Forced Ponyplay


Forced pony play often involves a fair amount of bondage and pretending to be forecd into pony role

Getting "captured" and tied to a tree while my trainer prepares my new gear for my "forcible" transformation into a ponyboy. Photo by

I guess I'm the only one who enjoys forced ponyplay. Although many ponygirl (or ponyboy) stories you will find on the web involve forced ponyplay (or at least start with a person being forced into ponyplay, even if they later come to enjoy it), many people involved in ponyplay groups and discussions (online) hate the idea of forced ponyplay. This form of ponyplay is looked down upon as being inferior to equine role-play.

Of course, I'm being a little sarcastic here, but there is more than just a grain of truth to this. Obviously there are others who enjoy forced ponyplay (if you don't believe me, check out Silver Sparks' page on ponyplay), but it seems that not many want to admit to it.

There's nothing wrong with equine role-play, but neither is there anytinhg wrong with forced ponyplay ("forced" ponyplay is consensual - the pony agrees to be "forced" or encouraged to be a pony before the start of play).

I love forced ponyplay. I love being forced to act like a horse. Frankly, I find it easier to let go and act like a horse when I'm being forced to do it. However, I will say that despite my attempts to prevent it, I have found that over the years, I've developed a "pony headspace". Don't get me wrong, I still do need to be "encouraged" to act like a horse, but some horse-like mannerisms are second nature when I'm in pony role.

Perhaps being forced takes away any (or at least some) of the self-consciousness I feel when I look and act like a horse. Knowing that I have to whinny or I'll the shock collar I'm wearing will punish me absolves me of most of the silliness I would otherwise feel. Similarly, wearing a tight bit that compels me to respond to my trainer's every command gives me a great excuse for allowing myself to let around like a horse: I can't physically do anything to prevent it.

Bondage, such as a tight metal bit gag, usually plays an integral role in forced ponyplay

Forced pony play will often include more restrictive bondage (e.g. tight fitting bits). Photo by

Plus all the additional bondage gear involved in forcing a ponyboy to remain in role is just delicious, and catch and take down scenes where my trainer "captures" me and forcibly converts me into her pony are always really hot. So yes, I like forced pony play; keeping my human persona during play adds to the fun I'm having; it doesn't detract from it.

I know this is a complete rant, but I couldn't help myself here because I do know there are other ponies who need some coaxing to act like a horse, and I want to point out that there's nothing wrong with forced ponyplay. I'm not really sure why some people see forced ponyplay as a "lesser" form of ponyplay...maybe this is just an online thing?

Enjoy ponyplay regardless of what form it takes for you. As long as it's consensual, who cares!