Folsom Street Fair 2013 Photos


On my foray out into the 30th Folsom Street Fair today, I encoutered quite a few human animals form ponies to puppies to kiities. The creature cavalcade (the procession of human animals through the early hours of the Folsom Street Fair) was especially lolvely. Here is some video of the early run of the human animal cavalcade at Folsom 2013 (more photos can be found below):

The human animal cavalcade at the 2013 Folsom Street Fair. There was a good turnout of ponies, puppies, and all kinds of human animals for the second annual cavalcade at Folsom. If the video isn't displaying properly, try the direct link (the video of the cavalcade is also available in 720p). Additional video clips from the 2013 Folsom Street Fair (including some human pups playing, and subMissAnn giving dressage pony play demo) can be found on my video index page.

Banner advertising the fair on a lamp post on Market street

Banners advertising the fair were up all over the city.

The 30th Folsom Street Fair was two days ago (although the 30th anniversary will be next year). Many things have changed for me between last year's fair and this year's. However, one thing that has not changed is my fascination for everything to do with pony play.

After attending this year's fair, and watching the animal cavalcade for the second time, I am reminded that there truly is something amazing about watching animal roleplay live, in person.

Sure, being the pony is awesome (and I wouldn't have it any other way in most circumstances), but as a pony, we so rarely get to see what enraptures our audience. As ponies we know why we enjoy it, but from our side of the reins it can be difficult to understand why, for example, at the largest fetish event in the world, a handful of us walking around can instantly become the largest attraction.

So...although I know I cannot do justice to the magic of live pony play with a few photos, I would like to share some of the snapshots I took at Folsom on Sunday:

Latex Mustang posing for the crowd (ponies love to show off):

A latex mustang posing

A latex pony.

A beautiful blue ponygirl during the cavalcade:

The beautiful blue ponygirl Verglas

The wonderful pony Verglas

A shiny ponygirl preparing for the cavalcade:

A shiny ponygirl posing with her forehooves

A ponygirl posing before the cavalcade.

The amazing Sparky and Goddess Athena:

Ponyboy Sparky pulls his mistress's cart in Punitive hoof boots

Sparky pulls his Mistress's cart in Punitive hoof boots, which truly is an amazing feat given the number of circuits of the fair he makes.

A three pony cart (and three pony tails):

Three pony butts and a pony cart

Three ponies of Team Lightning.

Two ponies from San Diego:

Two ponyboys led by Mistress Vonn

Two ponyboys led by a beautiful handler.

A ponyboy and his handler posing at the 7th street entrance to the fair:

A ponyboy and his mistress at Folsom 2013

A ponyboy and his handler.

I love this pony's white ears (and his bridle):

White eared pony adjusting his bridle

Beautiful ears

It's not every day that you see a unicorn pulling a cart laden with treats for ponies:

Latex unicorn pulling a wagon


A cart ponygirl of the LAPACC that came up to San Francisco for Folsom:

An LAPACC cart ponygirl and driver

A cart ponygirl and her driver.

Windy pony of the Stampede:

Windy pony walking in the cavalcade

Windy pony

A pair of pups and their handler:

A pair of pups and their police officer owner

A pair of pups.

I love the blue tail:

A lovely blue tail swishing in the cavalcade

The pony Verglas in the cavalcade.

Another shot of the three pony cart:

The three ponies and driver of Team Lightning

Team Lightning (from left to right: the Dragon Lord, Ms. Kitti, WolfPup, and Splinter).

Spring Pony of the Stampede:

Spring pony

Spring pony at the Stampede booth.

An energetic rubber snow leopard:

A latex snow leopard

One of the leaders of the cavalcade.

The playful Dash:

Dash was quite playful at the Stampede booth at Folsom 2013

A curious and playful puppy.

A dog sled driver and her pups:

A human dogsled and driver

Three human puppies posing with their driver and sled.

A pair of latex pups:

Two latex pups waiting for the cavalcade to begin

Colorful latex pups.

I love this pup's floppy ears:

Brown puppy mask with nice ears

Awesome puppy mask and ears.

If you saw my photos from last year's (2012) Folsom, you might remember I saw some leather chest harnesses held together with horse bits. Well, I saw one again this year:

Chest harness attached with horse bit

I wonder how common these are.

It's kinda hot how he's wearing a bridle as a body harness, but it would be super hot if the bit (with the awesomely high port and rollers to prevent him gripping the bit with his teeth) were in his mouth:

Wearing a bridle as a chest harness

Would love to see the bit in his mouth!

The front of the second annual human animal cavalcade at Folsom:

The front of the creature cavalcade at Folsom 2013

The front of the cavalcade.

Mid-way through the animal cavalcade:

Part of the animal cavalcade

There were more participants at the cavalcade this year. This shot only captures part of the length of the procession.

Latex Mustang and unknown ponyboy:

Latex Mustang and friend

Two ponyboys.