Body Harnesses in Ponyplay


Ponyplay body harnessWhile body harnesses are not necessary for pony play, they are very useful since they can offer many points of attachment. They look great, and the added feeling of restriction provided by a harness feels great. Harnesses come in a variety of different styles, and can vary from those that offer very little restriction to the pony to those that are greatly restrictive. I tend to prefer harnesses that are rather open but still offer a little restriction to movement.

The harness I am wearing in the photo to the right is quite comfortable to wear while encouraging me to keep my head up and maintain good posture. This harness is typically for show, and while it does cover up the genitals, I usually wear it over a latex catsuit (though not in this photo).

Harnesses for a ponygirl or ponyboy can be made from a variety of materials, but the most common material is leather. The intended use of the harness should play a big role in choosing the material and style of the harness. A cart pony's harness should be very strong and distribute the load over the entirety of the pony's body, while a show pony harness might be picked purely for aesthetic reasons. However, I personally advocate purchasing a strong, high quality harness regardless of the pony's discipline. A strong, well-fitting harness can still be aesthetically pleasing, with several retailers selling such harnesses. Nevertheless, if you don't like what is available "off the rack," you can always have a harness custom made. Having a harness custom made is a great option because it will fit the pony perfectly and give the pony a unique look. The drawback, of course, is custom harnesses and leatherwork will generally be more expensive.