Even More Pony Play Scene Ideas


I love doing these lists of scene ideas, so here's another 10 scene ideas. If you missed the first two lists, you can find them here, and here. On to the list:

  1. Form a Herd
    Ponies are social creatures, so why not let them socialize. It can be in a pasture or as a joint training session (like a bio-horse clinic), or even as a team pulling a cart. Either way make sure to bring hobbles and crops along with the apples and carrots in case the ponies have a hard time getting along. If there are no other ponies in your area, how about a barn cat, pup, or cow? Ponies love to play with other animals.
  2. Put the cart before the horse
    You've worked your pony through all the gaits: he's walking, trotting, and cantering like the show horse he is, but how well does he back up? Backing up is a skill that every pony should be taught. Not only does it help your pony's balance, but it gives you an excuse to go tug on his reins.
  3. Let him play
    Puppy players get bio-dog (or bio-dog inspired) toys to play with, so get your human pony some bio-horse toys and let him go wild (e.g. the jolly mega ball, which comes in sizes up to 40 inches, or the Likit Toy for horses, which comes in apple and other flavors).
  4. Extend the scene
    Have him stay in pony role even after the training session is over. I'm not saying that you should make him sleep in a stall (though if there's one available, I'm not saying not to either), but he can lounge around in hooves and tail for a few hours, or even overnight. If you liked number three on the list, this would be a great time to let him play with his new toy.
  5. Give your pony some alone time
    If you have a bad pony, give him some real punishment: ignore him. Ponies love attention, so next time he's being naughty, leave him in the cross-ties while you take a break instead of hitting him with your crop. If you're feeling particularly evil, take a small downy feather from his plume (or something else ticklish) and put it on his nose before you leave him. Believe me, he'll learn his lesson.
  6. Learn from the experts
    Who better than a horse to teach you how to act more equine? If possible, takie a riding lesson on a bio-horse. Ask to help groom and tack up your horse before the lesson (most, if not all, riding yards will be more than happy to show you). Bring treats and spend some time interacting with your horse on the ground. If your school horse lives in a pasture with others, take a few minutes to watch them interact. Though be careful, bio-horses are addictive :)
  7. Gag yourself
    Have a training session where you say nothing to your pony (or make him wear ear plugs). Instead, read his body language and communicate with the other aids (reins, crop, etc.). We use verbal cues with bio-horses, but language can be a crutch when trying to teach your human to be a pony. For a single training session, use any other aid you want, just don't use your voice.
  8. Feed and water your pony
    Puppies, kitties and critters get bowls for water and food, ponies get buckets. So grab a bucket (or get a dedicated water bucket from a tack store) and a feed pan to give him what he needs to continue his training (though I would not advise going so far as to fill it with equine senior - maybe try some apple slices). It might take some practice, but he'll get the hang of drinking around his bit. If horses can do it, so can he.
  9. Geld him
    Is your stallion a little too frisky? Maybe he needs to be a gelding. Try some castration play: make him prove he's worthy breeding stock or face the elastrator (or the burdizzo, or the emasculator). Even if he's not into the pain of being banded, the psychological aspects of this type of scene can make it really fun.
  10. Dress for the occasion
    Seeing my beautiful trainer all dressed up in show clothing is an awesome sight, but I also love the authenticity of schooling sessions when she's equestrian casual (for us that's breeches, t-shirt, half-chaps and paddock boots). I personally prefer authenticity in my trainer's clothes, but clothing does not have to be show formal to be authentic (in fact casual equestrian wear is probably more common since most bio-horse riding is either casual or schooling in preparation for shows).

Do you have a great scene idea? I'd love to hear about, please drop me a note.