Face Fucked with Strap-on Horse Dildo


Forced to Suck the Pegasus: With the aid of a open mouth gag and a taught leash on my posture collar, the Pegasus is forced in my mouth whether I like it or not. If the video isn't displaying properly, you can try the direct link.

I love wearing the Pegasus equine sheath (a penis sheath molded in the shape of a horse cock). It's pretty cool to go about a scene sporting a horse cock, but my zeal for incorporating the Pegasus came back to bite me in the ass...err, mouth, when I found myself on the receiving end of this silicone toy today.

If you don't already know, I enjoy gags and mouth bondage, so when I was given the opportunity to incorporate an open mouth dental gag into a scene, I jumped at the chance. Doubly so, when my suggestion that the Pegasus be included was met with enthusiasm from my trainer (in retrospect, I imagine seeing a trace of an evil smile on my trainer's face). Little did I know at the time I agreed, I wouldn't be the one wearing the Pegasus.

It wasn't until the day of the scene, with the gag securely in my mouth (and ratcheted open to its stops), the posture collar cinched tight (and its leash in the hands of my trainer), and my wrists and elbows bound behind my back, that I began to comprehend what I was in for.

This was not going to be the fun equine dental scene I had imagined!

This was confirmed when my trainer was the one sporting the Pegasus. It bounced lightly up and down as she slowly walked towards me, tethered to her leather strap-on harness, kept rigid by the silicone dildo inside it. Gulp!

By then it was too late to argue, quite literally since my mouth was forced wide open (and besides, being strictly bound and helpless turns me on like nothing else, so I was more open to whatever she had planned).

I found myself bound on my knees, wearing a leather posture collar, with my mouth forced wide open by a dental gag. A leash was attached from my posture collar, the other end held by my trainer, and she used it judiciously to prevent me from shirking away from her advances.

I'll never know exactly what she got out of the scene - aside from my abject humiliation - but she seemed to enjoy the experience, thrusting the silicone toy hard and deep into my open mouth and using the leash to pull me into her thursts.

It seems silly that she would get into the scene as much as she did, after all, there was nothing in the Pegasus except a silicone cock. Nevertheless, once she got going, she quickly developed a rhythym to face fuck me with this uncannily realistic toy.

We had done very little pegging up to this point, so having me tied down while she used my mouth in such a way came out of the blue, but by then there was nothing I could do to stop her.

At first, I wanted to stop her. I had never had my mouth invaded, let alone so violently, but with time, the pain sort of added to the pleasure of the bondage. Eventually, I gave in to her desires and relaxed my mouth as best I could (which actually wasn't too much since I'd never had anything bigger than a bit port shoved into my mouth).

Fortunately, the whole experience took less than five minutes, after which time, she had what she needed - though by the time she was finished, I was surprisingly turned on and wanted her to attend to my needs, but alas, she didn't.

It was all quite overwhelming in the moment. Once the scene started in earnest - read, once the Pegasus was down my throat - I was too concerned with getting through it to really enjoy the experience.

However, as I was going through the video footage and putting together a short clip to post here, I found myself so incredibly turned on, that in spite of my better judgment, I think I may suggest a repeat scene...but perhaps more prolonged (am I a sadist for thinking this?).