Places to Buy Hoods/Masks for Pony Play


A minishetty horse head mask by Fury Fantasy. This is the mask of a House of Hunt pony, resting it until the start of the 2013 SF Pride Parade

A House of Hunt pony's FuryFe mask at SF Pride 2013. Photo by cpony.

I've done a couple of these lists on bridles, and saddles. I was holding off on doing one about masks/hoods because I was hoping to find a bunch of "secret" retailers somewhere that kept their products hidden. Well, I was not successful in that respect, but I figured I'd list the few I knew about and hope that you guys could let me know of any I missed.

I'm not including the meme-inspiring, crazy-looking horse head (though if you want one of those, you can get it here). Incidentally, I've seen those particular horse heads turned into decent looking zebra heads (though undoubtedly with a fair amount of time going into the paint job), and likely you could paint over the whole thing with black paint to get a less crazy looking horse, but I digress.

Anyway, onto the list, which is in no particular order:

A ponyboy wearing the newer model Bob Basset horse head mask at the 2012 Folsom Street fair

A pony wearing the newer Bob Basset horse head at Folsom 2012. Photo by cpony.

A pony from the House of Hunt at the 2013 SF Pride Parade wearing a wild gas masks horse head

A House of Hunt Pony wearing a wild gas masks horse head. Photo by cpony.

This is an even shorter list than with the saddles, but hopefully it's still helpful. I'll add to it if I learn of other retailers that make them.

The really cool thing about having a horse mask is you can use bio-horse bridles and halters. For bio-horse owners who obsessively buy tack, this is the equivalent of discovering that your well-dressed roommate with a huge wardrobe is, in fact, the same size as you :) Seriously, I love the look of all these masks, and I love that we have such talented artists.

If you know of other retailers of horse head masks not listed above, please do contact me, and I'll be more than happy to include them on the list so other ponies can easily find them.