Tied to Bench in Punitive Boots


Tied Spreadeagle in Punitive Hoof Boots: A great way to teach your pony how to balance in his hooves. If the video isn't displaying properly, you can try the direct link. The video is also available in 720p.

The Punitive Shoes hoof boots are difficult to wear at the best of times. The base of the boot is small compounding the balancing difficulties of such an extreme heel angle even by hoof boot standards. Having your legs spread apart, your body hunched forward, and each of your limbs (not to mention your balls) tied to separate corners of a bench is most emphatically not the best of times.

I've come to appreciate, first hand, of course, that such a position is surprisingly uncomfortable. I felt like my ankles were simply going to snap under the strain well before the last bit of rope was tied off. In fact, were it not for the ropes and rigidity of the bench itself, I would have collapsed into a heap in under a minute.

So why was I tied to the bench? I could give you a story about T teaching me to lengthen my stride, or how I need to leanr to better balance in the Punitive Shoes hoof boots, but honestly thid scene was more about a fun punishment that T thought up, and enjoyed as she watched from behind as I struggled to maintain my balance with my legs sread incredibly wide in these severe boots.