Castration Play with an Elastrator II


Today, I want to talk a little more about castration play. Not only that, but how we can integrate other aspects of BDSM into our pony play gelding scenes: scrotal infusion play, electric shocks, and weights. I know this doesn't appeal to everyone (and many consider it edge play), but the thought of being gelded like an animal really appeals to me. There's something about being restrained like an animal, harnessed and hobbled, wearing bit and bridle, and then seeing the burdizzo or elastrator magically appear in my trainer's hand...

I think castration play has a natural and seamless integration with pony play (most male bio-horses are geldings after all). Unless they prove themselves worthy as breeding stock, male horses are castrated. To me, the idea of having to prove my worth as a ponyboy or else find myself a gelding is surprisingly appealing. There's actually a story about this (actually I'm sure there are many stories in this vein) that really piqued my interest in castration play (basically a guy forced to become a ponyboy; he is then forced to race other male ponies - a race in which all the losers are gelded).

I've previously written a general article on castration play as well as one more specific to using an elastrator to geld a ponyboy. However, I want to be even more specific and talk about combining an elastrator with scrotal infusion and some weights for a really intense gelding experience.

I'm probably stretching the limits (excuse the pun!) of realistic pony play since you'd never actually do this to a horse, but I enjoy many of the BDSM aspects of pony play, and besides scrotal infusion makes a ponyboy's balls appear larger and more realistic - after all he is a horse so he should have balls like one (at least until they get cut off).

Safety Note:
I know I mentioned this in my main article on castration play, but it bears repeating: this is play, not a tutorial on how to perform actual medical or veterinary procedures. If you do choose to engage in castration play, please be aware of the risks - among many other risks, there is a serious risk of permanent damage including successful castration, infection, etc.

Also be very careful if you choose to perform scrotal inflation in conjunction with an elastrator: use much, much less fluid volume than you would without an elastrator - remember an elastrator will cut off all circulation. Regardless of whether you include scrotal inflation in your castration play, don't leave the elastrator band on too long! Always play safely (this means a safe word and safe signal)!

Okay, let's see what equipment you will to have to geld your ponyboy, then we'll get on (or off) with it:

With your equipment nearby, begin by tacking up your ponyboy. Minimal tack is fine, but just be sure that his hands are restrained (ideally in leather or rubber pony fist mitts). A bridle and bit are also a good idea though you may choose to use a ball gag since he will likely be quite vocal with his objections to being gelded. A rubber bit with attached tongue port is my personal choice since it also stimulates the gag reflex when you tug on his reins (tying his hands behind his back and to the reins is particularly effective at preventing fidgeting since any movement will cause him to gag).

Once you have him tacked up and ready to go, lead him over to clean area of the barn and attach a spreader bar to his hobbles so he won't be able to close his legs. Then tie his reins or harness to something immobile. You can inject 5 mL of sterile saline as "sedation" for your pony. Use a little bit of surgical scrub to clean part of his scrotum and then inject 5 mL of sterile saline into his scrotum (this is the "local anesthetic"). By now he'll probably have figured out what you're planning to do, so I hope you heeded my advice above and restrained him well.

Wait a couple minutes to let the anticipation build then prepare your fluid administration set in front of him: attach the tubing to both the bag of saline and the needle. Expel the air from the tubing by holding the bag above the needle (which should remain capped to it stays sterile) and allowing the fluid to push out the air.

Set the bag and tubing aside (making sure the tubing is closed off and the needle is still capped). You will need to apply the elastrator first - if you inflate the scrotum with saline before applying the elastrator, it is quite likely that you will not be able to fit the elastrator band on!

Proper placement of elastrator bandsNow pull both of his testicles into his scrotum so you can properly apply the elastrator band. Using one hand grab his testicles and scrotum to hold them in place, while, with your other hand, put an elastic band on the elastrator prongs and stretch it open (by clamping together the handles of the elastrator). Slip the band just above the pony's balls (you may have to push one ball through at a time). Once you have the band in the proper position (see the diagram on the right), release the band by releasing the pressure on the handles of the elastrator.

If you make a mistake in positioning the band at this stage, you should cut the band off and try again. Once you have correctly positioned and applied the elastrator band, the ponyboy will likely start to freak out from the intense pain. However, you are not done yet. The next part will be tricky since the pain will now be immense and it will be difficult for him to hold still.

With the elastrator band now correctly applied to your ponyboy, briskly (but thoroughly) use the surgical scrub to clean and disinfect his balls. After you've thoroughly scrubbed his balls, take the (previously prepared and primed) fluid and injection set and insert the needle into the pony's scrotum. Place the fluid bag in a position above the pony's balls and hang it there. You may need to "help" the fluid out of the bag by gently squeezing it (the bag, not his balls, and not too hard!).

When the pony's scrotum is sufficiently inflated (you probably won't get them the size of an actual horse scrotum), pull the needle out and put the inflation equipment aside. Now it's time to add some weights. Hang a couple weights (1-2 lbs each) from the elastrator band (and if he has a scrotal piercing consider hanging one or two from there as well).

Finally, the really fun part: if you have an electric shock collar now would be the time to apply it to his balls. My favorite is if you have a combined anti-bark and remote control collar you can place the collar with the bark sensor around his neck, and attach the electrodes to his balls (you will need only minor skills to run wires to his balls from the collar). Personally, I use a modified shock collar that is more sensitive to sounds because the default bark detection is very insensitive to most human sounds.

I really like this setup because now when he is screaming (or even moaning if you have a sensitized collar) in pain, the collar will deliver a shock to his incredibly sensitive balls, which will of course cause more moaning or grunting, which means another shock, get the idea. And if he's rather stoic (and you have a collar that is also remote activated), you can kick start the feedback loop by delivering a shock manually using the remote.

Now you're all done. Release the pony and watch him run around with weights dangling from his banded, inflated balls getting shocked whenever he moans. If you have an electric shock attachment, you will probably want to keep his hands restrained so he can't remove it (or the weights). If you decided just to band and inflate, you can untie his wrists (but where's the fun in that) since it's unlikely that he'll be able to get the band off without scissors.

Anyway, let him run around with his hands tied and watch the fun. I doubt he'll do too much running, but still.

Even without any attachments or inflation, castration play with an elastrator is terribly painful. When you decide to remove the elastrator band, the pain will be intense (to put it incredibly mildly) as blood will rush back to the ponyboy's balls. Feel free to continue to apply shocks to his balls even after you remove the elastrator band. His balls will be hypersensitive at this point, so a little shock goes a long way.

The psychological aspects of castration play in BDSM are nearly as intense as the physical aspects. One of the reasons I like castration play (aside from the pain involved) is it really messes with a ponyboy's head. Maybe it is instinct: your body telling you that you cannot endure this much pain without permanent damage. Whatever it is, my experience with castration play is that even when you really know it is only play, there is always a part of you that doubts whether you will still have balls when it is all over.

As I mentioned, I do like to take my castration play up a level or three on occasion, but I do always play as safely as possible and am careful not to cause any permanent damage (I don't want my play castration to become actual castration). You should do the same!