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I'm starting this ponyplay blog mostly as an outlet for some of my thoughts both on BDSM in general, and pony play specifically. If you're interested great.

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Dore Alley 2017 Video and Photos

Written on 7/31/2014 by cPony
Eager to show off my new tack from Restrictionwear, I made my way to Dore Alley yesterday. With the help of the cutes puppy ever, I was bound and tacked up in complete harness, mask, hoof boots, and hobbles. on a San Francisco street (albeit closed for the fair of course). With precision, Donut Pupper led me around with my reins held tightly between his teeth...Read more

The Equestrian Team (Part 2)

Written on 2/24/2016 by cPony
A sequel to my earlier story, "The Equestrian Team," in which Josh was overpowered by the college's equestrian team and transformed into a horse. After Spring Break, Josh returns to school and soon forgets about the incident that happened weeks earlier in which he was humiliated and left bound, naked in horse tack on a stall floor.

Several weeks into spring quarter, Josh starts reurning to the barn with regularity at times he knows the team will not be around. However, one day he miscalculates and runs into Emily and Ashley...Read more

Shock Collar, Bit Gag and Hoof Gloves (Video)

Written on 2/11/2016 by cPony
With the collar set on max, I get painfully shocked by T.

In the first few seconds of the video, you can see the powerful shocks of the collar casuing my neck muscles to contract rhythmically (and completely involuntarily). While it's fun to watch, it was incredibly painful to endure. I try in vain to pull the shock collar away from my skin with my hands encased in latex hoof mitts.

T smiles at my efforts and jabs the shock button again and again, sending searing pain into my neck causing me to gasp in pain and claw uselessly at the collar with my hooves....Read more

Year in Review: Pony Play in 2016

Written on 12/29/2016 by cPony
2016 has flown by way too quickly. Now that we're a couple days away from 2017, I thought it would be fun to take a look at what happened in the world of pony play in 2016.

On the personal side of things, this pony make a vow to attend more events at the begining of 2016, and, for the most, I succeeded. I attended Nighty's pony workshop in Berlin (as a pony and a human), San Francisco Pride Parade (as a pony leading a pony), Folsom Europe (as a pony), Folsom San Francisco (as a pony), and The Chase (formerly the Northern California Fox Hunt)...Read more

DIY Pony Point Trainers

Written on 11/15/2016 by cPony
As I was writing a story (okay, fine also a fantasy of mine) about a person being forcibly transformed into a human pony at a barn, I found myself thinking up a way in which his feet could be turned into hooves, forcing him to keep his heels up and walk on his toes with only the supplies available at the average barn. When I came up with a way to accomplish this, I just had to try it out. When I confirmed it worked surprisingly well, I knew I had to share. So...here's a way to turn someone's feet into hooves without the benefit of hoof boots - well, hoof boots for people anyway :)...Read more

DIY Hand Hooves

Written on 10/15/2016 by cPony
How to transform hands into hooves with basic supplies available at your local tack store...Read more

Human Ponies and Puppies at Folsom Europe 2016

Written on 10/13/2016 by cPony
A few weeks ago I took a short trip to Berlin to attend Folsom Europe. It was a great experience! I got to hang out with three other awesome ponies and a very cool puppy. Here are some of the photos I took (and while wearing my pony mask no less!)...Read more

From Colt to Stallion: cpony.com Turns Five Years Old

Written on 9/15/2016 by cPony
cpony.com turns five years old today. He's officially a stallion! I wanted to take a moment to thank every single person who's visited cpony.com for your time and your inspiration to continue writing about pony play, a subject which I'm incredibly passionate about...Read more

Erotic vs Non-Erotic Ponyplay Revisited: Is there a meaningful difference?

Written on 1/8/2016 by cPony
Many people believe that erotic pony play, the kind that involves lots of bondage, dehumanization, and yes, even mild humiliation only exists in porn, that nobody who actually does pony play would be into those things.

Well, I do pony play, and I am into all those facets of this wonderfully diverse fetish. Moreover, there are many more like me who enjoy the erotic aspects of pony play. Too often I hear of people reluctant to attend munches or events because they are drawn to the erotic aspects of pony play and fear that they are outliers and will have nothing in common with other animal roleplayers who are not interested in the erotic aspects of play.

Not only is erotic pony play not uncommon, I also believe that it's incredibly similar to non-erotic ponyplay. So similar in fact, that during most training scenes, an outside observer would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two since the real differences are all contained in the pony's mind, and with a bit in his mouth, the pony is not going to be articulating his reasons for enjoying pony play.

Thus, I argue the pony's mindset has no relevance to the vast majority of training scenes...Read more

Review of Bob Basset Leather Horse Mask

Written on 12/28/2015 by cPony
I never thought I would own a pony mask.

I love the feeling of a bit strapped tightly in my mouth, that feeling of being under the complete control of whomever holds the other ends of the reins.

But the yearning for a mask creeped up on me, until finally I caved and went searching for a horse mask that could present my pony side to world while serving its primary purpose during play: to dehumanize me and hide my pleading eyes, allowing a trainer to shirk any inhibitions she had about treating me like an animal...Read more

DIY Guide: How I Made a Pair of Hoof Boots

Written on 10/15/2015 by cPony
I especially love the aesthetic of the Reactor style hoof boots (where the boot is inserted into the hoof). Sadly, those boots have been discontinued for several years now. However, I wondered how difficult it would be to make a similar pair, so several months ago I decided to try my hand at making such a boot.

As it turns out, it's not especially difficult, but it is time consuming (if, like me, you don't have any previous experience in leather or metalworking). Anyway, after months of working at this project off and on, I'm finally finished, and I would like to share with you how I made them. So here's a step by step guide to how I made a pair of these boots. Also included are the set of stencils I used to trace out each of the parts of the hooves...Read more

Photos of the Ponies at San Francsico Pride 2015

Written on 8/4/2015 by cPony
I was once again given the wonderul opportunity to walk with alongside the awesome ponies and critters of the Stampede during the San Francisco pride parade (which was a little over a month ago). This year's parade came shortly after another landmark US Supreme Court decision, so the mood was especially cheerful and there was a good turnout of human ponies. Here are some of the photos I took during the parade...Read more

Self Pony Play

Written on 5/31/2015 by cPony
How do you get your pony fix when you're alone?

This is a question I get asked every so often, and I think it's worth discussing because it's something we all face at some point: you're in between trainers, or perhaps you're simply alone in the house for a long weekend, and you find your mind wandering to thoughts of bridle and harness...Read more

Conforming Your Pony's Conformation: A Bad Idea

Written on 4/18/2015 by cPony
There was a recent dicussion on the Fetlife pony play forum regarding the standardization of gaits, and other movements. I'll admit that the concept irked me (though I won't admit how much) for two main reasons:

First of all, standardization discourages people from exploring all aspects of the fetish by telling them here is the "right" way to do things. Therefore, you need to aspire to this "correct" form otherwise you're doing it wrong, or at the very least, you're not doing it as well as this other pony who is following the "standard"...Read more

Making my Own Hooves for Hands and Feet (Part 1)

Written on 1/16/2015 by cPony
Lately, I have been feeling somewhat crafty. There are a couple projects I have planned for this year, but the one project I have been wanting to try for a long time is to make a hoof boot (and hand hooves - the metal hoof portion would render fingers completely useless) similar to the Reactor boots. So, with a little spare time on my hands, I started by fabricating the hoof portion...Read more

Pony Play Events in 2015 in the U.S.

Written on 1/9/2015 by cPony
It's the begining of a new year, and 2015 feels like a good one! And what better time of the year than now to look at what pony events 2015 has in store for us (sorry about not making this a world wide list, but time was little short when I was putting this together)...Read more

Illustrated 5 Step to Converting a Bio-horse Bridle to Fit a Human Pony

Written on 1/2/2015 by cPony and Soph
There are many reasons to want to use a bio-horse bridle on your human pony (expense, authenticity, style, material, etc.), and as it turns out, the conversion process doesn't take terribly long nor require any cutting or resewing of leather. Here's a tutorial on how to convert pretty much an bio-horse bridle to fit your ponyboy's head in a few short minutes...Read more

Year in Review: Pony Play in 2014

Written on 12/26/2014 by cPony
As the last post of 2014, I thought it would be interesting to briefly look back at 2014 in the world of pony play, and share my own plans for the year to come...Read more

How Much Tack Should I Use on My Ponyboy?

Written on 12/19/2014 by cPony
There seem to be two very general schools of thought on pony tack: as much as possible and as little as possible. Most people will be somewhere in bewteen, but the friendly debate that comes up every so often seems to revolve around the two extremes. Neither side is wrong. It is simply a matter of personal preference...Read more

Interview with Humanorhorse of the South Louisiana Pony and Puppy Group

Written on 12/3/2014 by cPony
I have known Humanorhorse for a couple years now and watched as he started a local pony group and slowly grew it, organizing and putting on events to bring local ponies together and draw in other pony players from the extended local region. His perserverence and dedication have impressed me, and I'm happy to have the opportunity to interview him. I'm sure his experiences will prove valuable to others trying to get a local group or even up and running...Read more

Attending the Northern California Fox Hunt

Written on 10/20/2014 by cPony
I attended my first ever human fox hunt recently. It was something I've been dying to do for awhile. Although I didn't go as pony this year (I wanted to test the waters a bit first), I will definitely be going back - and - in full gear to help chase those human foxes down...Read more

Review of the Pegasus Equine Sheath V2

Written on 10/14/2012 by cPony
The second generation Pegasus equine sheath, a wearable penis sheath shaped like a horse cock, brings with it a few improvements over its predecessor. Namely, the redesigned ball strap holds the sheath so well in place that it truly feels like the Pegasus is a part of you. Also the Pegasus 2 has a thinner shaft wall and a longer shaft interior, and the toy is now available in a wider array of colors, including natural and fluorescent color combinations...Read more

Human Ponies at the 2014 Foslom Street Fair

Written on 9/27/2013 by cPony
The 31st Folsom Street Fair was last Sunday bringing with it the third annual creature cavalcade. Although the weather was overcast and threatened rain (though it never did end up raining), there was a good turnout of human ponies (and puppies and critters). I was fortunate enough to make it out for both rounds of cavalcade and catch the ponies of the House of Hunt during their rounds. Here are some photos and video of the ponies...Read more

Pony Play Podcast Episodes - Interviews and Discussions with Ponies and Trainers

Written on 9/7/2014 by cPony
A few days ago, I ran out of space on my phone and had to start deleting some podcasts. Well, in so doing, I came across a kink podcast episode on pony play, which I couldn't even remember downloading, but I decided to keep it. On the drive home, I put it on in car and was quite impressed with it. So, when I got home, I went on a little hunt for more such episodes from different sources, and I actually found several good ones...Read more

Sinvention DeLuxe Leather Lined Pony Breeding Hobbles - A Review

Written on 8/18/2014 by cPony
I have admired the Sinvention pony play hobbles for quite some time now. I love the combination of the elegant, locking leather cuffs contrasted with the utilitarian, genuine livestock grade chain that joins them together. So, I finally decided to splurge and buy a pair when they went on sale earlier late last month. After eager waiting for them to be made, I finally received them and tested them out. Here is my review of the pony breeding hobbles by Sinvention...Read more

Dore Alley 2014 Photos

Written on 7/27/2014 by cPony
I made it back from San Diego (after flying down to attend and photograph their 2014 pride parade) in time to make it out to the 2014 Up Your Alley festival (Dore Alley) in San Francisco. Although there weren't a whole lot of ponies (Dore usually has a lot of pups and comparatively few ponies), I did spot at least one pony I knew. Anyway, I took some photos of the human animals (as well as a few photo of the just plain cool bondage outfits that appear at this mini-Folsom) and put together a minute or so of video of different parts of the fair...Read more

Photos of the Ponies and Critters at San Diego Pride 2014

Written on 7/20/2014 by cPony
I promised myself that I would try to attend more pony events (or events that include ponies) during the upcoming year. So, when I heard that San Diego Pride parade (which is only a short flight from San Francisco) would be on a Saturday in July (perfect for a quick weekend trip), I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the parade. Here are a few of the photos I snapped of the ponies and critters before and during the parade...Read more

Basics of Fitting Your Pony with a Bit

Written on 7/12/2014 by cPony
A properly fitted bit is essential for proper communication between rider and pony. A bit that is too loose and jostles around when a pony is trotting can cause a pony to miss subtle (and sometimes even not so suble) rein signals. Here are a couple of the main considerations for fitting a bit to your pony...Read more

12 Common Misconceptions about Pony Play

Written on 7/6/2014 by cPony
As with anything else, pony play has its share of myths and misconceptions. Typically these come about innnocently, with someone being exposed to certain type of play (or a certain style of play gets portrayed to a large audience, who has no other basis on which form opinions) and drawing conclusions from that experience. However, misconceptions can easily discourage people from trying pony play, so I want to take a few minutes to examine a dozen common (in my opinion) myths about pony play...Read more

13 Suggestions for the Year of The Horse

Written on 3/4/2014 by cPony
It's the Year of The Horse (and the Wood Horse at that - if you ever wanted an excuse to get a wooden pony, now's your chance. The next wood horse won't be around for another 60 years). I feel a little bad commandeering the Chinese Zodiac for kinky purposes, but I'm hoping that it might be great year for pony players everywhere. In that spirit, I came up with 13 resolutions/suggestions on how to incorporate more pony play into your life for the Year of The Horse (one for each month)...Read more

The Appeal of Pony Play to Me

Written on 2/27/2014 by cPony
Explaining exactly why pony play appeals to me has never been one my strong suits, probably because I didn't really understand why myself. I mean, why not puppy play, or zebra play? You certainly don't have to understand why you like some to like it, but when I came across an article on the symbolism of the horse and rider in literature, it really caught my attention and shed a little light on some of reasons pony play appeals me, and I thought I would share - you know, being the Year of The Horse and all :)...Read more

Pony Play Mind Map

Written on 12/1/2013 by cPony
Before I left for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I was at a seminar where the speaker used a spider diagram. It reminded me of how useful mind maps can be in communicating associations between ideas. So, having a couple hours free, I decided to make a pony play version. Basically, this was just for fun, but in retrospect, it might be useful in illustrating some of the potential rolee, scenes, mindsets, pieces of equipment, etc. to those new and curious. Besides, looking at a colorful diagram beats listening to mean drone on for hours!...Read more

Sinvention Pony Point Trainers - A Review

Written on 11/3/2013 by cPony
My first ever order from Sinvention, The pony point trainers by Sinvention are a great way to teach your ponyboy to stay on his toes when you don't want to whip out the hoof boots. If he fights them and tries to lower his heels, the pony point trainers are incredibly painful, but if he doesn't fight them, they are wonderfully comfortable and more than a little arousing to wear...Read more

Pony Photos from the 2013 Foslom Street Fair

Written on 10/1/2013 by cPony
This year marks the 30th Folsom Street Fair and the second annual human animal cavalcade at the fair. I relived the magic of a year ago watching all the ponies and creatures gather to play and strut their stuff at what is probably the largest fetish event in the world. I'd like to share some of the photos I took, which I hope can convey the wonder that I felt for the second year in a row...Read more

A Few of My Favorite Pony Play Sites

Written on 9/8/2013 by cPony
Here are a few of my favorite pony sites. These are places that I'll head to when I'm in the mood to relax and take in the awesomeness that is pony play...Read more

Unique Challenges in Human Pony Training Part I (Hooves)

Written on 9/1/2013 by cPony
I'm planning to do several installments on pre-training your human to prepare him for pony training. In many ways, training a human pony can be more difficult than training a bio-horse. Indeed, before you even get to "training", you have train your human to look and act like a horse. For example, there would never be a need to train a bio-horse to walk on his toes or not to have fingers, but for a human pony, these are valid training topics...Read more

Up Your Alley 2013 Photos

Written on 7/28/2013 by cPony
I've had a lot of fun getting back into going to the various parades, fairs, and festivals. Today I went to the annual Up Your Alley Fair. It's been described as a mini Folsom with a slightly more male focus, which turned out to be a fair assessment. It was lots of fun, and there quite a few animals, but I only saw one pony. Anyway, here are some of the photos of the pups, critters, and the pink pony...Read more

5 Places to Buy Horse Head Masks

Written on 7/13/2013 by cPony
It's been over 6 months since I last did one of these, so it feels a little overdue. Probably you know most (or all) of these artisans, but here are 5 places that make horse head masks...Read more

Photos of the Ponies and Critters at SF Pride

Written on 7/2/2013 by cPony
I had a wonderful time at the SF Pride Parade this past Sunday, and I wanted to share some photos of the ponies, critters, and handlers that were a part of the parade's leather contingent. The leather marshals of the SF Pride Parade ride in human pony carts along the parade route...Read more

Rosebuds Pony Tail Review

Written on 6/27/2013 by cPony
Designed by Julian Snelling, the solid steel plug portion has an elegant, tasteful look with bronze petals at the base. It is solidly made, and the tail itself is real horse hair. I was surprised to find myself buying the version with the larger plug portion. However, I don't regret my purchase, and while it is a little on the expensive side, I could actually find no real issues with the Rosebuds tail...Read more

Animal Roleplay Munches

Written on 6/17/2013 by cPony
I've been into pony play for years, but until March of this year, I have never attended a munch. It's not that I considered attending one but decided not to, but rather it never really occured to me to attend one. I guess I fell into the trap of assuming one of the primary purposes of going to a munch is to meet potential play partners (which was rather presumptuous of me). It was such a wonderful experience, I feel stupid for not taking my own advice and attending one sooner...Read more

Roller Bits for Resistant Ponyboys

Written on 6/16/2013 by cPony
After reading a story about a man forced to become a ponyboy (what a surprise huh?) that described a really cool bit that has a tongue port that rotates and little sleeves over the mouthpiece to prevent him biting down on the bit to stop the rotation (or it being pulled back further in his mouth). It turns out that roller bit plus a rubber tongue tongue port (perhaps with a little vetwrap perhaps to cover the rollers) would probably be nearly equivalent. So of course, I went out and bought one and T helped me decide if it's as efficacious as the story led me to believe (it is)...Read more

The Riding School (Book 1) (Book Review)

Written on 6/15/2013 by cPony
The classic, girl forced to become a ponygirl at an equestrian school, is nicely implemented in the first part of this series of erotic fiction. I found it to be quite well written, and the book had me aroused for most of the 5 chapters. The author clearly spent some time researching items of tack for bio-horses and human ponies. It made for a good read, but it is part of an installment series, so it ends a little abruptly (which is not unexpected from the book's description)....Read more

Pony Training: 5 Case Studies (Book Review)

Written on 6/2/2013 by cPony
A part of me did not want to post this review (the review is a little ranty and I gave it 0 stars), but I decided to put it up because I don't want someone else to waste their money on this. The book is not series of case studies (as it describes itself) that explore the mindset of human ponies, but rather it is a collection of 5 stories that the author pulled from the internet (SirJeffs and/or other free sites) and used without crediting the original author...Read more

ErosTek ET-232 Review

Written on 5/21/2013 by cPony
A couple weeks ago, I purchased the ET232, a portable e-stim unit, and after some testing, I have completed a preliminary review of the device. It's biggest strengths are its very light weight and small size. While it provides ample power for pretty much any purpose, it doesn't permit as fine a power adjustment as I would have hoped for. However, it's a wonderful toy to have, and unbeatable for being able to provide pleasure and pain on the go (or attached to pony's harness)...Read more

Human Fox Hunts

Written on 4/29/2013 by cPony
Back in March, I was handed a flyer for a human fox hunt. Frankly, I had never really given much thought to attending such an event (for no other reason than it never really occured to me) until recently. To be fair, the 2013 Northern California Fall Fox Hunt, which the flyer was advertising, is a special affair with featured presenter Rebecca Wilcox (author of "The Human Pony" and organizer of the first fox hunt in 2006) and a whole weekend of outdoor animal roleplay, but the idea of a hunt is intriguing enough on its own...Read more

Interview with Ponygirl Bixy of the OPCC

Written on 4/8/2013 by cPony
Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to interview to interview Ponygirl Bixy. She started the Ottawa Pony and Critter Club (OPCC), which is a local animal role play group for ponies and critters in the Ottawa, Canada area. I have been impressed with her dedication to creating an organised community, and I can only imagine the amount of work involved in starting a local group, organising munches and events (and offering a shuttle service to members without transportation). I hope you find the interview as fun and interesting as I did...Read more

Pony Play Quotes

Written on 4/7/2013 by cPony
A selection of quotes on pony play from around the web. Although they may or may not be representative of what people think, I thought they were interesting and entertaining...Read more

Smartphone Controlled Shock Collar Training System: Development I

Written on 3/24/2013 by cPony
I now have overall design guidelines for my smartphone controlled ponyboy training/shock collar system. The first step is controlling the basic shocking mechanism from a smartphone app over bluetooth, which should not be terribly difficult. The other features will require a microprocessor and some additional circuitry, but I am motivated to get this working! Are there any other features you think should be included?...Read more

Human Pony Shows

Written on 2/17/2013 by cPony
A few months back I was prompted to read the rules for a couple human pony shows after reading a post where the author was lamenting the judging criteria.

At first, I found myself agreeing with the author of the post, but as I read more and considered the issue along with my experience with bio-horse shows, I realized it was ludicrous to assume that a single pony play competition should cover every possible discipline and style of play...Read more

PonyCon: A Wonderful Idea

Written on 2/15/2013 by cPony
Two months ago, I read a wonderful post, where the author suggested the possibility of having a dedicated pony play convention. Since then, I have beenunable to get the idea out of my mind. Every time I considered the concept, I thought of something else we could include at such an event. Anyway, I decided to write down my musings in hopes of banishing them from my mind until the day comes that such a convention is a reality...Read more

Pony Play Crossword Puzzle

Written on 2/12/2013 by cPony
Do you have a spare couple minutes? Try the pony play crossword puzzle...Read more

Yet Another 10 Pony Play Scene Ideas

Written on 1/31/2013 by cPony
Are you still unsure what to do with your shiny new pony? Good news! There are tons of things you can do to - I mean with - him. Here are another 10 scene ideas you can try out...Read more

More Pony, Less Boy: Treating Your Ponyboy Like a Horse

Written on 1/23/2013 by cPony
Pony play: treat your partner like a horse.

Seems simple, right?

It really is as simple as that. But, and I'm sure you saw that "but" coming from across the arena, when you actually care about your partner, it can be hard to treat him like a barnyard animal...Read more

Answering Reader Questions

Written on 1/22/2013 by cPony
There are a few questions (or variations thereof) that I get relatively frequently, so I thought it might be useful to post some of them here along with my answers. Hopefully this will help out some other ponies who may have the same questions...Read more

The Right Way to Play

Written on 1/20/2013 by cPony
There is so much information out there on pony play that I thought it would be a good idea to compile a comprehensive list of rules for correct play. After much research, I have come up with the 10 definitive rules for proper pony play...Read more

The Elastrator or The Treadmill

Written on 1/9/2013 by cPony
Over the holidays, my trainer got me all tacked up and made me choose between running on the treadmill or being elastrated. I chose the treadmill and recount my experience here. I wrote this post right after the scene, but in re-reading it now, I'm not really sure what to make of it. I've posted it anyway because I'm not going to rewrite it. It's in a no man's land between a dry account of events and bad BDSM erotica, so just be warned if choose to read it...Read more

7 Places to Buy Pony Play Saddles

Written on 12/11/2012 by cPony
As a follow up to my post on bridles, I put together this list of places to find saddles. There were eight on this list originally, but one was a limited edition from Fleet Ilya that is no longer available. I actually found 2 saddles (one English, the other Western) for two legged ponies...Read more

"The Human Pony" Book Review

Written on 11/4/2012 by cPony
The only book on human pony play, Rebecca Wilcox's book "The Human Pony" is a valuable reference for those starting out in pony play. While, the book may be most useful for those without any bio-horse experience, I think it does offer useful information for anyone interested in ponyplay...Read more

A Pony Play Negotiation Form

Written on 10/19/2012 by cPony
In response to a recent request by humanpony (thanks for the great idea!), I have created a pony play negotiation form. Not only that, but it is also available as a PDF you can fill out then print (opens in a new window). It is based on the puppy play negotiation form (which is very well done BTW - check it out if you are into puppy play). Anyway, I hope to see some paper copies of these at play parties :) - seriously, I hope you like it...Read more

DIY and Inexpensive Pony Play Tack Alternatives

Written on 10/17/2012 by cPony
For those ponies and trainers just starting out, the cost of gear can sometimes be a barrier to entry into pony play. While I certainly love all the fancy pony play tack on the market, I generally recommend that you make (or use bio-horse equivalents) your own tack until you decide if you enjoy pony play enough to invest money into professionally made equipment.

Today, I've put a few links to tutorials on how to make various pieces of pony play equipment. For most, all you will need is some rope...Read more

The Prevalence of Pony Play

Written on 10/13/2012 by cPony
A few months back, I wrote about the inclusion of pony play in mainstream entertainment (TV, music, movies, etc). Today I want to do the opposite. I want to look at internet searches for pony play related terms and try to correlate them with mentions in mainstream media...Read more

Live Pony Play Is Mesmeric: Seeing is Believing

Written on 9/30/2012 by cPony
Idiot that I am, I rarely go to BDSM or ponyplay events (in defiance of my own advice, I should add), so I rarely get to watch pony play (I'm almost always a participant (a pony or a trainer/handler), not a spectator). I have engaged in countless ponyplay scenes over the years as both a trainer and pony; I've gone to kinky events (including a Folsom Fair) as a pony, but until last week, I've never really watched pony play from an outsider's perspective...Read more

Folsom Street Fair 2012 Photos

Written on 9/23/2012 by cPony
I went to the Folsom Street Fair today and took a few photos that I thought I would share. They are all pretty much of the human animals that I enountered during the day. I'll be adding a few more as I have time to process them, but I wanted to get a few up quickly so you know that I wasn't wasting my day ;)

I tried to keep the file sizes down, but because of the number of photos it is still around 1MB, so it may take a few seconds to load, depending on your connection speed...Read more

Achieving Pony Headspace as a BDSM Ponyboy - My Experience

Written on 9/17/2012 by cPony
What I don't always say on this blog is that during some training sessions, I sometimes forget that it's sexual.

I'm not saying that there are times I put my tack on and go into pony space, and all of a sudden it loses sexual appeal: that just doesn't happen to me. Whenever I get tacked up, I get turned on...always, never fail, full stop.

It's what happens after I'm tacked up that sometimes makes me go into a pseudo pony headspace. For me pony headspace (or at least my approximation to it) is achieved only when I am forced (by both tack and a particularly challenging training session) to concentrate especially hard on the task at hand: on listening to my trainer and executing her commands...Read more

Electrified Bits and Spurs - Working Prototypes

Written on 9/15/2012 by cPony
Powered by a shock collar, I made a working prototype electrified bit gag and a pair of electrified spurs (all the fun of sharp pointy spurs, but without leaving any marks). With the help of a little copper tape and some conductive glue, it was actually not too difficult to make them, and I now have many more ideas of things to electrify...Read more

Another 10 Pony Play Scene Ideas

Written on 9/3/2012 by cPony
Extending on my previous list of 10 pony play scene ideas with some reader suggestions, here are 10 more ponyplay scene ideas to help you change things up...Read more

Talk, Whinny, or Mmmph - Is it necessary to gag your ponyboy

Written on 8/27/2012 by cPony
Ponies don't talk. But should they try?

Well, as some of you may already know, I can be a bit of a gearhead when it comes to ponyplay. While I don't have to be completely decked out, I do require some tack (read: bondage) to really get into a scene. Maybe it is because I have to lose physical control before I am willing to surrender mental control (i.e. get into a pony headspace)...Read more

Review of the Pegasus Equine Sheath

Written on 8/11/2012 by cPony
After some extensive testing :) I have completed my review of the newest toy in my collection: The Pegasus equine sheath. The Pegasus equine sheath is a horse cock dildo with the inside hollowed out so you can wear it over your own cock.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the Pegasus. It communicates physical stimulation surprisingly well and the extra reach of the long sheath is definitely appreciated in some positions (the added girth is also appreciated for those on which the Pegasus is used). The visual appearance of the Pegasus is absolutely stunning, and it stays on well even during the more frantic sessions...Read more

First Impressions of the Pegasus Equine Sheath

Written on 8/6/2012 by cPony
My Pegasus equine sheath arrived in the mail today, and I am very excited (pun intended). Alhtough I have not as yet worn it (the last few days have been quite busy), I did want to share my excitement with you, and give some of my first impressions. A full review will follow in the next couple days (hopefully I will have it up by Wednesday night)...Read more

Ears and Blinders: Focus Your Pony's Attention by Restricting His Senses

Written on 8/5/2012 by cPony
I purchased a new bridle fairly recently, and it came with a pair of ears that were of the type that covers my own ear (as opposed to clipping on to the browband of the bridle). Aesthetically, the ears were fine, but I was most surprised by how well they functioned.

The ears were surprisingly effective at muffling sounds that were not originating directly in front of me. As soon as the ears were attached to the bridle, I knew I loved them. I have worn earplugs before in play to "help" me concentrate, but having directional sound was a new experience...Read more

Bondage Ponyboy to Animal Role-Player: Why Do I Have to Choose?

Written on 7/29/2012 by cPony
Ponyplay for me is a study in contradictions. Some days I am exclusively a bondage ponyboy: bound up tight in harness, boots, bridle, hobbles, and shock collar (and electric butt plug) such that I can barely move.

On those days my trainer spends half the time admiring my predicament and the other half asking me to perform acts that are physically impossible given the degree of bondage, and then punishing me when I cannot perform them. We like to call this unreasonable bondage...Read more

How to Attach a Rubber Bit Port: An Illustrated Guide

Written on 7/22/2012 by cPony
I have written up a 7 step photo tutorial illustrating how to attach a rubber tongue port (also called a juba tongue port) to a ponyboy's (or ponygirl's) rubber bit gag. A rubber tongue port is an inexpensive way to keep your ponyboy's tongue down and prevent him from getting his tongue over the bit. The restricted tongue movement can cause (almost invariably does cause) copious drooling. With a tongue port attached to his bit, your ponyboy should be much more responsive to rein cues since he cannot avoid the action of the bit with his tongue. Moreover, the tongue port itself will dig into the ponyboy's soft palate when the reins are pulled. Anyway, here is an illustrated, step by step guide on how to attach a rubber tongue port to your pony's bit gag...Read more

Sub, Bottom, or Pony: Submission in Ponyplay

Written on 7/20/2012 by cPony
I don't like submitting to anyone, even my trainer.

I try to avoid it whenever possible, and for the most part it doesn't really come up in play. Sure, she leads me around by my reins, and puts me through my paces, correcting me when necessary, rewarding me where appropriate. Obviously, I enjoy this; I enjoy the bondage, the helplessness, the animalization. I enjoy the mild humiliation of being treated (and being forced to behave) like an animal.

But that's the point: I do enjoy these things. The trouble comes when...Read more

17 Places to Buy Bridles for Ponyplay

Written on 7/16/2012 by cPony
My iPhone convinced me to research places to buy pony play bridles instead of reading the Times, so here you are: a somewhat tidy list of links to retailers that sell bridles for ponyplay...Read more

Even Domesticated Ponies Need to Be Caught

Written on 7/11/2012 by cPony
I love the idea of getting chased down and captured, and I love forced ponyplay, but I never thought to connect the two until yesterday. I haven't tried it yet, but I wanted to share my eureka moment with you. I'll post a full account as soon as I incorporate this into my play...Read more

5 Reasons I Love Pony Play

Written on 7/10/2012 by cPony
Having a woman in english show attire: breeches, tall boots, spurs, etc, lead me around by my reins when I'm harnessed and bridled and struggling to keep up (and keep my balance) in hoof boots embodies most of what I love about ponyplay. Add in a riding crop, which she uses to "encourage" me to whinny, and that pushes just about every button I have...Read more

Tips for Unowned Human Ponies

Written on 7/9/2012 by cPony
Not all ponies have trainers, and the search for a trainer is a difficult task. However, there are some things you as a pony can do to speed up the process and increase your chances of success...Read more

5 Unusual Bits I Love

Written on 7/8/2012 by cPony
Bits are one of my favorite pieces of tack for ponyplay. I want to share 5 types of bits that I like for their aesthetics or control. I picked a few of the less common (though still inexpensive) ones to share with you...Read more

What Makes Ponyplay Different?

Written on 6/24/2012 by cPony
The pony-trainer interaction is different from the puppy-owner interaction. A pony is more objectified and used for a purpose. This is not to say that ponies are completely objectified, certainly not: they are still loved and admired, but seemingly from a more distant perspective than companion animals such as dogs or cats...Read more

10 Ponyplay Scene Ideas

Written on 3/28/2012 by cPony
Are you new to pony play and looking for some ideas on how to get started? Maybe you want to get back to basics and want a couple ideas. Regardless, here are 10 ideas for pony play scenes...Read more

More, or Just More Outspoken: Ponyboys vs. Ponygirls

Written on 3/17/2012 by cPony
People always ask me: Where are the ponyboys? Do ponyboys even exist?

Okay, I totally lied: I've never been asked these questions (not even close), but I'm a ponyboy, and I want to feel wanted. Ponygirls get all the attention (to be fair, they are beautiful), so I thought I'd throw myself a bone (carrot?) on this one. What I do hear a lot though are conflicting opinions on whether ponyboys outnumber ponygirls or vice versa. From the number of photos on the web...Read more

Tips for Potential Ponies and Trainers

Written on 3/4/2012 by cPony
One common question I get from potential human pony trainers is: what do I do during ponyplay? To be clear, I'm almost always the bottom (i.e. the pony) during ponyplay, but on a few occasions I've traded bit and bridle for top hat and crop. Having been on both ends of the reins doesn't make me an expert trainer by an means, but that's never stopped me from offering an opinon.

When I'm a pony, I'm told what to do and have essentially two choices: do what I'm told, or not do what I'm told. However, in trainer role, I have to decide what I want my pony to do, tell my pony what to do, and if she doesn't do it, I then have to figure out why and what I'm going to do about it...Read more

Is Pony Play Sexual?

Written on 2/27/2012 by cPony
I will go way out on a limb here and admit that I get sexual enjoyment out of ponyplay....crazy, I know, but when I get all tacked and tied up, tongue held down by the bit attached to my tongue piercing, trying desperately to control my gag reflex because the bit port is being shoved down my throat, no peripheral vision thanks to the blinders on my bridle, a giant butt plug distending my ass while delivering mind numbing electric shocks inside my rectum, tottering in hoof boots with no heels, and humiliated with bells attached to nipple clamps, I actually get turned on.

Well, I'd better be horny because I wouldn't last 10 seconds...Read more

What is the Public's Awareness of Ponyplay?

Written on 2/25/2012 by cPony
A couple weeks ago I sat down to write a little commentary on how, over the past 10 - 15 years, ponyplay has had a fair amount of exposure in mainstream entertainment, to say that many, if not most, adults would know the meaning of the term. I shelved the article temporarily due to time constraints, but earlier this week I stumbled upon a thread in a bio-equine discussion forum which completely reversed my opinion...Read more

Electrified Gags: Taking Electrical Play Too Far?

Written on 12/1/2011 by cPony
I was wearing a jointed bit gag a couple days ago when my tongue piercing (a simple barbell) got momentarily caught in the joints of the bit. At that moment I wondered what it would feel like to be shocked by an electrified bit. For the jointed mouthpiece bit, the joint that rests on the tongue would be one electrical contact. The bit I was using had a rubber coating where my teeth rested, so I would be able to avoid having any current running through my teeth...Read more

Using Harsh Bits in Ponyplay for Pain and Punishinment

Written on 11/1/2011 by cPony
While most of my ponyplay scenes (at least casual scenes) involve simple rubber bits gags (straight mouth rubber snaffles), there are times when my mouth craves a harsh bit. Of course, there are also times when my trainer may use them for punishment whether I feel up to them or not.

One of the harshest bits I've found that is still widely available from many tack stores (though I would never use one on any bio-equine), is the bike chain bit (photo below). It is just like it sounds...Read more

Spiked Bits: Extreme Mouth Contact

Written on 10/25/2011 by cPony
You may know by know that I have a bit fetish...well, I suppose it is probably a gag fetish, or maybe an oral fixation, but since most of my gags are bits, I'll call it a bit fetish. I've had more than 100 different bits in my mouth, and while my "everyday" bit is a simple rubber bit gag (mullen mouth snaffle), most of the other bits are metal. Some bits attach to my tongue piercing, but most don't :( - However, one thing I haven't had in my mouth is a spiked metal bit (or a bit wrapped in barbed wire...Read more

Forced Ponyplay: The Fun Way to Play

Written on 10/2/2011 by cPony
I guess I'm the only one who enjoys forced ponyplay. Although many ponygirl (or ponyboy) stories you will find on the web involve forced ponyplay (or at least start with a person being forced into ponyplay, even if they later come to enjoy it), many people involved in ponyplay groups and discussions (online) hate the idea of forced ponyplay. This form of ponyplay is looked down upon as being inferior to equine role-play.

Of course, I'm being a little sarcastic here...Read more

Bit Gags Are Horse Bits

Written on 10/1/2011 by cPony
I was looking at my collection of bits today and realized that I must have some kind of ponyplay sub-fetish for bits. I didn't count them, but I must have over 100 different bits, and I've worn all of them at least once. With only 4 exceptions, they are all bio-equine bits purchased from bio-equine tack stores. I happen to have a bridle that will accommodate any horse bit so the only limit here is what my mouth can take.

When I first started out in ponyplay, I loved the idea of the jointed bit...Read more

Letting Go of My Human Persona

Written on 9/30/2011 by cPony
In ponyplay, I retain my human persona. That is, I am a human forced to become an animal. I am forced to act like a horse, and I am treated like a horse. Since I keep my human persona, I often feel humiliation when I am degraded to animal status and will actively resist efforts to make be behave as an equine.

I know some people involved in ponyplay look down on...Read more

Sore Knuckles and Leg Cramps: Wearing Hooves Overnight

Written on 9/29/2011 by cPony
The idea of overnight bondage is really hot, but in my experience the reality is often not so much. I love ponyplay (clearly), but I'm not a 24/7 pony and my trainer knows this. So it came as a bit of surprise to me yesterday evening when, after a (not too intense) training session, that I was told that I would be wearing my hooves overnight. I was not overly pleased...Read more

Drool and Foam

Written on 9/28/2011 by cPony
Drool...yeah I know it's not necessarily the best topic, but the other day I was in pony role and we went all out with show harness and special show bit. My "show" bit is quite the contraption and takes a little while to get on (or off...which can be annoying when I just want to be done) because it attaches to my tongue piercing (it has to be screwed on which can be challenging: your mouth only opens so wide and is now needs to fit a bunch of fingers in addition to the large bit).

Anyway, the design of the bit really limits movement of my tongue. Coupled with how far back in the mouth the bit sits, this causes copious and uncontrollable drooling. As a pony, I really don't like this and find myself...Read more

Hoof Mitts and Hoof Gloves

Written on 9/27/2011 by cPony
Over the past decade I've seen hoof mitts go from relatively esoteric pieces of tack to the point where rubber hoof mitts can now be purchased from multiple online (and brick and mortar) BDSM retailers. More recently...Read more

Hogtied by My Bit Gag: A Recipe for a Whinny

Written on 9/26/2011 by cPony
Well, my trainer hogtied me by my bit gag today. Fortunately it was only for about an hour and the bit was just a standard rubber bit gag (straight mouth rubber snaffle). If she had used my show bit, I wouldn't have lasted a minute, let alone an hour. With my show bit, it's hard enough for me to control my gag reflex and find a position where the bit spikes...Read more

Musings on Lip Tattoos

Written on 9/25/2011 by cPony
I don't have a lip tattoo (yet). Actually, I don't have any tattoos. However, I've been thinking about getting a lip tattoo for some time now. Admittedly, my situation might be a little bit different than that for other people in ponyplay. Part of the reason for wanting the tattoo is ponyplay related, but the main reason...Read more