the stall door and left him lying bound, bridled, and saddled, on the itchy, shaving-covered stall floor trying in vain to avoid lying in the spreading pool of his own cum.

...continued in part 2