Helpless to Resist the Shock Collar


I've always been a fan of electro play. Whether it be shock collars (scary) or e-stim (fun) or electroejaculation (scary and fun), erotic electro-play has always held a special place in my heart.

Trying to Remove Shock Collar in Hoof Gloves: With the collar set on max, I get painfully shocked by T. In the first few seconds of the video, you can see the powerful shocks of the collar casuing my neck muscles to contract rhythmically (and completely involuntarily). While it's fun to watch, it was incredibly painful to endure. I try in vain to pull the shock collar away from my skin with my hands encased in latex hoof mitts. T smiles at my efforts and jabs the shock button again and again, sending searing pain into my neck causing me to gasp in pain and claw uselessly at the collar with my hooves. If the video isn't displaying properly, you can try the direct link. The shock collar video is also available in 720p.

Shock collar bondage has always fascinated me.

Although perhaps closer to puppy play than pony play (though they have been used on horses, so there's definitely a precedent and a case to be made legitimizing their use on human ponies as being "genuine" - though I'm strongly against their use on any bio-animals), shock collars are one my favorite toys.

They're such ingenious little things (when used on willing humans. They're horrible deivces when used on non-conseting bio-dogs or other animals). They can cause such excruciating pain with no warning, and they rarely leave marks - perhaps small red marks or mild burns when used extensively.

What I really like about shock collars is that they can unleash such incredible power with so little effort on the part of she who holds the remote.

At the caress of a button, I can be driven to my knees begging for mercy.

My trainer doesn't have to break a sweat reaming my ass with a crop (though I won't deny the fun in that) or putting her weight into pulling my reins until the bit tears my mouth apart...all she has to do is push a little button. Amazing how our interests align here :)

Anyway, I had the mis-fortune of "getting" to wear one today along with a bit gag (with long tongue port of course!) and a pair of rubber hoof mitts.

After a mostly productive and positive training session, I was allowed to romp around the garden.

I guess I romped around a little too long or wandered a little too far away because, out of nowhere, I felt hundreds of red-hot needles driving their way into my neck.

I clawed at the collar with my hooves.

My hands weren't restrained any longer since the training session was supposedly finished, but my hands were still trapped in fists inside the latex hooves.

As much as I tried (and believe me, I tried), I was completely powerless to remove the collar or even pull it away from my neck as T shocked me time and again.

My blunt hooves were no match for the tightly fastened collar. The metal prongs made relentless contact with the skin of my neck no matter how hard I tried to push, pry, and bat them away.

Although no lock held the shock collar in place, I lacked the dexterity to unbuckle the infernal device with my hands trapped inside the thick latex hooves.

Without the latex prison that were my hooves, trapping my hands into useless balls, I would have made short work of the collar and thrown it to the ground in triumph. At the very least, I could have deftly pulled it out of contact with my neck, rendering it useless.

But, my hands were in the hooves. And so the simple buckle that held the collar in place around my neck rendered me completely, utterly - despairingly - helpless and at T's mercy.

It's scary to have the breath driven from you, not by a punch or a kick, or someone standing over you with a whip, but from a person a hundred feet away with a small plastic box.

And to add insult to injury, I didn't even do anything wrong!

Okay, fine, I might have been misbehaving. Maybe a little...maybe.

I might (I stress might) have heard T calling to me before that first shock tore through me.

But the later shocks were completely gratuitous on T's part.

I quieted down immediately after the first pulse seared into my skin and caused my neck muscles to contract involuntarily (first few seonds of video - it's pretty crazy watching it after the fact. I rewatched the first few seconds at least a dozen times in morbid fascination. However, it gives me solace that the pain I felt was real (belied by the fact that there were no marks whatsoever when the collar came off)).

How could I not quiet down? Anyone would be distracted by the intense pain of a shock collar set to max pulsating against their neck.

After the second or third (or fourth) shock, I involuntarily let out a sound through my gagged mouth accompanied by long lines of drool, which dropped from my mouth and chin as though punctuate my agony. The noise was something between a grunt and a whimper.

I couldn't help myself. The pain was just too much and the helplessness too frustrating.

T took mercy on me shortly after that. I vowed to be a better pony next time and obey her call even when distractedly romping around, out of convenient rein-yanking distance.

She made no similar vow not to use the collar.

In fact, after seeing its effect on me, I suspect that she's dying to try it again.

Please be careful during electro-play and inform yourself of all the risks prior to deciding to engage in it. It's strongly recommended not to use a shock collar above the waist or around the neck.