The Equestrian Team 2


Josh pedaled furiously across Campus Drive gaining speed, then, using the momentum he gained crossing the busy thoroughfare, he coasted his bike past tennis courts, onto the gravel entrance of the equestrian center, and right up to the bronze stallion that marked the entrance to his favorite part of campus.

In spite of being the subject of a humiliating prank at the barn several months prior, Josh's love for the equine residents drove him to overcome his initial trepidation at resuming his riding lessons.

Upon returning from spring break, Josh carefully crafted his riding schedule to avoid the hunt seat team (the orchestrators of the prank), checking the team's facebook page to see when they had practice and when they were away at shows.

He was so successful in avoiding them that by his midterms, halfway through spring quarter, he had completely forgotten about the incident before spring break that nearly put him off riding.

Dismounting his bike, Josh walked the remaining couple hundred feet over the dry dirt and gravel path, past the historic red barn to the side barn, where he parked his bike and basked in the smell of horse sweat, leather, and an earthy - perhaps dirt, or dust, he could never figure out what the third component of the appealing smell was - aroma.

Entering the side barn, Josh heard Duke nickering loudly, clearly seeing, or hearing, Josh before his own sense could adjust to the muted light of the barn. Duke's nicker brought a wide grin to Josh's face as he approached the school horse's stall, apple in hand.

Josh offered up the apple to Duke, who briefly felt it with his upper lip before greedily biting off a good half of the fruit.

"Good boy!" said Josh softly, patting the horse lightly on his neck as Duke reached out for the last half of the apple, eating it, seeds and all.

Duke made a couple throaty noises in pleasure as apple-scented foam bubbled around the corners of his mouth.

The sight may have been off-putting to some, as bits of apple and horse drool dripped to the shaving-covered dirt floor of the stall, but Josh found it incredibly endearing. The old school master's eyes were soft and welcoming, clearly happy to have his human companion nearby as he crunched on the last of the apple.

Finishing off the last of the apple, Duke poked his nose into Josh's hand. He did it half-heartedly, not expecting more (at least not at this stage - Duke knew more treats would be forthcoming after the ride), but still inclined to check.

Josh gently rubbed the horse's face and walked off down the barn aisle to grab Duke's tack.

He made it halfway there. Five stalls away from the schooltack room, he heard his name called softly.

"Josh" came a voice from behind him.

He turned at the sound of his name to see Emily and Ashley behind him, both wearing red and white long-sleeved team shirts, tight breeches, and knee length leather field boots with spurs.

"Josh," Emily repeated as the girls rapidly approached him, "you've been avoiding us all quarter."

"You're, you're..." Josh stammered, flummoxed at the appearance of two pf his former captors who were supposed to be in Colorado for a horse show.

As he was still trying to formulate a coherent reply, Ashley two-handedly shoved Josh into an empty stall along the aisle. He stumbled into the stall with his mind reeling faster than his feet from the unexpectedness of the violence.

The pair of girls quickly followed the stumbling Josh into the stall. Before he could recover his balance or composure, Ashley grabbed Josh's upper body while Emily pulled his feet from under him. Josh fell forward, breaking his fall at the last second with his hands, which shot forward, impacting the shaving-covered stall floor with a soft thud.

Ashley sat on Josh's back and pulled his still throbbing arms against his body, pinning them in place with her knees.

"Hey, what the fummmph, gmmpph" Josh's objection was cut off mid-expletive as Ashley stuffed several tack sponges into his mouth, immediately clamping her hand over his lips to stymie his attempts to push them back out.

Josh rapidly twisted his head back and forth, but Ashley's hand stayed locked over his lips, sealing in the sponges. The acrid taste of saddle soap spread over Josh's tongue as the sponges absorbed his saliva and began leeching their residue onto Josh's tastebuds.

The low, hollow reverberation of duct tape being slowly peeled off a roll had barely made it to Josh's ears when he felt the sticky tape take the place of Ashley's soft skin over his lips.

By the time his mind processed what was happening, the peeling sound had jumped up in frequency as the tape was rapidly wound around his head several times.

A moment later came the sharp sound of tape ripping followed by a finger pressing the free end on top of the layers of tape already running around the back of his neck.

Josh knew he was too late to prevent the wadded sponges from being sealed in his mouth, but that didn't stop him from violently shaking his head, more as a protest of his effective gagging than as an attempt to regain speech.

Ashley had unwittingly put herself and Emily at a distinct advantage in overpowering Josh. Although Ashley's decision to gag Josh right away was prompted by the practical need to keep him from drawing attention, it also had the added benefit of keeping him distracted and, thus a step behind the girls.

While Josh was temporarily distracted, busy trying to dislodge his large and foul tasting gag by shaking his head and rubbing the tape against the stall floor in a vain attempt to pry it off his mouth, he was no longer trying to pull his arms free.

With little resistance from the distracted and grunting Josh, Ashley pulled Josh's wrists together while Emily tightly bound them together with one end of a lead rope. Ashley then pulled Josh's riding-boot-clad calves up to his bound wrists and held them together together as Emily used the remaining part of the lead rope to bind Josh's ankles together and to his wrists, hogtying him.

The hogtie was so tight that Josh's own spurs, on the back of his riding boots, were pressed painfully into his ass.

"There, that should keep him out of trouble for awhile," Emily said.

Josh struggled and grunted in his bondage, as if in affirmation of the statement. The situation was surreal to him. One moment he was walking down the barn aisle, the next he was helplessly bound and gagged in an empty stall. The speed and thoroughness of his incapacitation overwhelmed him.

Not again he thought to himself. How could this be happening a second time?

"We noticed that you've been avoiding us," Emily began. "We were kind enough not to post any of those photos of you from last quarter, so we were hoping you'd show a little more gratitutde. Since you seem so ungrateful, maybe we should leave you like this for the weekend."

"mmmmph MMM MMMMMMPHH" Josh interrupted, puctuating his soft inarticulate noises with twists of his torso and flexing of his biceps and thighs as he pulled against his hogtie. He didn't want to be stuck like this for 72 hours. He might not be found for several days in an empty stall, especially gagged as well as he was.

"Yell all you want," Ashley cooed over Josh's objections, "Nobody will hear you."

Josh knew she was right. He thrashed a little in his bonds and looked up at the girls with his best pleading eyes.

Emily giggled at his attempt to be cute, but as she continued looking into Josh's big sorrowful eyes she turned thoughtful, "Hey Em, I have an idea."

"Oh, yeah?" Ashley replied.

"Yeah, come on," Emily said as she stepped out of the stall, "I need to get some supplies. I'll explain it to you as I go."

Ashley walked around Josh's straining body and out of the stall. "Stay out of trouble," she said before closing the stall door.


Josh alternated between furious struggling and calmly picking at the knots with his fingers for the first two hours.

Neither worked.

Josh was still bound up as tightly as ever. He had long ago given up on yelling or trying to get his gag off. Within twenty minutes of being left to his own devices, the tack sponges in his mouth became a soggy mass that sprayed vile soapy liquid down his throat if he tried to yell or push them out with his tongue. His ass was painfully sore in the spots where his spurs were forced into them from his hogtied position.

So he waited, occasionally rocking himself from resting on his stomach to resting on his side, dreading the moment when the arm he was lying on started to go numb and he had to rock his body back onto his stomach, causing his spurs to dig into his ass with a vengence.

That's how he was, resting on his side near the end of his third hour in bondage, when Josh heard the stall door latch slide open. He was facing away from the door and wrenched his body until he fell back onto his stomach and could twist his head to see Ashley standing outside with Emily at her side holding a grain bucket that had a set of bright pink polos brimming over the top.

Josh groaned loudly and repeatedly pulled against his hogtie to indicate he wanted to be untied.

Ashley stepped into the stall and squatted next to Josh, "Wow, you've been well behaved for the last few hours."

This elicited a laugh from Emily as she walked around Josh and set down the grain bucket out of his line of sight.

"Good news Josh," Ashley continued, "Emily convinvced me that leaving you tied up in a stall for another 48 hours might not be the best approach. She suggested that we should be encouraging you to be a part of the team instead of punishing your non-participation. I've come to agree with her way of thinking."

Josh eagerly rubbed his cheek against the stall floor and looked up and back at Ashley in an attempt to communicate he wanted his gag removed.

Ashley got his meaning, "I'll take the gag off you, but first I need you to do a few things for me."

Josh nodded agreement, excited by the prospect of soon being free.

"Good," Ashley said, "put your hands into fists."

Josh gave her a questioning look but did as he was asked. He immediately heard tape being unspooled from a roll and felt it encase his right hand. Within a few more seconds Josh's hand was completely cocooned in the tape and he couldn't open his hand or move his fingers.

Josh felt his taped up hand being manipulated into an opening. He couldn't figure out what it was, only that it was something hard but rubbery. He heard the sound of velcro opening then felt a band tighten around his right wrist.

Emily repeated the taping process with Josh's left hand, leaving it clenched tightly into a fist, fingers useless. She picked up a second soaking boot - a rubber boot shaped like a hoof, designed for soaking a horse's hoof - and brought it up to Josh's newly taped-up left hand.

Josh saw the rubber hoof boot out of the corner of his eye as Emily brought it up to his left hand. He didn't like where this was going, but he was still hogtied and in no position to object.

Emily fastened the velcro closure of the second rubber hoof above Joshs's left wrist, cinching it tight.

"Don't move," Ashley said, "I'm going to untie your arms, but don't move."

Ashley untied the half of the lead rope binding Josh's wrists leaving his ankles bound together.

Josh stretched his legs out. Although still tied, they were no longer forcibly bent double in a hogite.

Emily and Ashley each took one of Josh's arms and further secured the rubber hooves onto his taped fists by using pink polo wraps that went from the base of the hoof all the way up Josh's lower arm.

When they released his arms, Josh brought them up to his face, intending to remove his gag but was astonished to see he now had hooves for hands and bright pink polos wrapping his "forelegs".

"MMMMPPPH," Josh screamed. He pawed at the duct tape with his new hooves but couldn't get enough of a grip to pry it off.

"HHMRRGPPH," Josh was frustrated by his inability to rip the duct tape off his face now that his wrists were untied and effectiveness of his gag in keeping his shouts confined within the small stall.

Giving up on his useless hooves, Josh tried using his face and head to pry the rubber soaking boots off his hands, but they were too well secured by the polos and their own velcro closure to budge under his crude efforts.

Josh continued to frantically paw at his face and push at the rubber hooves with his arms and body.

Both Ashley and Emily were hysterically laughing. A small tear rolled down Ashley's face she was laughing so hard.

Josh tried to get to his feet but struggled since they were still bound together by the lead rope.

"Oh no you don't," Emily said, still laughing as she pushed him down onto his stomach again. She straddled his back to prevent him from tyring to get back up.

"Here," Ashley passed Emily a pair of hobbles, which Emily buckled around Josh's wrists, binding his arms behind his back once again. Although the hobbles were attached to his wrists with simple buckles, Josh had no way to unbuckling them with his fingers trapped uselessly inside the thick rubber hooves.

Emily pulled out a pink driving bridle, where she found it Josh didn't know, it was probably something some kid bought for their pony years ago - complete with blinders and a dyed pink ostrich feather plume. She dangled it in front of his eyes, letting him watch as she made adjustments to the buckles, estimating how big his head was. Finally, satisfied with the adjustments, Emily expertly secured it to Josh's head despite his best effort at resistence.

After Emily had the bridle in place, Ashley pulled the tape down from Josh's mouth so it rested around his neck like a loose collar. With a pair of scissors she cut the tape, pulled it off and threw it into the corner of the stall.

Josh worked the tack sponges out of his mouth with his tongue. Even before they plopped to the stall floor, Emily had a simple jointed snaffle between Josh's teeth and was tightening it with a leather strap around the back of his head.

"Pleee! Ont ooo eeeis" Josh pleaded as the hard steel of the bit was pulled back behind his front teeth.

"Shut up!" said Emily, cinching the bit even tighter.

Josh shook his head and tried to push the bit out with his tongue. He felt the joint touch his bottom front teeth. He nearly pushed out, but as soon as he took a break pushing with his tongue, the bit fell back into place behind his teeth. Trying again Josh strained, and pushed both up and out with his tongue as hard as he could.

This time he was successful, and he felt the bit slide down his lower lip but get caught on his chin. Josh wriggled his lips and chin trying to get it to fall down onto his neck.

Ashley saw this, and easily, with two fingers, pushed the bit back up and into Josh's mouth.

"Bad boy," Ashley said, turning to Emily "It looks like he's not ready for a bit like that yet. He needs something to teach him to keep his tongue under the bit."

After a moment's thought, Ashley continued "I think I have just the bit for him. My mare likes to get her tongue over the bit as well."

Emily smailed, "You mean the tongue plate bit you ride her in?"

"Yes," Ashley replied, "do you think it'll work as well on him?"

"Only one way to find out."

Ashley grinned, "Can you hold him while I take it off her bridle?"

"Definitely" said Emily pulling a tail extension from the seemingly endless grain bucket of supplies she brought with her, "I still have to put on his tail,"

As Ashley left to get the bit, Emily attached the horse tail extension to the back beltloop of Josh's breeches. She straightened out the hairs and stroked Josh's new long luxurious tail.

"Ashley didn't finish telling you her idea," Emily began as she rummaged through the bucket, knocking another pink polo wrap to the floor of the stall. The polo rolled, unravelling as it went until it stopped against one of Josh's blinders.

Josh looked out of the corner of his eye, trying to make out what just pushed against him. He could only make out the color. He turned his head to the left, resting on his right cheek just in time to have the polo roll the remaining few inches into his face.

Oblivious to Josh's minor fidgeting Emily continued, "Although we both think it would serve you right to spend the weekend tied up here, we thought that would be letting you off too easily. You need to betaught a lesson for acting like such a brat. We kept our end of the bargain. Not single photos of you was posted. However, you didn't keep your end. Yoou were supposed to join the team - every now and then - as a horse."

Continuing to rummage through the bucket, Emily added "Luckily, we figured out a way to force you to participate and punish you at the same time. Have you figured it...Ah, found it!" Emily exclaimed, displaying a pink ribbon for Josh to see. "For your tail", she added before pulling the ribbon out of Josh's limited field of view and tying it into a bow near the base of his new tail.

Josh pulled uselessly against the hobbles binding his hands - hooves now - behind him, "Uuk oou!" he shouted.

"Now, now," said Ashley, stepping back into the stall holding an evil looking bit that had a long - nearly as long as the bit was wide - roughly spoon-shaped plate sticking off it. "There's no need for such language. In fact, there's no need for any language from you now that you're a horse. I think this bit will be perfect for you and that tongue of yours."

Emily, who had just finished tying the bow to Josh's tail, turned around on Josh's back so she was facing his head, grabbed his head in both hands and turned it so he was facing forward and pulled it back to give Ashley access to his mouth.

Ashley took the opportunity and removed the jointed snaffle from Josh's mouth.

Josh saw Ashley bringing up the new bit, the plate seemed impossibly long, certainly far too long for a human mouth. He pleaded, "I promise I won't talk. I don't need a bit. I don't want that bit. I won't push the bit out, just please use the other one."

Ashley paused, the tongue plate of the new bit inches from Josh's mouth, "I know you won't talk, and I know you won't push the bit out."

Josh was hopeful.

"I know you won't do either of those things because this bit won't let you, no matter how hard you try.

Josh clamped his lips closed. His last line of defense.

Ashley sighed and rolled her eyes, "Do you really think you can stop an equestrienne from getting a bit in your mouth?"

Without waiting for an answer, Ashley cupped Josh's chin with her right hand, then used her thumb and pinkie to squeeze the corners of his jaw while pinching his nostrils closed with her middle and index finger.

In an involutarily response Josh opened his mouth to relieve the pressure on his jaw and gasp for air. The split second his teeth parted, she pushed the bit deep into Josh's mouth, the tongue plate hitting the back of his throat causing him to gag.

"Easy, just accept it." Ashley said, holding her hand against Josh's mouth to keep the bit in place while Emily worked to buckle a leather strap around Josh's head to hold it in place permanently."

Fighting the bit will only make it worse. Just keep your tongue still, and it'll be bearable," Emily said as she pulled the strap tight and buckled it in place.

In spite of their suggestions, Josh shook his head side to side and up and down and tried to talk, "eeehgggh oooggheeee," then coughed as the movements of his tongue caused the plate to push up and jab the upper part of his throat.

"That's much better. No words at all. In fact, you kind of sound like a horse," Ashley commented.

Josh tried moving his head backwards, and flexing his neck but the bit stayed snugly in place no matter where he moved or how he contorted himself.

Emily grabbed one of rings of the bit in each hand and used them to hold Josh's head still while Ashley attached a pair of pink reins to the bit rings.

With the reins attached, they moved onto his legs, untying his ankles and pulling his riding boots off his feet.

Ashley pulled Josh's right foot down, away from his leg, forcibly flexing Josh's foot. With Josh's foot extended, Emily placed a long, thick steel bolt against the top of Josh's foot. The bolt was around 8 inches long. Emily positioned it so one end of the bolt was pushed against the front of Josh's leg just near the ankle and the other end was pressed against the top of his foot just behind his toes.

With the metal pbolt in position, Emily secured it in place with duct tape, wrapping it from Josh's toes, along his foot, and up his leg to the ankle. She then slipped his toes and the balls of his feet into a rubber hoof soaking boot like those he wore on his hands and secured it in place with the velcro, more tape, and finally another pink polo wrap.

Josh found that he had to keep his foot extended in that position. The metal plate prevented him from relaxing his foot, and if he tried it dug painfully into his leg and the top of his foot.

They repeated the process with his left foot, locking both his feet into a painful flexion and transforming them into hooves with the aid of the rubber hoof boots.

With his new hooves in place, Emily and Ashley pulled Josh to his feet, each one dragging him up by an armpit. However, as soon as they let go, Josh collapsed back down in a heap from the unexpectedness of having his entire weight dropped onto his toes.

"You're getting out of this so easily," Ashley said as they pulled him to his feet a second time.

Less surprised the second time, Josh didn't collapse but teetered back force awkwardly as he tried to balance on his toes.

Emily took Josh's reins and led him out of the stall and along the barn aisle with Ashley bringing up the rear.

Josh shuffled along passively as he tried to avoid loosing his balance. In addition to his constant struggle for balance, Josh was humbled by the bit. The inability to speak, and the fear of even trying lest he get jabbed in the back of the throat by the long plate in his mouth. The humbling bit took most of the fight out of Josh.

Near the end of aisle, Emily stopped in front of a mirror and turned Josh to face it.

"I thought you might like to see what a beautiful horse you make," Emily said, using Josh's reins to turn him in a circle.

Instinctively, Josh took in his reflection. He was the perfect pink pony. He had bright pink wraps above his four hooves - there was no denying his hands and feet were hooves now - a pink bridle, reins, plume, and even a pink bow tied at the base of his tail...his tail...he had a fucking tail!

He could only see his two captors from their reflections in the mirror (his blinders prevented him seeing anything not diretly in front of him), but he could tell they were enjoying his facial expressions.

With the hazy, late afternoon sunslight streaming through the open barn door, Josh's stomach dropped out from under him as he realized they meant to take him outside like this.

Echoing his thought, Emily said, "Time to go say hello to r=the rest of the team. They've been eager to see you again." She began leading Josh out the door.

Knowing the humiliation to come if he walked out that door, Josh stood still and refused to move. Even as the pressure of the reins built, he held his ground.

In response to his resistence, Claure whipped the reins downwards knocking him off balance, while Ashley landed a hard strike to his ass with a riding crop, which caused him to jump forward bringing him one step closer to the dreaded door.

Josh tried pulling his head back and shaking it from side to side, but Emily and Ashley just repeated the maneuver, forcing him to teeter forward in his makeshift hooves to avoid falling on his face as the reins yanked his head forward and down. The vicious smacks of the crop added to the barrage on his senses, forcing him further forward.

Despite his best efforts, Josh simply couldn't prevent them moving him forward inch by inch. The severe bit gave them complete control of his head, and his ass was burning from the repeated impacts of the crop.

As Josh left the safety of the barn, he switched his strategy from resistance to pleading, trying to talk them out of humiliating him like this, but the bit had his tongue trapped, the long tongue plate was even more effective on a human than a horse.

"Nnnnghhhhh ooeegh," was all Josh could get past his lips, try as he might to carefully annunciate.

"Nnneeegh ggNNNGHHHH," Josh shook his head. "RRRRGHHHHHHH!" he exclaimed in frustration.

By then, the trio were more than halfway to the arena, and Josh's inarticulate noises drew people's attention. Within a second, there was complete silence outside as the entire hunt seat team stared in shock at the "horse" being led to them.

Josh's cheeks colored deeply as the cheers and talking were sucked away into silence. He gave up all resistence, knowing it would only add to his embarssement. He stepped sideways, putting Emily, who was leading him, between himself and the crowd, but because he was forced onto his toes in the makeshift hooves, his bridled, bitted and plumed head was easily visible above hers.

The silence faded first into the sounds of skin against fabric and then into clicks as everyone reached into their pockets, pulled out their phones and began taking photos and video in unison. Only after dozens of phones were pointed in Josh's direction did the voices resume, more excitedly.

Josh tried to turn his head, but Emily used the reins to keep his head up and facing forward. The bleachers around the arena emptied as all team members not riding crowded around Emily, Ashley, and the helpless Josh.

Dozens of eyes inspected every bit of his tack. An occasional hand would reach up and touch his bridle, or heft his tail. A pair of hands poked at the sides of the bit in his mouth, Josh made an unintelligible objection and pulled his head back, he didn't want the bit going further into his mouth. The hands quickly pulled back as their owner realized the bit wasn't just for show and pressed against Josh's lips but instead extended deep into his mouth.

"Wow, is that comfortable," asked the bit pusher.

Josh started to shake is his head, but Emily beat him to it and used Josh's reins to force him to nod his head up and down in mock affirmative to the girl's question.

This elicited a laugh from the crowd who came in even closer taking close up photos of his face.

Josh felt his leg being pulled up behind him so his hoof could be examined. He coulnd't see who it was with his blinders and tried to pull it back but was rewarded with a smack of the crop on his ass as Ashley said, "Bad boy, hold still."

Another laugh from the crowd.

Just about every person took a photo with him, holding his reins. His cheeks burned with shame everytime he heard a shutter click, everytime his head was forced to follow someone's hand because it held his reins, and everytime he was told he was good a boy/pony.

After 20 minutes of photos, Ashley said, "We've finally persuaded Josh to join the team. Josh will run the course as a horse with anyone who wants to guide him. However, as you all know from from last quarter, he's can be a recalcitrant pony, so you need to have a firm hand if you want to run him."

A line quickly formed of takers with an eager Amber, the girl who rode him the hardest and was most generous with crop in the incdient before spring break, at the front.

Emily handed Josh's reins to Amber and Ashley offered her crop.

Amber took up position behind Josh and took the slack out the reins, pulling the bit severely back in Josh's mouth. To relieve the pressure Josh took a step backward. Amber smacked him with the crop, causing him to jump forward again.

The reins were pulled even more taut and Josh realized that Amber wanted to have contact extreme with his mouth as she did when she rode a horse. Upset at the additional tightness of the bit but with little recourse, Josh stood still.

With a tongue click and a swat of the crop, Josh moved forward into the arena. He focused on maintaining balance in the hooves, whch was made more difficult with his arms bound behind him in the hobbles. Josh was forced out of a walk by another sharp application of the crop. His head was then pulled to the left by the reins, and he saw a jump approaching that was blocked by his blinders only a moment ago.

He tried to turn away, but Amber corrected him with the reins and encouraged him with the crop.

Having no choice, Josh went for the jump and to his own surprise cleared it and landed without breaking an ankle, but he didn't have much time to be amazed, Amber was already steering him to the next one and driving him faster with slaps on alternating ass cheeks with the crop.

Josh stumbled on landing after the second jump, but he found his footing in time. Amber noticed him flounder for moment and eased up on the aids. When she saw he had himself under control again she pressed him harder, expertly driving him through the course while trailing after him. She had to consciously adjust her ingrained estimates of timing for the shorter stride of a human pony, but otherwise she found the process eerily similar to guiding a horse through a jump course.

Josh was struggling to keep up the pace set by Amber. He couldn't swallow because of the bit and saliva would trickle down his throat and overflow from the front of his mouth and down his chin. He tried shaking his head to get it off, but Amber would sternly correct him with the reins. Eventually he found a system of occasionally exhaling sharply through his mouth to clear the excess saliva.

Driving him over the last jump, Amber was ecstatic. She never imagined this would be so much fun. She realized that she had become just as focused as she would be riding her own horse. Amber led a panting Josh out of the arena and back to Emily and Ashley.

The line of people had temporarily dispersed as everyone watched Amber drive Josh through the course, but quickly reformed as the pair exited the arena.

"That was amazing!" Amber said handing Josh's reins to Emily, who in turn handed them off to the next person in line.

Josh shook his head, "nnnegh." He was still struggling to catch his breath. He couldn't do the course again. His feet were aching from the strain of running and jumping on his toes.

His new driver was taking up position behind him.

"Aarrgh. Neergh," Josh protested.

The reins tightened and the crop came down on his sore ass, forcing him forward, back into the arena.

Josh was soon over the first jump and driven to accelerate to a slow run. Amazingly he made it over the second jump, then the third, then the fourth. Soon he was over the final jump for the second time that day. His throat was burning as he was led back out of the arena to a waiting Emily.

This time Emily gave him a minute to catch his breath before handing his reins off to a third rider. Josh had forgotten that he should be embarrassed, he had forgotten about all the pink, he even forgot temporarily that he was wearing a horse bit and his hands were bound behind him. He only cared about not having to run again. He tried to object, to resist, but he was powerless in bondage to resist the power of the reins and the crop helped by his rider.


An hours later, Josh's knees were jelly, but he was finally done running the course for the last of the team members.

Emily took the reins of the panting Josh from the last hunt seat team member and led him to an empty turnout paddock.

Josh rubbed his face against one of the fence posts of the pen trying to get the bit out of his mouth, but no matter how hard he tired, he couldn't get enough leverage. The bit extended too deep into his mouth and was strapped in too securely.

He heard laughter to his right, coming from a area blocked by his blinders. He whipped his head around and saw Ashley, Emily, and another team member laughing. The horse the team member was holding was doing the same thing as Josh against another post.

Emily enetered the paddock after Josh, and led him over the large water bucket on the ground. "Drink," she said, "you need it after that work out."

Josh hesitated, looking at the murky water. Thirsty as he was, he didn't want any part of that water.

Crack! The crop hit Josh's ass causing him to jump forward.

Josh finally gave up and pushed his face against the surface of the water. At first he couldn't figure out how to get water without choking on it, but finally, after several failed attempts (all of which elicited chuckles from the crowd), he figured out how to suck water between the bit while keeping his nose above the surface.

When he was finished, to his surprise, and intense embarrassment, he received a round of applause from the entire team.

Josh turned red in shame and walked to the furthest side of the paddock from the gathered crowd.

Emily, still in the paddock, followed him.

Grabbing his reins, she pulled his head back, and his body into hers. She reached down and grasped his hard cock. "I knew you enjoyed today.

Josh tried to object, to say his erection was involuntary, but the bit and tightness of the reins wouldn't let him utter a peep.

"You wait here for awhile, then I'll be back to take you for a real ride.

To be continued...