Elbow Hogtie in Pony Hooves and Harness


Elbow Hogtie: Hogtied with my ankles tied to my elbows; completely helpless in my gear and hooves. A short clip of a little experiment my awesome new play partner and I tried: tying my ankles to elbows and moderately tight hogtie. It feels especially tight because of the tension on my tightly bound elbows. I felt incredibly helpless, flailing around and trying (unsuccessfully) to even roll onto my stomach. Because I was a bad pony, next time, we're going to do it even tighter: ankles pulled all the way past my wrists and up to my elbows :) direct link. The elbow hogtie video is also available in 720p.

Well, I've been hogtied by my bit gag (and that was quite a treat with the long tongue port gagging me with every struggle and twitch), but until today, I've never been hogtied by my elbows. I've had my elbows tied a few times - much more so lately thanks to my aweseome new play partner, DonutPupper, and I really enjoy it:

Kitty at folsom europe 2016

Me, tightly bound in tack (photo by DonutPupper).

When it's done right (either thicker rope or several windings so as not to impinge nerves or blood flow), it's amazing. I feel so incredibly helpless. Even if my wrists weren't encased in hoof miits and bound tightly together (but of course, they are, because that's part of the fun!), I'd have a very hard time freeing myself. However, when both my wrists and elbows and bound tightly together, and my finger helpless inside my hand hooves, I naturally become obedient. The sheer helplessness of the bondage is overwhelming and nearly all my reistsence is drained.

I said nearly all, not all :)