Open Mouth Dental + Butterfly Gag Video


Dental open mouth gag with a rubber butterfly inflatable behind it: If the video isn't displaying properly, you can try the direct link. This video is also available in 720p.

The scene started out as a "dental exam".

Ok, fair enough, a pony's teeth need to be checked and floated every so often.

However, it soon turned into something a bit more cruel.

After I was tacked up, bound, and had an oral speculum (open mouth gag) strapped into place, the dental exam quickly devolved into into an evil game for T. Supposedly, a test of my oral cavity volume and airway patency, it was really just a way for her to inflict discomfort, distress, and pain on this poor pony - okay, fine, maybe I enjoyed it a *little*, but only a little :)

After being properly restrained, she put an inflatable rubber butterfly gag into my unwilling - but powerless to resist - mouth.

And then she began to inflate it.

At first, it was one pump at a time...pump, a couple seconds pause, then pump again. The slow expansion of the flaccid rubber bladder trapped in my mouth evoked a sense of dread, knowing that, inevitably, it would fill my mouth completely and cut off my air.

However, T quickly gained momentum (and perhaps even started to get turned on by my discomfort). She began to wholeheartedly squeeze that infernal rubber bulb. She squeezed it over and over again until my mouth was bulging, and yet, I couldn't do anything to stop it. My tongue was no match for the over-inflated latex bladder stuffed in my mouth, trapped behind my teeth.

Believe me, I tried to push it out, but there's only so much a pony can do when he's bound and has his jaw jacked open with a metal gag.

After being inflated to the point of nearly dislocating my jaw, T decided to stop (oh, how gracious of her), but she neglected to let any air out for quite some time, perhaps not quite as bad as when she bound and gagged me, then put a plastic bag over my head, but still not fun. Although, when she finally did let the air out of the gag, she also rewarded me (quite nicely) for my patience.