Tack and Equipment for Ponyplay


In the domesticated bio-horse world there is a huge range in the prevalence of tack: bio-horses can be ridden without any tack whatsoever (i.e. bareback without halter or bridle), or they can be ridden and trained with a huge number of training aids. The same is true for ponyplay. Most of the pieces of tack used in ponyplay mirror those used in the bio-equine world, albeit usually adapted for use on a human. In addition there are also items used in ponyplay that would not be used on a bio-horse (e.g. a bio-horse has no need for a horse head mask or latex body suit). Thus there is a plethora of equipment available specifically for ponyplay, but of course you can make your own tack or adapt bio-horse tack to your needs.

I enjoy the bondage aspects of pony play. As a human "forced" into becoming an animal, restraints are needed to keep me in pony role. Thus for me, tack is a necessity during ponyplay. However, there are many ponies who play at being a wild horse or otherwise don't necessarily like to be burdened with tack. Thus, the amount and type of tack is completely a matter of personal preference. So, while strictly speaking no equipment is needed for ponyplay, the BDSM fetish of ponyplay (which this site is about) usually involves equipment of some kind, so I will talk about some of the common (and some of the uncommon) pieces of ponyplay equipment.

Common items for ponyplay include wrist restraints (I like having my arms restrained, but not all ponies do - thus it is not uncommon for a pony to wear leather wrist cuffs without them being clipped to anything, effectively leaving the arms free), a bit or bit gag, and a tail. If you are already into BDSM, you probably already have wrist restraints and possibly a bit gag. Tails for ponyplay can be found fairly easily.

While a bit gag and tail can probably get the point across, quite a few ponies have bridles (which can have plumes, blinders, ears, etc.), and body harnesses of some kind. Hoof boots and hoof mitts are not uncommon. There are several designs of hoof boots out there, and the best hoof boot (or whether to use hoof boots at all) for your pony depends strongly on what disciple of ponyplay you will engage in (some boots are just designed to look hot, some are designed to give a pony some type of ankle support, etc.). Hoof mitts are suitable for nearly every type of ponyplay, but they (like every item of pony play tack) are item of personal taste (I love them, but I love the bondage aspects of ponyplay).

Saddles are common for riding ponies, but saddles are also seen on show ponies and cart ponies where they might be purely decorative. A saddle can be somewhat heavy, and its attachment to the pony adds to the feeling of restriction. Then there are martingales, tongue curbs, and other somewhat esoteric items (well, esoteric in pony play, but not so much in bio-equine world).

Thus, ponyplay can be very expensive if you want to go all out. However, like I mentioned above, a simple bit gag with reins and a tail work just fine. Even if you add in a pair wrist cuffs, the total cost will still be quite reasonable. If you are new to ponyplay, it might be a good idea to start off simple and see how you like it before purchasing a whole bunch of equipment.

Also, since ponyplay is based on bio-horse riding and training, consider adapting bio-horse items to your needs. Bits, hobbles, tongue ports, crops, whips, spurs, twitches, stud chains, polos, reins, lead ropes, and some saddles (if bio-pony sized and only used for decoration) can all be purchased from bio-horse tack shops and used on a human pony with little or no modification needed.

Just a quick note: I use "tack" and "equipment" interchangeably, and in ponyplay, I do indeed consider them to be roughly the same. However, in the bio-equine world, tack is often taken to mean the items used during riding, while equipment is considered to be inclusive of all the items used in relation to a horse and its care (i.e. tack is a subset of equipment: a bridle would be a piece of tack and a piece of equipment; a horse blanket would be a piece of equipment but not a piece of tack).

Below are pieces of tack used in ponyplay with brief descriptions. If you want to learn more about a certain piece of tack, follow the link to the full article on that item.


If you are looking to buy your ponyplay equipment, I would suggest Fury Fantasy, which, in my opinion, has some of the best equipment, especially when it comes to horse head masks. Csara, which no longer seems to be in business (their website is still up, so they may restart production at some point), also had some great harnesses and pony gear. Reactor Rubber, also no longer in business (their site no longer exists), made some of the best pony boots (comfortable to wear and walk in and great looking as well).

I've also listed some of my personal favorite pieces of ponyplay tack.