Ponyplay Related Links


Ponyplay Equipment

Note: I have a separate page dedicated to retailers of hoof boots so you don't have to wade through the general equipment list below.

I have also listed general BDSM equipment retailers, and eBay listings for ponyplay related gear on their own pages so as not to confuse things.

Fury Fantasy - Gorgeous and realistic looking pony heads. They sell most everything pony play related: bridles, hooves, harnesses, and masks. If you have not already heard of them, it's worth taking at look at their gear: they have some phenomenal stuff. Check out his twitter for all the cool updates on his gear!

Porthos Stable - Wonderful pony hoods, harnesses and hooves. If you haven't already, you should check out their gallery to see their beautiful work.

Sinvention - Canadian leatherwork company with beautiful, high quality BDSM gear. They have a fairly wide selection of pony play gear under "The Stables at Sinvention" section. There is just something about their gear that I love...can't put my finger on it though. Note: They have a couple items of ponyplay related gear which are not listed in the "Stables" section. Most notably their hobbles and pony arm splints Also check out their twitter for updates on their cool gear!.

Fleet Ilya - Beautiful, high quality harnesses, saddles, and masks and bridles (they have dog, bunny, and fox masks). They have recently restarted production on their elegantly designed pony play saddle. While they are definitely on the pricier side, they do make some tasteful and beautiful gear.

Leder Gummi Studio - They have some pretty cool pony play and puppyplay gear including hoof boots, bridles, and masks. You may want to go directly to the page on ponyplay. There's an English version of their site but the photos don't seem to show up for some reason.

Wild Petplay - Wild Petplay makes awesome petplay hoods out of neoprene, and they often come as a complete set with hooves, paws, and/or tails. The unique patterning of Wild Petplay machine sewn hoods lends to many varieties: you can find hoods for ponies, pups, kittens and big cats, bovines (one of my favorites after their pony), and bears. Plus I've heard they are in the process of creating more designs, so keep an eye on their Twitter Account for updates.

Tromper's Pony Play Gear - They make cool pony hoods, hooves, and tails. They have do custom work and periodically have pre-made pony gear, including hoods, for sale.

Baron Vulkenstein - Cool rubber pony hoods! Link goes to their twitter; contact them directly for ordering.

Wild Gas Masks - Horse, jackal, dragon rubber hoods build upon gas masks. Check them out!

Gear Factory EU - Leather equine and other critter masks. The link takes you to their Etsy shop while their website is being updated (they have photos in their site, but you have to purchase through their Etsy shop in the interim).

Ponygurls - A good variety of pony gear (in addition to other general bondage gear). They also have decent selection of pony hoof boots and gloves.

Kiphos - BDSM and fetish photography by the latex horse Ertamus. They have extensive fetish photography experience to capture your pony, puppy, latex or pretty much any other BDSM scene perfectly. In addition, they also offer high quality photo printing.

Punitive Shoes - They have some nice looking pony boots with different color and length options. I have heard that they can be somewhat slow in shipping, however, I purchased a pair of their "Derby" boots a couple years back, and they did ship within the 45 business days quoted. Also, they have switched to a handmade horseshoe in place of an actual horse iron due to shipping costs. This change is not reflected in their product photos, so the horse shoe you will receive may be different than what is pictured.

Marquis - Fetish wear and some BDSM stuff. They have a nice pony bridle. They discontinued their pony gloves (hoof mitts), human pony saddle, foot trainers, and their pony boots, which is a shame since they were actually pretty hot looking (you can see what their hoof boots and saddle looked like courtesy of the internet archive).

S-Art - A lot of pony items. They have hoof boots, saddles, sulkies, tails, and more.

Fetish Universe - The site is mostly in German, but definitely worth taking a look at. You may wish to go directly to their page on pet play. They also sell tails (they even have a glass butt plug tail), nice hooves for hands, and bridles. They used to sell a really hot looking saddle, but it looks like they stopped making it. Cool stuff.

Fantasy Leather - Superb ponyplay harnesses (including the original House of Gord ponygirl harness) at reasonable prices. They will also work with you for custom work in leather or rubber.

Fetish Zone - They sell hand hooves, horse head masks, bits, and dildoes (including the wearable Pegasus). Fetishzone also carries a great selection of puppy play gear.

Wolf Princess Designs - I believe they mostly do custom work now, but they make beautiful tack with many cool bridles and harnesses. They also do a bunch of exotic animal play gear and costuming (e.g. zebra, fox, wolf, tiger, etc.). When their online store migrated to etsy, it seems that the gallery of previous work is no longer available, but I'm sure if you shoot them an email, they would be happy to send you some examples of previous commissions.

Terginum - They have some pony gear including a bridle, which looks pretty decent and seems to accommodate standard bio-horse bits (including bits with curb action), which is always a plus in my opinion.

Hot Steel Toys - They sell an awesome leather all fours trainer. This will keep your riding pony on all four hooves for the duration of your ride - and for as along a cool down period as you would like! Great piece of equipment for a very reasonable price!

Pony Hood Pattern for DIY Masks - Leather patterns to make your own pony hood (they also have patterns for some basic harnesses) if you want to make your own gear.

Truly Heavy Leather - Also known as Olde Armory Leather, they sell pony play harnesses custom fit to your pony. The price is more than reasonable (especially given that the price for the pony harness also includes a bridle), and the harness will last - these harnesses are real working pony tack. Their site is in the process of being redesigned, so you may wish to contact the proprietor via his Fetlife page if you have any questions or would like to place an order in the interim.

Fetish-Pets-Store - They have gear for ponies, dogs, cats, and pigs. They also sell hoof boots.

Fetters - The name says it all :) In addition to wonderful, high quality bondage gear, they also sell a couple bridles (I especially love the deliciously spikey and shiny deluxe bridle), bit gags, hobbles, and a pony tail.

Water Hole Custom Leather - Buck has some high quality pony gear, and if you want custom leather work that will last you a long time, this is the place to go. Buck's quality is extremely high, and you can expect his gear to last (I still have some stuff I bought from him over a decade ago that has seen a lot of use and is still great condition).

Bizarre Rubber Shop - They have some pretty cool stuff in general and for petplay specifically. If you prefer, you can go directly to their page on pony and pet play. They also sell a doggy suit (that keeps the wearer on all fours by keeping their limbs folded).

Black Wolf Leather (formerly The Well Kept Pet) - They make leather masks for animal role play. Although most of the photos on their site are of puppy masks, they definitely do make horse/pony masks (just contact them and tell them what you are looking for, and they will accomodate you). Their prices are reasonable, and when I met them at LA Fetish Pride, they were incredibly nice.

Firebird Leather - They make a good looking bridle with a gorgeous mane. There are many different color options available, and they are willing to customize the head harness to your needs and taste.

Exotic Erotics - They make anatomically accurate animal (equine and canine) dildos via life casting. They have various sizes including the Jackson horse dildo (shown in the photo on the right at that link), which is 21" long.

Zeta Paws - Dildos...in some unique shapes. Although they have discontinued the Thor dildo (at over 2 feet long - yeah, that's over 24 inches - that one was a monster), they do have some pretty interesting toys.

Bad Dragon - Although they specialize in dragon toys, they have anatomically correct dildos for several species including horses: they have both fully flared post-orgasm, and unflared dildo molds from a Thoroughbred stallion, "Chance the Stallion."

9 mm SFX - They have a wide selection of theatrical contact lenses. While they do not, at this time, have contacts emulating equine eyes, their goat eye is pretty cool. Their site states that they will they will no longer be selling to U.S. customers.

Circle A FX (formerly FX Eyes) - They offer a good selection of theatrical and special purpose contact lenses. They currently do not offer contacts emulating equine eyes, but they do offer custom theatrical designs to your specifications.

Spandexwear - Spandex suits for various animals including ponies. They also have other equine suits such as zebras, and even unicorns. The suits come with options such as an added mane.

Spanking Good - Has a new ponyplay section with great handmade gear with many options for customization.

The Stockroom - Sells a wide variety of BDSM gear including some pony play tack. They also sell some cool puppy fist mitts and other pet play equipment. I've purchased a few items from them over the years, and they are a great place to find a wide variety of BDSM gear in one place for a decent price.


Bio-Equine Equipment (non fetish)

Dover Saddlery - A large non fetish english tack store with lots of horse related products. They are especially good for saddles, girths and bits. They also sell tongue curbs, bit burrs, tongue straps and other items that can be used (or easily modified to use) on a ponygirl or ponyboy.

State Line Tack - A large non fetish tack retailer. They sell english and western tack, and other horse related items.

Dressage Extensions - A wide variety of tack. They have a nice selection of spurs, whips, and saddle pads.

Bit of Britain - An extensive selection of tack. Not just bits, but they have those too :)


Ponyplay Websites

Human Ponyplay - A frequently updated photo blog on ponyplay with a selection of cool photos and narrative. This is one of my favorite ponyplay sites. Check it out!

Fetish Pony - Suede's website on ponyplay. This is a wonderful site on ponyplay with several videos demonstrating the gaits of a ponygirl.

Sir Jeff's Ponygirls - A free ponygirl website with a huge (and I really mean huge) amount of pictures, stories, and other very fun and useful resources. There's really not much else to say except this is arguably the ultimate ponygirl website. Update: The site will remain up, but there will be no future updates.

Gagged Utopia Stories - A free website featuring lots of erotic BDSM-themed stories, including many about ponyplay (the link takes you to stories tagged as pony play related).

Gromets Plaza - Similar to Gagged Utopia, Gromet's Plaza has lots of BDSM stories. The link takes you to the ponygirl story section.

Submissive Guide - A great resource in general for BDSM, they also have an eloquent article on pony play.

ACHAK - Czech site on pony play. The "Asociace chovatelů antropomorfních koní", roughly translated (based on Google translate) as Anthropomorphic Horse Breeders Association, has lots of great info on pony play. They also organize human pony events, so definitely check them out if you're in the Czech Republic!

The Human Pony Registry - A little like a bio-equine breed registry (e.g. The Jockey Club for Thoroughbreds) for human ponies. The Human Pony Registry is not limited to ponies (i.e. trainers may register as well) and describes itself as: "...a group of dedicated people interested in the Pony play lifestyle. A place where Trainers, Owners, and Human Ponies can come together to meet and find others." They also have a nice article on ponyplay tack with advice on creating tack items from inexpensive hardware items - great advice for potential ponies and their trainers! Update: The Human Pony Registry is no longer accpeting new registrations. The site will remain up and available to all, but will not be updated in the future. Update 2: The Human Pony Registry is off line, but its most recent version can be viewed via the internet archive. This is included for historical purposes only.

My Ponygirl by Sir Anthony - This is a really cool blog. When I first put the link here, I'll confess to only scanning through and checking out the photos, but after spending a few minutes and reading his posts, I'm really impressed. It's definitely worth reading. Edit: His site no lonnger appears to be online, but the most recent version can be viewed via the internet archive.



Mystic Storm and Luna - The pony and trainer pair were awarded the title of International Pony and Trainer at the 2007 Florida Fetish Weekend. Mystic Storm is also the creator of the pony pride flag, which serves as a symbol of pride and involvement in the ponyplay community. The site explains the meaning of the symbols and coloring on the flag as well the inspiration for its design. Mystic Storm has released the pony pride flag design to the public domain, which is incredibly generous and awesome of her!

Ponyboy Rusty - A blog detailing the thoughts of Ponyboy Rusty. Interesting reading coupled with nice photos makes this is a nice blog on ponyplay from the perspective of a ponyboy.

Pony-Play.net - The site is primarily focused on pony play photos, art, and videos, but they also have information and tips on leanring about and getting started with pony play. A neat addition is their pony play park (PPP) project, which allows a pony to have a full stable experience for an hour, day, or even a week. Update: Pony-Play.net is off line, but its most recent version can be viewed via the internet archive. This is included for historical purposes only.

Shadowfaxi's Blog - A cool blog on pony play with tutorials and equipment reviews. Also, Shadowfaxi created the 2014 pony play census (an awesome idea, and one that surely took a lot of work, both to prepare the questions and to analyze the data) and will be posting the results. I hope there will be a 2016 census so we can watch the growth of the pony community!

Ponygirl Drafter - Pony Girl Drafter is a "nomadic human Clydesdale" who I know is quite active in the Fetlife ponyplay forums. There are some photos, links, and a nice blog. I think she also runs the informational Alternative Pony website, which, while still under construction, is unique and worth a look becuase she discusses western ponyplay (most ponyplay sites discuss english style ponyplay).

Danny the wonder pony - His official website has several photo galleries documenting his long history of being ridden in various clubs. His story makes for quite an interesting read: apparently he has made a few television appearences and even been in a Quentin Tarantino movie!

Chargerpony - Charger's personal site includes several photos of him tacked up (he has some pretty cool looking gear) and being ridden. He also talks about growing up around horses and how he became interested in becoming a ponyboy.

Silver Sparks - Silver Sparks has a great informational site on ponyplay with some cool pictures.

Pony Unique - This is pony Unique's site (based in central Texas). She has some pony play and BDSM links and a couple pages of photos of her as a ponygirl (she makes a beautiful ponygirl). Although the site is listed as under construction, I don't think it's been modified for quite some time.

Ponygirl Lyndsey's Corral - Ponygirl Lyndsey's personal site. Quite a few photos along with some useful information for those interested in pony play.

The Human Equine - Trigger's website where he describes his interest in pony play. He has several videos available for purchase in which he is carrying female riders. Sadly, Trigger died in 2015, and his site is no longer online. You can however, access some of the content via the Internet Archive.


Ponyplay Clubs

The Stampede - The San Francisco Bay Area Animal Roleplay Society. It's not just for ponies: anyone interested in any type of animal roleplay is welcome. If you live in the bay area, drop by a munch (munches are on the second Tuesday of every month from 8PM - 10PM) at Wicked Grounds Kink Café.

Ponies of Washington - A group of human ponies and handlers in the Seattle, WA area. They host play dates, munches, and other events. The link goes to their twitter feed, but you can also connect with them via their Fetlife group to stay abreast of upcoming events.

L.A. Pony and Critter Club - The Los Angeles pony and critter club ("Exploring human pony and critter role play in BDSM") is run by subMissAnn (aka Beauty) and welcomes anyone interested in animal roleplay - just like The Stampede, it is not just for ponies. If you live in southern California, drop by one of their munches or many play events.

Wingnut Stables - They are a BDSM and pony play friendly 17 acre private facility in central North Carolina. They require membership before you are allowed to attend any of their events, and membership is by invitation only. They suggest that you attend public events in the Raleigh area if you interested in membership. The link goes to their Fetlife group.

Renegades - This club for ponyboys is based in New York. It is primarily focused on gay male ponies, which I think is cool because I seldom hear much about male pony play (more often it is puppy play).

Second Life - A virtual with a solid pony play community. It's a great place to let your inner pony run free (or be tied down and trained). Check out SL PonyPlay to meet other ponies and trainers on Second Life (SL) and become part of the herd. There's also a huge amount of mouthwatering gear to be had for your virtual pony at the SL marketplace (e.g. this bridle system).


Pay sites

Kinky Ponygirl - Lots of pictures updated 3 times a month. High quality, original content. Quite a wide variety of ponyplay scenes with some really elaborate bondage. The site is definitely BDSM oriented with some strict ponygirl training scenes, and they even incorporate some eletrical play on occasion.

Pupett - Pupett makes a cool ponygirl. There is some free stuff, but some content requires payment. If you have read "The Human Pony", you will know she features prominently in many of the book's photos. While she is a professional fetish model, she really does get into the ponygirl role.

House of Gord - They have some ingenious and strict training devices and regimens. I don't subscribe (not because I don't like it - I simply can't rationalize paying for subscriptions to a bunch of sites), so I'm not sure how much you really get with a subscription, but the sample photos and videos are pretty cool.

Shadow Players - Photos and videos with a fair amount of ponyplay content. While not exclusively pony play, one of their models was a cart ponygirl at the Folsom Street Fair.



FetLife - A large BDSM online community with many ponyplay and human pet discussion groups. It's a little bit like facebook for kinky people. If you decide to join, I recommend the Pony Play discussion group, which has nearly 6000 members. You can also find me on Fetlife as cpony - stop by and say hello.

The Veterinarian - He makes wonderful sketches of animal role play: ponygirls, puppy girls, and more. Check out his deviant art gallery as well.

Wicked Grounds - If you live in the San Francisco bay area, or are just visiting, stop by this kink café and boutique - it's the only place in SF to get coffee served in a dog bowl.

Pony Play Links - A great compilation of links specifically for pony play.

Make Your Own Pony Hooves - A guide to making your own pony hoof boots written by "Boots" the ponyboy.

caryl's Page - Pony and pet related links

Rubber Dawg - Dog and puppy play masks for various breeds of dogs.

Kitten Cream - Extensive selection of kitten play gear including kitty play tails, ears, and collars. Only kitty play (not ponyplay), but I stumbled across the site and their gear looks really nice. Coupled with the fact that kitty play gear can be somewhat scarce, I thought it was worth including them here.