Castration & Gelding with an Emasculator


Emasculators used in castrationThis is an extension on my article on mock castration in ponyplay. Here I will discuss the specific procedure for gelding a ponyboy using an Emasculator. As I mentioned in my main article on castration play, this is play, not a tutorial on how to perform actual medical or veterinary procedures.

This procedure involves cutting the pony: Do not actually perform this procedure!

Castration using an emasculator is one of the most robust methods of gelding your pony since it involves physical removal of the testicles. The emasculator is a tool designed to crush the spermatic cord as well as the associated arteries as part of a surgical castration. The image below shows two emasculators.

Diagram showing the location of one possible incisionBegin by leading the pony to clean area of the stable. Securely restrain the pony and use a spreader bar to prevent him from closing his legs. Physical restraint is critical for the castration procedure to avoid injury to either yourself or the pony.

With the pony securely restrained, thoroughly clean and disinfect his scrotum using an antiseptic. Then apply a topical anesthetic since the castration procedure will be quite painful.

Once you are convinced of the cleanliness of the site and the anesthetic has been applied, you will make the an incision using a scalpel to open the scrotum in one of two ways

The first option is to cut into the scrotum vertically from the midway point to the bottom as illustrated in the diagram on the left.

Diagram illustrating a second possible incision locationAlternately you may choose to make an incision near the bottom of scrotum. With this method you will essentially be cutting off the bottom of the scrotum as illustrated in the diagram on the right.

Regardless of the method of incision you choose, you will pull the testicles out of the scrotum through the incision you have made. Once you have removed the testicle from the scrotum, use the emasculator to crush the spermatic cord, artery, and vein simultaneously.

Repeat this procedure for the second testicle.

This completes the castration procedure.

Again, please do not actually perform this procedure. This is designed to be informative to aid in realism during ponyplay and mock castration.