Veterinary Procedures in Ponyplay



Medical play is quite common in BDSM, and so it should not be surprising that veterinary play is not uncommon in the BDSM world of human ponies and pets. A standard veterinary check-up for your pony might consist of a thorough physical examination. Of course there are many more possibilities here such as collecting semen for testing from your male pony either through a phantom mare or through electroejaculation. Alternatively, for female ponies, a vaginal exam might be necessary prior to breeding. And of course, ponies' need to have dental exams (just like their bio-equine counterparts), which often require keeping the pony's mouth open wide while the vet is working.


Veterinary Procedures:


Veterinary Repro:

Please do not actually perform artificial insemination without the aid of a human physician and always have safe sex.


Veterinary Equipment: