Folsom Europe 2016 Photos


On a cheap-airfare-fueled-whim, I decided to head over to Berlin and check out Folsom Europe (with pony gear in tow). I got to hang out and walk the fair with three awesome ponies and a very cool puppy.

Sadly, I wasn't able to make it to Folsom East (New York) this year so I'm 2 out of 3 for 2016 (photos from SF Folsom to come soon), but in 2017 I'm hoping to hit the trifecta of Folsoms (New York, Berlin, and my home, San Francisco).

Anyway, I wanted to share a few photos from my short trip to Folsom Berlin - be warned though, all the photos I took (all except the first one with me in it), I took wearing my mask (it must have been an interesting sight: a tacked up pony with a camera).

Three of the four ponies at Folsom Europe (unfortunately, the awesome FrieseAragon is not in this photo):

Three of the four ponies at Folsom Berlin

Nighty, me, and Camouflage. Photo by pup_Chomper.

I sneaked a pony selfie on the flight to Germany.

Pony selfie on the plane to Germany

The excited pony on the way to Folsom Berlin 2016.

I've seen a few of these awesomely attached harnesses before at Folsom San Francisco in 2012 and 2013, and I love them! I mean, come on, leather bondage harnesses and horse bits, what's not to love?

Leather bondage harness attached with a horse bit

Perhaps the second best use of a snaffle!

This pup was so f***ing cute:

Blue latex puppy

Cute pup. So, cute.

I love the lockable harness! And the mask, so cool:

Doberman puppy at folsom europe 2016

Always glad to see a lockable harness being utilized. The personalized collar is a great idea.

Cool kitty:

Kitty at folsom europe 2016

Lovely kitty mask.

A nice shiny pony butt:

Shiny latex pony butt

Nighty's pony butt :)

A latex puppy:

Latex puppy at Folsom Europe 2016

Latex puppy with a nice collar.

I'm a sucker for harnesses with red or white hot:

Puppy in harness at Folsom Europe 2016

Puppy in harness.

Puppy with a toy:

Puppy with a toy at Folsom Europe 2016

All I can say about this is: awesome

Puppy with yellow mask:

Yellow puppy at Folsom Europe 2016

Such a cute pose.

Did I mention I liked white lining on leather gear:

Leather puppy at Folsom Europe 2016

I want mitts like these for ponies!

Amazing harness and ropework:

Awesome red puppy at Folsom Europe 2016

Red harness lining and red rope, freaking amazing!


Pig at Folsom Europe 2016

Yay for livestock!

Cool mask:

Puppy at Folsom Europe 2016

Love the mask.


Cool latex suit and hood at folsom europe 2016

Okay, not an animal, but still, this costume is just great.

Folsom Berlin was so much fun. I even found out (though I guess I should have known this) that some of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence take donations at both Folsom SF and Folsom Berlin. It was pretty cool to meet some of them in Berlin and find out that I would see them again two weeks later back home at Folsom San Francisco.